Venture Data is an independent research organization. We conduct (but do NOT create) surveys, usually on nationwide and statewide issues. No the national do not call list does not apply trouble is way se we are not trying to sell anything and are just using the information for research purposes therefore, are not regulate by the federal trade commission. When our number doesn't show up on your caller ID, it's because your local telephone company determines what shows up on your caller ID.
The numbers are randomly generated.
The information is strictly confidential.
No need to be rude. Just nicely tell us you aren't interested. That's the best thing you can do. And at least wait for us to reply before hanging up on us. People like that are what makes me less miserable during the shift.
You must understand that sometimes we've already met the female quota, so we have to ask for a male registered voter. We're not trying to get with your husband (I have been accused of that). We've just met our female quota. There are some questions that do seem a bit out there, I can agree with that. But they are a part of the surveys so just answer to the best of your knowledge or if you don't know just SIMPLY say "I don't know". Not "what the fuck is this bullshit. Fuck you. Bye." Totally rude and unnecessary.
It's all just so we have a representative sample and to get a variety of answers. We just want to know your guys' views. If you want us to stop calling, pick up the phone and WAIT for us to say our (agonizingly) long introduction and then POLITELY say "no thank you" or "not interested ma'am, thanks".
This is all perfectly legal by the way. Some states have different time laws, restricting us from calling at certain times. There isn't a time of "around 6" that restricts us from calling. The latest I've called someone in my time zone is 9pm; perfectly legal.
Educate yourself
 Jan 28th, 2014
Thank you for the info Resident47, I will phrase it as you mentioned below.
 Sep 20th, 2012
JP, you're not going to spark any mass media outrage over perfectly legal behavior. The terms YOU AGREED TO when you registered with federal DNC were never a secret and you were nudged to read them repeatedly on the DNC website. See items 28 through 32 in particular.

Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry

Some points of misinformation from the call center employees two years ago need rebuttal:

} ''Please take me off your Do Not Call List'' will work.

Yikes, that makes no sense, unless you really mean ''please continue pestering me''. An internal DNC list is what you want! His buddy had it right when posting a month prior. The magic phrase is NOT ''take me off'', but ''Add this number to your Do Not Call list''.

} bill collectors can call as early as 7:30 am ... Sales calls are generally 9:00 to 9:00, but that's more for courtesy .... Legally, we cannot call you past 10:00 pm

What Anton learned in Compliance Training and through ''personal experience'' is not what federal laws say. Both debt collectors and telemarketers are held to a strict thirteen hour daily call period, beginning at 08:00 in your time zone. They can be sued by common citizens for calling too early or too late per FDCPA and TCPA respectively. Surveyors are NOT held by federal law to the same thirteen hours. The more polite firms do observe similar hours. Only your state law which says any different can overcome any of the above.
 Sep 20th, 2012
Here's a different number for Venture Data, 1-727-608-4231 location in St. Petersburg Florida off Martin Luther King Jr. St. & 54th Ave. S. They have been calling my cell # using minutes each time it goes to my voice mail. the only reason I have this cell phone is so my 86 year old father can reach me in an emergency if I'm not home and so I can check on him as well. I, same as everyone else here, registered my cell and landline with the national do not call regestery. I will try also to write/email to the info some of you have provided below to request to be removed from the call list and hope they comply. this seems to be an on going problem for many here, too bad there is not a way to get this issue in the media spotlight, but I don't think MSNBC Nightline or any local news stations would find this interesting enough.
 Sep 20th, 2012
Hey, JOhn...

Do you hand out your personal home phone number to anyone who wants it while you're doing your job at work? We don't "get upset" because you have to tell us "for the 10th time"... we get upset when you make it personal as if people working for minimum wage have any control over how the technical process of the business works. People like you don't calmly ask to speak to supervisors, managers, or anyone higher than that. You don't ask questions about how the process of removing you from our lists works. All you do is get upset as soon as we identify ourselves, and take out your own issues on us.

And what would you have us all do? The field (between actual telemarketing and telephone survey workers) is filled with hundreds of companies employing hundreds of thousands of people. If all those jobs, as difficult as they are, were lost, what kind of work would we be doing? For that matter, would we BE working? Or would we simply be that many more unemployed people living off the government? Hey, at least we're TRYING to earn some kind of a living instead of letting you pay for our food and housing for us.

