Asking my age
New York
 Jul 31st, 2019
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 Mar 01st, 2019
I received a call from this number from a female with a heavy Indian accent, who identified herself as Haley. She said she was calling from Medicare to update my medical profile. She said she wanted to verify that I had chronic lower back pain. I told her that I've never received a call from Medicare from anyone asking me to update my medical profile. I asked her for her name and she repeated her name was Haley. I then asked her for her "call back" number so I could verify that she worked for Medicare. At this point, she hung up on me. The fact that she identified herself as an employee of Medicare is outright fraud. This matter should be pursued by Medicare and Federal Law Enforcement. I don't understand why the FTC allows phone numbers with multiple fraud complaints to remain in service. The phone companies should also be monitoring these complaints and shutting down the phone numbers themselves.
 Mar 01st, 2019
I just got a call from that number realizing it was a solicitor I played off like I didn't hear them! I do that when I realize it's a caller that intends to harass me! I hung up they called back but I didn't pick up 😀
 Nov 28th, 2018
Keep calling my house phone. Will not answer when we pick up. Tried of them calling.
 Oct 10th, 2018
I got a call from that same number, registering as coming from New York, using an artificial mechanical woman's voice to say insulting things to me as it left a message. Seen now others got a call from that number, I'm sure now it's a hacker pretending to be a microsoft rep asking if you have a computer or there's a virus in your system. Scammers. 1-516-453-6886
 Oct 05th, 2018
Called once again. Caller Filipino accent couldn't give a straight answer to "Where did you get my number." Told her off in few Tagalog cuss words I know. She finally hung up.
 Sep 04th, 2018
Got a call a few minutes ago strong Indian accent yelling your in trouble big trouble I will call you many times a day then he said go f**k yourself and hung up! I never said a word!
 Mar 30th, 2018
Claimed to be from California and a patient advocate.
 Mar 13th, 2018
516-453-6886 F'ing AHOLE Robot called 12 times in past couple weeks. WTF, seriously? When the HELL is the damn FCC going to stop the freakin robo-calls????
 Jan 30th, 2018
F'ing AHOLE Robot called 12 times in past couple weeks. WTF, seriously? When the HELL is the damn FCC going to stop the freakin robo-calls????
 Jan 30th, 2018
scammer.. strong accent, stated his name is John Harris, claim to be from medicare and asked questions about by back and legs, and the braces I might need. said he was from the pain center in ny. I asked for a manager and got a man named davis harris. he knew my name, dob, and about some of the things I had seen a dr for. he wanted to send me a brace I told him that I don't need a brace. he then hung up. this is my first call from this number.
South Carolina
 Jan 24th, 2018
Called my brother early am. Strong Indian accent. Asking about his insurance & verifying his name.
Medical question involved ... back brace.
Medicare/Medicade mentioned.
My brother is physically handicapped.
DISGUISTING ... Will be looking to!!!!
 Jan 19th, 2018
fraud concern
 Dec 16th, 2017
Called, I waited for call to roll to voicemail while I checked out the number. CallerID reads "Fraud Concern" - no message left.
 Dec 14th, 2017
Caller ID said Fraud Concern. I answered, silence for a few seconds, guy cleared his throat and said that he was with Medicare. He wanted to know when I last saw my doctor. I asked why. He said, it was a checkup wasn't it. I said, what? He hung up. Strong accent.
 Dec 01st, 2017
Caller ID had fraud department then when they came on tried to sell me a back brace. I said great do you have one to fit your mouth? I told me I had a call this morning and don't call again just swallow the damn brace. They really must think we are stupid.
 Nov 30th, 2017
I just blow a whistle into the phone.This number just called me at
6:25 am.....
 Nov 30th, 2017
Try this - it seems to work really well for these types of calls:
When you answer, you usually get dead air for the first few seconds. Then there's a "boink" sound when you get connected to an agent.
