Call came from. 276-223-9693 call advised she was Hannah a Hearing Adminstrator. I said ...yes...they ..hung up
 Oct 02nd, 2018
This number keeps calling and hanging up.
North Carolina
 Jul 12th, 2018
Also uses 864-808-2288 and many other numbers. Annoying calls from Hannah, Joe, Emily - a hearing administrator on a recorded line do you or anyone else in your household blah blah blah. How do we sue this company??
South Carolina
 Jul 09th, 2018
This number called my cell phone at 11:26 a.m. on 2/12/18. It was identified as coming from Peterborough NH. I decided to answer even though it was not a number I recognized and there was a female voice stating "My name is Hannah. I'm a hearing administrator on a recorded line...." then the call dropped off. I couldn't tell if the voice was a recording or an actual human being speaking. I tried to call the number back twice, with my phone ID blocked, and I got a recording both times, after several seconds of silence (no ringing sound) that stated "The number you have dialed is not answering, please try later."
New Hampshire
 Feb 12th, 2018