You don't really care about any of that, though, do you? All you care about is that we took you away from your dinner or your TV show for about 30 seconds while you HAD to tell us what miserable people we are for interrupting you.

I'm sure it hasn't occurred to you, but there are actually people out there who talk with us every night, take our surveys, find us to be pleasant people, and then get on with their lives without getting worked up over it all. If there weren't, we wouldn't be in business. I can't speak for the company, because as a minimum wage phone interviewer, I don't get to talk to the owners, but I can tell you that if our call upsets you, those of us doing the calling are sorry, we understand, and if you actually take the time to ask us to remove you from our lists rather than nastily telling us to f#@& off, we'll do what we can to make sure that happens. If that's not good enough for you, then take two minutes, look up Venture Data's phone number, and call the home office. Cussing out a phone interviewer is just mean, laxy, and unproductive. "I have to laugh" that you think treating someone that way will get you the results you want.
Ralph D.
 Sep 11th, 2010
I have to laugh at all these so called employee's who have the cojones to call up adn get upset that you have to tell them for the 10th time not to call the F-ing house. I don't care how long your pathetic company takes to remove me from your call list, 6 weeks is unacceptable. Woudl any of you leave your phone number so I can continiously call you back?? I dont think so.
 Sep 02nd, 2010
I'm seeing an interesting collection of misconceptions here. Maybe I can straighten some of them out...

First, it's true that the National Do Not Call list is for sales calls only. We are exempt from that, but if you ask us to remove you from our list, we will do so. However, you need to understand that this doesn't happen overnight. That process - for ANY company - takes about 6 weeks. But it does happen, and we are happy to do it for you. No one wants to call people to upset them. Certainly, at the low wages we're making, we don't need more angry people on the other end of the phone than we get without the DNC list objections.

Secondly, we're pretty much all nice people who don't deserve to be treated rudely for doing our jobs. We all know that you aren't sitting by your phones waiting for our calls. We understand that. And you should understand that no one dreams of the day they'll be old enough to be a telephone solicitor. Times are tough, and in an awful economy a lot of good people are being forced to do work they'd rather not be doing. But we try to do it the best we can. If you can see your way clear to simply tell us "No thanks" or "I can't help you" or something, we'll mark you down as a "no" and move on. If you insist on being coy, we are required to mark you as a callback until you actually say "no." If we don't do that, we get fired from our low wage job and wind up using your tax dollars to survive.

And lastly, the 9:00 am to 9:00 pm thing is a very commonly passed around myth. There are all kinds of exceptions. From personal experience, I can tell you that bill collectors can call as early as 7:30 am and you can't report them to anyone who will stop them. Sales calls are generally 9:00 to 9:00, but that's more for courtesy and good customer relations than it is the law. Legally, we cannot call you past 10:00 pm, and let me tell you, there isn't one of us who wants to be calling you that late. We hear about it from you constantly, and it's no fun for us at all. But again, our choices are to refuse to make the calls and be fired from our minimum wage jobs, or make the calls when our bosses tell us they need them and hope we don't upset too many people.