At that point, I say, "Hi, you're live on KSOB talk radio. What's on your mind?" They usually hang up. If they don't, have fun playing with them. Ask them to tell "your listeners" about their fantastic product. Ask for a phone number where your "listeners" can get more information.
 Nov 16th, 2017
"FRAUD CONCERN" in caller id, no message left. too bad, I would have given the scumbag my best crotchety old man voice and given him/her the worst phone call I possibly could. *what, what's that you say-my windows are broken? those damn kids, they broke a window 10 year ago-damn them, what, my computer, what license-those damn ungratefull kids of mine took my license years now they either know it's a hoax, or they're too stupid to figure it out, BUT, if they haven't figured it out I have plenty of time and crap I can WASTE their time with...enjoy and have some fun of your own.
 Nov 15th, 2017
 Oct 07th, 2017
They called me Indian lady as I am also from India was just trying to talk talk talk made me uncomfort and closed phone
 Jun 28th, 2017
 Jun 16th, 2017
Answered to dead air then loud background noises. Caller asked to speak to owner. I replied no and hung up.
 May 10th, 2017
This number called my husband's cellphone - but this time, they made the mistake of calling during our free minutes (we don't have unlimited calling). I answered. After two "hellos" on my part, a man finally came on the line.

I launched into "This is my Country" - the first song in my patriotic set. He didn't last past "This is my country / Greatest on earth!" I do so love singing to telemarketers. :)

Thank you for the information below, though. I usually don't sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" because I can't carry a tune and I consider it cruel and unusual punishment to make someone listen to me sing about the rockets' red glare - but since these people are trying to take advantage of others and not just sell something, I think I'll lead off with it if they call again.
 Aug 23rd, 2016
Total Scam. Try to get you to download teamview or goto assist so they can hop on your computer to put Malware on it. Then charge you to remove it.
 Jan 27th, 2016
 Jan 12th, 2016
2nd time in 2 days. A real nusciance. I believe it's a scam. And I think there are other numbers they go by
New Jersey
 Dec 10th, 2015
Got a call from a woman with such a strong indian accent, english was clearly not her first language. This is the third call ive gotten, telling me my windows computer has over 500 errors. Wanted me to go to a site and download something to fix my computer. I said "really, that's amazing." I asked her what my name was and she said Mike. My name isn't mike or close to mike. I then told her i have your number, i don't need your services because I DONT HAVE A WINDOWS COMPUTER and futhermore, when i did have a pc, never when i had an error or virus, did anyone from windows call me. I said take your scam and shove it up your muslim @ss, take your scam elsewhere and i'm going to be reporting you. I then told her i was going to eat pork and drink milk.
 Nov 06th, 2015
The government can listen in and record your calls and e-mails and yet are powerless to stop this kind of stuff, or so we think!
New Jersey
 Aug 20th, 2015
Warning issued by the Microsoft Corporation about
viruses in my computer.

Given that Microsoft is so involved in spying
their users, I suspect they wanted to inject
a virus in my computer.

I never use Microsoft products.
 Aug 07th, 2015
Received a call July 9, 2015 at 3:42 in the afternoon from this number. Did NOT answer, as figured it was a scam. Let answering machine get it.... but no one said anything.
 Jul 09th, 2015
A telescamer with an India accent called and asked if I had a computer and said that the computer was not responding to online virus updates so the scumbag wanted to get information.... Total scam!
 Jul 07th, 2015
These folks call on 543-543-1234 as well. Microsoft scam. They may also be using 25-665-5665. That number is correct, 25-665-5665. This is probably their actual number in India, (or wherever), and they did not spoof a US number corectly when they called.
 Jul 03rd, 2015
No message, but probably the same crowd that calls on 516-453-6886. A little research shows that these are the Microsoft scam folks too.
 Jul 03rd, 2015
Answering machine caught a few seconds of a guy with a heavy accent, probably Indian, saying "hello, hello." Could hear another guy in background doing same thing. Sounded like he was in a metal drum and connection was very bad. I was going to send them a Green Dot card with $100,000.00 on it if they called back. Oh well, guess I will give my money to next scammer that calls!
