my phone just rang frim this number too...didnt answer it.
 Feb 09th, 2014
Possible scam. Posing as credit card co
 Feb 08th, 2014
This "Unknown" number above, 1-604-251-1333 keeps calling us in Quebec & telling us we should call them to reduce our credit card rates. It's a girl's voice on the tape but says to press 1 to speak to someone else. I just hang up or don't answer when I see the number.
 Jan 22nd, 2014
STOP calls like this by porting the abused number (yours) to a voip provider *with*

CNAM filtering

there are TWO parts to caller ID as this form suggestions: number & name. CNAM is the name portion.

most voip providers can filter on the number part of caller ID, very few can filter CNAM

I have used nearly a dozen pay as you go voip providers but I like


for it's graphical call flow user design
CNAM filtering

anveo DOES SUCK for: "requiring" you to pay [another] e911 fee. This is NOT part of the e911 law. If you already pay another voip provider for e911 you do NOT have to pay an e911 fee at every voip provider.

anveo DOES SUCK for only accepting paypal and google wallet, which in turn require you to either connect your bank account (bad idea) or send them a scan of your drivers license or passport (bad idea: for examples why)

anveo is otherwise awesome: SIP TCP (necessary for smart phone voip)

with voip you can even re-route calls to places that'll get the caller (scammer) in trouble like:

* your state's attorney general office
* a federal department of law enforcement (fbi) or phone stuff (fcc)

those organizations will see the scammers callerid not yours

Your number in that situation is the OCN (Originally Called Number) but enforcement agencies will be quick to jump down the throats of the abuser/scammer/telemarketer

For debt collectors to whom you OWE play an automated announcement (taking NO message) informing them they may not contact you but only your lawyer (you'll need a lawyer)

voip is the power

for slightly less awesome voip WITHOUT CNAM filtering:, vitelity,, future nine
 Dec 17th, 2013
called back:

fast busy.

number spoofed?

dunno, area code 604 is british columbia and I do not allow international calling from this extension. I only dial back USA-48 numbers or toll free
 Dec 17th, 2013
Got called saying they will reduce my Master Card or Visa interest rate. Got the name of the company ... Credit Card Services from Victoria, BC. I asked him since they called and wanted to do this to tell me what card I have. Of course ... got it wrong. Called him a liar and to never call this number again. Dude disconnected.
 Dec 17th, 2013
604 251 1333

si vous avez des problème avec cette compagnie telephoner a la police pour toute simplement pour deposé plainte harcelement ! car moi je demande la la compagnie qui me telephone chez moi de parler le francais et sa racroche la ligne
if you have any problem with this company call the police for any complaint filed just harassment! I ask because the company phone me at home to speak french and hangs up the line.

604 251 1333
 Dec 16th, 2013
Hi young women of Montreal

There is a handsome technician in communication (the one who installs your new telephone line at home). He is ~6 foot tall. He is a rapist and a serial killer. His mother is French Canadian and his father is Greek. If you receive calls without any speaking (or with a false indian accent), be careful, you are his next victim. The day, he will ring at your door, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. Do not use your phone; you will not have the line because he might disconnect it. Use your cell.


P.S. Those calls have nothing to do with your credit or telemarketing. He stands in communications room, connects his phone and uses the line 604-251-1333 or others lines in Montreal, one in Toronto or one in FloridaYou
 Dec 13th, 2013
WITH FBI CIA AND MORE.....................................PRICK
 Dec 12th, 2013
buy your diapers elsewhere buddy
stan aranoff
 Dec 04th, 2013
received a call from this number, said they were going to help me lower my credit card interest rates. I asked for which card and he said CIBC. I've never banked there, so I told him that he was a piece of s*** scammer, and he proceeded to spew out filthy language and make comments that were too inappropriate to post here. These people are dirt bags, hang up on them, or better yet block this number completely. The Do Not Call Registry is a joke, and anyone who is in another country doesn't bother to follow the laws anyway.
country mouse
 Dec 04th, 2013
The CRTC AND THE DNCL won't do nothing aboyt they have sme excise whe I had the DNCL put on the phone I got scammed almost every day when I took it off the calls stopped for a while I still think there behind this if there so worrired about there jobs at The CRTC then do something about the Then the CRTC the said DNCL is separate when I called the number's the Came out back when it first came on like it's Bells numbers to the CRTC