I've been screamed at, cussed out, and even threatened by people on the other end of the phone. I'm educated, talented, and well-spoken, but I'm also down on my luck and doing what I can to stay out of the unemployment line. Venture Data was willing to hire me when application after application went ignored elsewhere. I make hundreds of calls per night, and deal with a large amount of rejection. I wish people understood that I'm not out to make their lives unpleasant. I'm just trying to keep a roof over my head until I can find something more fulfilling for employment. Is that so unreasonable?
 Aug 13th, 2010
Venture Data does not count on the National DNC list and it's infuriating every time someone screams at me and STILL doesn't request to be put on the list, because we are only allowed to take you off the list if you specifically request to be removed. "I'm ON THE NATIONAL DNC !@#$%^&*(!!!!" won't work. "Please take me off your Do Not Call List" will work.
If you say that you're busy, sick, "just leaving", mid-skydive, etc, you'll just get called back. If you hang up right away or don't answer you'll get called back even MORE as it gets logged as "no answer" and the computers just keep on dialing. So just request nicely to be put on OUR Do Not Call list. Problem solved.
 Jul 29th, 2010
JUST ASK THEM TO PLACE YOU ON THEIR DO NOT CALL LIST! They will do so and will not call you back :)
Former employee
 Jun 25th, 2009
to whomever is listening, your opinions are important. No matter if you think they are or not. Most computers are programmed to dial phone numbers themselves. So the market research or voter opinion polling place number does not come up on your caller i.d. The telephone interviewer on the other end of the phone line does not know if you are on the do not call list or not. Besides that list does not apply to voter opinion polls or market research studies. Look it up for yourself since you don't believe me.
 May 10th, 2009
I find it silly that it is the same people who complain about elected officials and consumer goods that complain about getting called for a survey. Do the survey you don't get called back it's that simple.
 Feb 17th, 2009
hello, i am a current employee here at venture data. i will say that we are the low end of quality political research, this much is for sure. wages are horrible, with one raise per annum @3%; no health coverage whatsoever. i work for a company worse than wal-mart and i encourage you all to NEVER participate! PLEASE, help my evil company fail.PLEASE!
 Jun 17th, 2008
Keeps calling us, we either don't answer or pick up the phone & Immediately hang up. Put them on block list now. Best solution I guess is to tell them you are on the DO NOT CALL LIST, then they don't call back. merry xmas to all.
 Dec 22nd, 2007
They seem to have gotten my number are call evey 20 minutes. I dont answer the call ..Thankgoodness for call ID
 Dec 21st, 2007
The caller identified themself as being from GLS Research, even though the Caller ID said Venture Data. If they are a "market research," then they are exempt from Do Not Call. However, if you tell them you are on the list, and they are not to call again, and they do call, you can sue. But you have to keep records and notes.
 Dec 15th, 2007
Wanted my opinion on news reporting. Two calls in less than one week. Stated I was on do not call nat'l list. Caller said the list does not apply to them, since they are not telemarketing. Stated put my number on your do not call list.
 Nov 11th, 2007
I wrote the address I saw in the comments here ( email: ) this evening. Within 2 hours I had a reply saying that he would remove my name from the call list.

My fingers are crossed....
 Oct 22nd, 2007
They called at 3:46p.m. I didn't answer, because I didn't reconize the the number.
Janet Tibbs
 Sep 22nd, 2007
Answered one call two days ago (8/25/07 Caller wanted to talk to youngest male in the household said there was none. Called again today and I didn't answer. Will call Monday and remind them about DNC list.
 Aug 25th, 2007
Eugene, Oregon
61 W. 8th Avenue

there is the number and address if you want to complain. that information is not known by anybody yet so spread it around.
venture data
 Aug 17th, 2007

and the only way to block out the calles (and yes this works 100%) is to call your phone company and have them make it to where your phone does not accept calls from people who block their numbers.