 Jul 03rd, 2015
Called twice in an hour. Hung up when answering machine picked up. I never answer the phone anymore when I don't recognize the number. 99% of these calls are spam or scams. You would think they would get the message when I never pick up their calls, but no...they keep on calling.
 Jun 11th, 2015
a bunch of anal prolapses
 Jun 02nd, 2015
Left message about medical alert
 May 28th, 2015
Caller ID said NOT IN USE, clever of them! Got a call from 516-453-6886,caller ID Unknown Name a few weeks ago. No messages left either time.
 May 18th, 2015
Did not leave message on answering machine. I see on this site that it is a scam. I don't answer numbers I don't know, 99% of them are scams, the other 1% are wrong numbers.
 May 16th, 2015
Spoofed number. Caller ID said Unknown Name, no message left. Callback got a recording of a woman's voice that did not identify the caller.
 May 09th, 2015
Said he was with Windows and there was a virus on my Windows computer. I said I don't think so and he hung up. He had an India accent.
 Apr 27th, 2015
Received a call telling me that there was a foreign user who hacked into my computer PC network. Said he was from Geeks in Salt Lake City working for Geeks a purported company sub from Microsoft supporting Windows products. He actually logged a port on my router and told me to view the IP on NET VIEW under a CMD issued in microsoft which showed an unidentified user on my router. Said I was being HIM. Then he requests that I download a freeware program....which I DID NOT. Told me this was a CSRSS.EXE trojan...(look it up in Google or Bing). Then he states that I could hire his company to keep my computers clean of viruses for $149.00. I ran a bunch of malware scans and found nothing....HACKER...SCAMMER.
 Feb 17th, 2015
sounded like indian. regarding medicare. when asked who he was,they hung up
 Jan 08th, 2015
Adam (middle eastern accent) called stating he was from Tech Support and received an emergency order from my computer company stating that a hacker had hacked into my new computer and left a virus. He wanted me to verify my computer ID.
He was persistent - I kept asking him if he was the hacker, he said no - we went round and round.
I told him he was not getting access to my computer or anything like that and asked if there was anything else - pause - he hung up.
 Nov 19th, 2014
Told me my computer was being hacked and he had to walk me through the steps to repair it. Said he worked for Microsoft.
 Nov 05th, 2014
The "your Windows computer is contacting us for help" scam...
Not Stupid
 Oct 25th, 2014
Person called my mom and told her that he was calling from Microsoft and that her computer was sending them updates. He directed her to open the Event Viewer logs and tried to convince her that those were major errors and that her computer was going to crash at any moment. He told her he would clean up the system for 3yrs at $149. She told him she was broke and he offered 3 years for $99. She again said no, he asked if she was a senior citizen and if so, he could offer her the senior citizen discount which was $50 for 6 months. He then asked her if she had a credit card and she told him no. He got mad, telling her that her computer was going to crash at any minute. She told him that if it crashed it was all right with her because she wanted a new one anyone and hung up on him.
Rowland, NC
 Mar 25th, 2014
I received a call also. He told me that there was a problem with my Windows Application on my computer. I told him it was a scam. He got very upset and demanded to know who told me it was a scam. I told him nice try and I don't own a computer. He kept talking and I hung up.
 Feb 24th, 2014
Calls my business, when I answer with our business name they hang up.
 Jan 17th, 2014
 Dec 11th, 2013
Threatened to garnish my wages and put a lien on my vehicles for a debt back in 2005 and refused vto take my updated email information and send me a copy of the paperwork.
kenya smith
 Dec 02nd, 2013
Got call from "investigator" Amy Hunter with BR Solutions, said to call back at this number: 786-382-0205. Old debt beyond statute of limitations and threats to put lien on my vehicle, serve papers on me at work or my home and seizing my vehicle any time they want.
 Oct 25th, 2013