I still have all My Back Door Number's from bell and they lead direct into the DNCL.Caller ID Date
M McGee 2013-07-21
604-251-1333 2013-07-17
M. 2013-07-16
M McGee 2013-07-16
"604-251-1333" 2013-07-13
 Jul 24th, 2013
if you's people know why have the BC Police gone after him report this and show them what just came on here bell canada Is well iffroumed of this so is telus and Rogers now have the number we got Our Bases 's Covered it's a Credit Card SCAm and he knows it . it's Just as bad as the One that Calls your with the Florida Area Code By the same Person there linked together Now the Toronto police has the Number now.
 Jul 24th, 2013
6042511333 is using recorded voice, no person name whom was be calling, said your credit card policy would change from next billing period, did not mention which credit card it is (master, visa, AE, ...). said it was the final announcement, asked to press a phone key for talking with a financial manager.- suspected stealing personal information
 Jul 23rd, 2013
I don't answer my phone anymore (unless I know the caller)...
Thank god for 'caller I.D'
 Jul 23rd, 2013
Always report fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at or by dialing 1-888-495-8501

This is the link:
 Jul 20th, 2013
I just called the CRTC and the Government employee told me that the phone call is made from the Philippines but they are using a Canadian phone number. Typical filipino scam. In the Philippines it`s like any other 3th world countries. There`s no laws so there`s not much we can do about those assholes. Do never share any private informations to those bums or you will get scammed.
 Jul 18th, 2013
Those fucking assholes called me like 20 times with the exact same message. I pressed one to talk with one of their super agent and recognized the filipino accent. Those assholes are calling from the Philipines for credit card scam. I`m calling the CRTC right fucking now to make a complain. I `m too fed up: 1-866-580-3625
 Jul 18th, 2013
Telemarketer warning that this is my second and final chance to lower my credit card rate. It is a scam to get your credit info. Do not press 1 simply hang up.
 Jul 16th, 2013
This is a scam number, used to either get credit card information, or to case houses for robberies.

I called Telus and reported this issue. The guy took a full report, with my name and number. I gave him the information I found here, and he told me that Telus has a department for this. So if this number calls you, REPORT IT. It's obviously some scumbag criminal organisation.
 Jul 16th, 2013
How to beat & stop these telemarketing card scammers. The way to stop them is to make it unprofitable for to them for awhile. ask lots of questions...prolong it then give them a bogus credit card #.... when they say they can't pull that # up (they're testing it) have them repeat it back to you several times like you can't understand them(often quite true!) then say no that's not right give it to them again with one number different....go through the process again..... when that all doesn't work....tell them well...I have another card try it...go through the whole process again and again if you have to ....make it really frustrating for them and waste THEIR time.... if everyone does this they'll stop calling cause it will be unprofitable for them to pay these idiots to call us and spend unprofitable time on the phone with us. When we just hang up...they move on untill they find a "scamable Sucker" that "pays" Lets all waste Their time! it can be fun!!! why let them win! They can't pay these idots wages forever!
 Jul 16th, 2013
Another handy service for getting information on questionable numbers is White Pages. You can at least get a definite area from which they are calling, and information about the phone service carrying them. White Pages is now soliciting comments about numbers, and is posting the results as things like "heavy scam source" or "not a known scam source". Of course, you may have to sign up with White Pages to be able to post; I don't think they charge a fee to post. Isn't it amazing that in the last several months, the number of complaint sites for spam communications has expanded? It seems that way to me. -- We are in a war against these telemarketers for our privacy.
Cherryl Walker
 Jul 14th, 2013
The name that came up on the callscreen was McGee #.....of which neither of this pair were Scottish or Irish!
 Jul 14th, 2013
The two people I spoke with when this number called wanted my VISA number on my card so they could offer a 6% interest on my credit card for the balance of my life. They told me that my credit was good and that the company (?) was prepared to lower my interest currently at 11% to 6%. I inquired why the bank itself was not calling and what country were they calling me from..they told me Vancouver in the state of British Columbia. I knew it was a scam and I played along for a well until they hung on me. The pair could barely speak English and were quite insistant that I get my visa card which I did not and had no intentions of giving them.
 Jul 14th, 2013
bills wanting all card info ...AS IF
 Jul 13th, 2013
Left dead air on the answering machine. However, a Google search reveals that this number is associated with a credit card debt scam.
 Jul 13th, 2013