or get a privecy block system. those work too, but i dont know much about them.
 Aug 17th, 2007
I happen to work at venture data. I happen to also know that telling a respondent who pays for the survey will bias it. because generally that person is in it somewhere. i also know that if you say, "put me on your do not call list" then we will do so, and you will NOT be called back, but when you say, "i dont have time right now" then we will call you back later. also, we arent here to annoy you. we are soley collecting data for our clients. (like what percentage of people think one way or the other)
If you do not wish to do it, just politely say no thank you. These people that work for venture data are nice people. We have familys, and are trying to make it in this world just like you are. Please dont talk about us like we are so horrible. And we dont just "hang up on you" unless you are rude right off the bat. we make about 300-1000 calls a day, and yes each of us make that many. (depends on the interveiwer). I happen to not know anybody at venture data that is rude, disprespectfull, or incomplient, and if there ever is, then they are immidietly fired.
venture data
 Aug 17th, 2007
If I don't know who's calling or if I see something like "venture data" or "ypor" (yellow pages opinion research) on my caller id, I simply DO NOT ANSWER. it goes to my answering machine and they hang up. they might call for a week or two but then they stop. for all they know they could be calling a voice mail box someone is using so they stop.
 Aug 08th, 2007
Tuesday, July 3,2007 at 8:21 PM I received a call from 509-328=3487; When I answered a woman said "sorry, wrong number" and hung up. Curious, I dialed the number and received a unidentified voice message stating the mailbox is full.
 Jul 06th, 2007
They call and call and call, and if we answer they hang up, or they wake our new born at all hours. When I did get someone on the phone, I told them we are on the DNC list, and to take our number off their list, and please stop calling. They said they would, and yet, they still call.
 Jun 30th, 2007
All I want is for this number to stop calling me. I am not a telemarkerting friend and do not want such calls as this one.
 Jun 05th, 2007
This company has been calling 1-3 times per day for the last 2 weeks. Always at home, always been 9-9 hours, but never leaving a message. Once the connection was left open long enough to hear background voices. I, too, am on the DNC list.
 May 25th, 2007
October 2, 2006 8:40p
strangely only called once and CID came up Venture Data. I am new here and have saved a lot of CID in a spreadsheet. Great way to organize them.
 May 05th, 2007
Called 5:24 p.m. 5.1.07. Did not leave message. I did not pick up the phone. Am on DNC list.
 May 02nd, 2007
They called me on the 21st and hung up. Now they've called me back after promising to take me off their lists, and hung up again.
 Apr 23rd, 2007
I looked this number up here
& called this number; rep who answered the phone was very courteous & professional and said we'd be removed from their lists.
 Apr 21st, 2007
Last night at 9:14pm, I got a call from this number. The caller was an older woman who said that they wanted to do a survey. It sounded fishy since she did not give a company name and also it was after the regulated calling time (9:00am-9:00pm). I told her I was not interested and hung up.
 Apr 18th, 2007
i recieved a call at 7:30 pm when i answered i heard an uif state yes and then hung up on me....... i recieved another call at 9:16 pm same day i asked the uim if he realized that it was after 9pm and he boldly states yes informed him never to call my house after 9pm and was asking him to remove my phone number from ther list when he hung up in my ear!!!!!!!!!!!!
rebekah lewis
 Apr 18th, 2007
caller id said venture data with this phone number. i answered and a woman asked if she could speak with a registered male voter over age of 18. i said there was none. she said thanks and hung up. an hour later they called back. i didnt answer. about 20 minutes after that they called back again. i didnt answer. i googled the number and erin doherty showed up.
 Apr 16th, 2007
google search shows the phone #509-328-3487 as belonging to Erin Doherty of 5 s. cedar st., spokeane,wa. When you map this , it shows an intersection in spokeane wa. This may be a form of caller ID spoofing. National Do not call list may not apply when being spoofed.
 Mar 29th, 2007
They called I answered. They asked if anyone was a reg voter. I yelled to no one in my house to go and untie Billy from the bedroom as he had a call. They hung up after the lady with a lisp gasped. Havent called back since. I deal with them the same as I do door 2 door salespeople. I answer the door naked.
 Mar 08th, 2007
Called. I answered. They hung up.
 Feb 27th, 2007
These idiots called 5 times and Saturday and 7 Times on Sunday! On Sunday! So much for the donotcall list.

 Feb 19th, 2007
they have been calling for 2 weeks-caller id says "NO NAME"-no msgs left on machine
 Jan 21st, 2007
Called me at 9:30 PM last night, woke me up. I asked girl "Do you know what time it is??!" and she replied, "Yes, it's 9:30" so I muttered a few choice words and hung up. I am amazed to see how pesky these people are. How on earth can they expect to get a positive reponse when they call so late? Very annoying.
 Dec 06th, 2006
Why should any of us help any of them make their money gaithering our data? And no matter how they arrange for convenient semantics, legalisms and fine haired language IT IS STILL UNSOLICITED TELEphoning and part of an ever growing "PAIN" in everyone's *ss. All types of these VENTURES will FAIL and it will be their own greedy fault! Telejerks: Better not buy that 3rd house, boys...better keep that older lexus, maybe even learn manual labor skills just in case. Just keep bothering people and watch the whole nation turn angrily against your industry's pestering. You know it will happen.
 Dec 01st, 2006
Venture Data is a research group that gathers data for various clients around the U.S. The Do Not Call list does not apply because V.D. is not a telemarketing company. If you do not want to participate in any survey then tell them to put you on THEIR Do Not Call list.
 Dec 01st, 2006
I answered and the guy was very polite and asked if I would participate in a survey and I said yes. It was a painless experience. Give your opinions on the product they are reviewing and maybe just maybe some public opinions might by chance hear how to make their service or product better.
 Nov 17th, 2006
They have called four or five times a night for the last week.

