Please spread this. It's important that people are educated on this scam as it has begun to become popular. This particular group began in 2007. The have used over a hundred different phone numbers and at least a dozen different company/agency names. I will list a few below. They are from Asia Pacific and have never even stepped foot on American soil. However, they are terrorizing and scamming Americans out of their money. Even if you did have a payday loan and have not paid it back, they are not authorized to collect that debt. They claim that they work for/with Cashnet, however they do not. They have an inside source in which they paid for applicant's information that has been submitted for loans. So whether you applied for a loan and never got it, or if you applied and did get it, your information has been sold to these scam artists. DO NOT PAY THEM, and do not entertain them. Once they feel that they've scared you, they target you. If they conclude that they won't be getting any money from you, they drop you and move on to the next target. I hope this information helps. I've been investigating this group for quite some time now and thanks to these posts I'm able to continue tracking them. I've worked diligently to have them stopped, however I've only been able to get them to stop using the same phone numbers and company/agency names.

Some of their aliases:
Officer Andy Brown, Randy Brown, Darren Stifler, Ken Stiller, Roy Campbell, Sean Miller

Some of their company/agency aliases:
United Processing of Law
Bahamas Marketing Group (BMG)
Department of Law & Investigations
Oakview Law Offices
*** they sometime claim to be police officers, paralegals and "representatives of law"***

Some of their phone numbers (listed are the most recent. As I stated they have used over a hundred different numbers and cannot list all. Keep in mind these numbers are stolen and used through a VOIP Voice Op IP system)

Also, you can find other numbers they've used within this thread.

Hope this helps. Remember, they are scam artists from over seas. If they were in the US they would have been shut down by the Federal Trade Commision a long time ago.

- NY Investigator
Caller ID: 646-918-5083
 Aug 04th, 2009