One time I picked up, a latina tried to sell me Florida property.
 Nov 17th, 2006
called at 5:20PM
 Nov 16th, 2006
Calls on Sundays. I answered and they said it was a survey and wanted to speak to a male over the age of 18 about travel habits. I sent # to as a complaint.
 Nov 16th, 2006
Called left no message. November 13, 2006 at 9:17 P.M.
 Nov 13th, 2006
one more thing:
I called back from a public phone booth about half a mile away and got the message that the mailbox was full. (I got that message twice).
(509) 328-3487
Ron Glazer
 Nov 12th, 2006
509-328-3487 phoned my answer machine twice in 2 days being yesterday and today nov 12 2006. the phone rang again some time afterwards today nov 12 as well and I picked up receiver and waited. sure enough it was a silent call. I hung up and then determined from star 60 service that it was 509-328-3487 yet again playing games with me. who ever is calling is failing to state the name of the business and if a collector, is in gross violation of the FDCPA. (in california direct dialed machine calls and telephone stalking is illegal).

Ron Glazer
 Nov 12th, 2006
The phone rang and the caller simply hung up when I answered. I need an air horn to keep by the phone just for these special occasions.
 Nov 12th, 2006
Received a call from this number tonight. Did not answer as caller id said Out of Area. Interestingly, two hours later received a caller id from Venture Data3 but the number was 541-868-1309. Googled it and found out some say this is a "push Poll" company.
 Nov 10th, 2006
Have called numerous times over the past week. Last call -- 9:50pm our time. Reemed them out for calling so late and they hung up on us. Haven't called back since and hopefully won't.
 Nov 10th, 2006
4 times today also last few days . It says Venture Data on ID .Usually we don't answer . Last call was at 4:45 PM today . The wife said it was a recording about some survey . 1 other time no one was there . It is becoming quite annoying . We live in Illinois .
 Nov 04th, 2006
Keep getting calls from this number. Caller ID lists this call coming from "Spokane, WA". Very annoying, they have been calling us for the last week. We love this website - everytime we receive unsolicited calls, we look them up here.
 Nov 03rd, 2006
I have gotten calls from Venture Data (509)328-3487, so I eMailed this Jeff person to try to make them stop. It's ridiculous that they call in the late evening, then hang up like cowards. If they are going to call they should at least be brave enough to stay on the line and get the chewing out they deserve!!
 Nov 02nd, 2006
i got the woken up at 9:45pm (have an early shift). I was so mad to be awakened by the call, I couldn't go back to sleep.
 Nov 02nd, 2006
Received a first call from them tonight at 9:30 pm. I just so happened to be picking up the phone where it was laying on the sofa to place it back on the receiver when I accidently tapped the phone, and all the sudden there is a voice on the other end. Phone didn't ring.. weird. I just hung up out of confusion, lol.

Anyway, I've been receiving a TON of "no name no number" (not the exact phrasing on the caller Id but close) over the last 10 days. I answered one of them, and it was a recorded message from our outgoing political power broker in Washington, Illinois Henry Hyde. So it doesn't surprise me that this was going to be a political type of survey, had a stayed on the line. There have been reports that our Illinois congressional races are so important that we've got Australian news covering it, and I kid you not.. Al Jezeera (sic) is staying in a local hotel covering the story (these race outcomes will be seen as either support fro Bush's war or a repudiation, etc.).

Anyway, for whatever it's worth, I too am on the "no call list", but as other s have stated, I guess that means nothing in regards to political surveying.
Greg N
 Oct 31st, 2006
I think they are doing political polling. I did *60 (our call blocking service) on this number on 10/22 and it worked! No calls since!
 Oct 30th, 2006
Rec'd a call from this number but they didn't leave a msg. It says Venture Data but if you look up the number you will get someone's name in spokane washington. whats up with this number?
 Oct 28th, 2006
Called very rude -told to never call again
 Oct 26th, 2006
Was very rude. Was told not to call again.
 Oct 26th, 2006
I didn't answer. They didn't leave a message.
 Oct 24th, 2006
Called 2 or 3 times. We didn't answer it.
 Oct 17th, 2006
Caller identified himself as
Steven Miles.

 Oct 16th, 2006
This number has called me many times over the past few days. They asked my husband to do a survey this morning and he said no. They called back a couple times since then & have hung up on my machine. I tried to call them, but the mailbox is full.
 Oct 14th, 2006
Called at 9:50pm. My husband answered the phone and there was just silence. They hung up after 30 seconds. I *69 and got (509)328-3487
 Oct 13th, 2006
I didn't answer...Politicians keeping telemarketers employed??? DISGUSTING!!!!!
NO Means No! I am sick of saying it! Listen up Venture or whoever you are: It's HARRASSMENT and I won't let you get a chance. I have caller ID and only answer 100% familiar IDs. No others, NEVER again. And put me, in advance, on the "No Robotic Door to Door Salesmen List" for when you start trying THAT crap. I hope your "industry" chokes itself to death!
angry jane
 Oct 12th, 2006
Called twice today. Didn't leave a message. Tried to call them back and was sent to a voice mail that was full and did not identify the caller by name.

We are on the Do NOT CALL list
 Oct 12th, 2006
I was able to locate Venture Data president Jeff Call's home phone number, so we can call and wake him up after 10. He lives in a Salt Lake City suburb, and his personal phone number is:

I expect he'll be changing it soon, though!
 Oct 11th, 2006
I got a call from these people after 9 pm and it woke my baby. The girl on the phone was courteous but didn't seem to care. I hunted down the 800 number on the internet and called and spoke to a young man in their home office named Fred. He was a delightful man with a charming wit about him, who sadly is in Utah, because I would bone a man with that voice regardless of how he looks.
 Oct 11th, 2006
OK Here's the deal. I got "the" call tonight at 9:57 p.m. Way to late for a sales call. I was pissed so I googled (Venture Data, 509)and I got this site. I called the 800 number I found in one of the messages on this site and spoke to a genuinlly kind, intelligent and informative rep. After a brief conversation I was told that I was being called to take a survey for the upcoming elections. The candidate commissioning the survey is "blind" to Venture Data. MOST importantly I learned this: When the "OUR" law makers passed the DNC (Do Not Call) List they excluded companies like Venture Data so politicians could continue to utilize their survey / polling services. Nice Loop-hole. Maybe you should start calling your local politicians at home at 10 pm to discuss why they wont be getting your VOTE! Better yet maybe those paid the take the surveys should, when asked to disclose who commissioned the survey ......... Let's get em!
 Oct 10th, 2006
9/25/06 923pm. I answered this because again I thought it was too late to be a telemarketer..I guess I should've let the name be the give away...but it was some survey. I didn't participate the girl hung up.
 Oct 09th, 2006
Calling my house daily for the last two weeks. No messages, no name on caller ID just number. I'm in the Atlanta, GA area. If you GOOGLE the number it comes up as Erin Doherty, residential number in Spokane, WA.
 Oct 07th, 2006
They called and said they would be asking me a lot of personal questions. I said I didn't answer personal questions.
 Oct 06th, 2006
Called at 9:48pm on our FAX line.
 Sep 28th, 2006
Left a message at 8:41pm with a man's voice speaking off to someone else about something "tragic." Called again and left a message at 9:30pm with a woman in the background telling a man, "No matter what, it's only been ten minutes." And the man saying, "I'm gonna kill you." ....Oooookay.
 Sep 14th, 2006
the caller asked me to complete survey. I said I am busy and he complained that he does not understand accept. Made fun and hung up...
 Sep 14th, 2006
My husband answered the phone and they asked about doing a survey. He said he was not interested and asked to be removed from the call list.
Nancy Bedell
 Sep 14th, 2006
Called several times have not answered as we are on the do not call list
 Sep 13th, 2006
Called three times so far, 9/11/2006 and I haven't answered as I know no one in Spokane, WA. What was displayed was the full phone number and city of origin. I live in the zip of 30080.
 Sep 10th, 2006
Called once and didn't answer. Called 2hrs later and I answered. It was a guy named "Nate". I told him we were on the DNC list and he said this wasn't a sales call but a survey. I told him I was busy and for him to give me his home number so I could disturb him. He gave me a number (probably made up). I then asked him for his drivers license # and he replied "actually I need to get yours first". Someone needs to shut this company down.
 Sep 10th, 2006
Here is the info on Venture Data:
Venture Data, LLC
5353 South 960 East Suite 100
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

800-486-7955 (voice)
801-685-8188 (fax)


Steve L.
 Sep 08th, 2006
They keep calling my home number. I already told them to stop calling me but they keep calling anyway. I wish there was some way to stop them.
 Sep 07th, 2006
Called at 8:41 p.m. last night. Caller ID said Venture Data. Did not answer on DNC list.
 Sep 07th, 2006
ring ring all the time and hangin up all the time. why don'y they want to talk to me
 Sep 07th, 2006
In all fairness to the company, this followup to my earlier post on this company is appropriate; I found the company via GOOGLE:
Venture Data
1126 N Monroe St
Spokane, WA 99201
& called this number; rep who answered the phone was very courteous & professional & apologized all over the place for the rude behavior of his co-worker; he said they'd track down who called & deal with his rudeness. According to this non-rude rep, company does political surveys & is not considered a solicitation company; same rep also verified that hours that they're allowed to call.
 Sep 01st, 2006
Smart alecky kid, possibly named "John", responded "I'll add your face" when I told him to put our Arizona phone number on his company's do not call list; he said the national "do not call" listing only applied to solicitations; also said the company was within its rights in calling us at approx. 9:35 in the evening - he said they could do this until 10 pm. Our caller ID said 509-328-3487, Venture Data; when I tried calling back the recorded message said their mailbox was full.
 Sep 01st, 2006
They called here at 10:05 P.M.CDT (I'm in WI)
The Caller ID said Venture Data.
I said Hello twice and then a man's voice
said "good-bye". I hung up immediately.
I'm on the dnc list.
 Sep 01st, 2006
phone rang at 8:40 PM no one on line when I answered we are on dnc list
 Sep 01st, 2006
Left a message on my work phone. Didn't say anything but it sounded like a lot of background noise. What is up with this pattern of calls lately?

I have this number registered with the NDC.
 Aug 31st, 2006
Venture Data has tried contacting me three times in the past week -- Caller ID indicating one such call placed at nearly 10 p.m. A little late to be dialing people's homes, especially people like me on the national Do Not Call registry.
Rich Smith
 Aug 31st, 2006
They call several times a week, tonight I answered and said hello, and they hung up on me. I only answered so I could tell them to quit calling that I was reporting them as I am on the DNC List. I am tired of it and it is rude to just hang up on someone. They also called at 9PM the other night
 Aug 31st, 2006
This number showed up 2 nights in a row on my caller ID, both around 9:00 pm (too late for phone calls). I luckily had my phone on "send calls". I am on the no call list so please report them. Thank you.
 Aug 30th, 2006
Called twice today. Did not answer as it was unidentified caller. Left no message.
 Aug 29th, 2006
Called today twice at 11:49 and 1:49, left no message
 Aug 27th, 2006
They called several times and the answering machine caught someone saying "How am I not supposed to lie".
 Aug 24th, 2006
Calls while I am at work. No message left. CID says Venture Data
 Aug 23rd, 2006
they called three times today. I answered twice-caller ID said Venture Data. Probably political survey on the upcoming election. Got one of those from a dcaller in Colorado yesterday. Legit.
 Aug 21st, 2006
time of call 545pm august20 2006.
answered phone(2nd ring) but caller hung up.have to wonder if they were expecting an eldery woman to answer(my grandmother)
paul baykaler
 Aug 20th, 2006
I didn't answer it, since it was a telemarketer. They shouldn't be calling me since I am on the DNC list.
 Aug 20th, 2006