Loyola University gave me a baloney story about how their dialing system to solicit donations from alumni is having some problems. This was in November, 2012.

The full range of numbers begins 504-861-58xx, and the xx part could be any one of these numbers: 37, 39,43,44,45, 77, or 79.

The person who is using the call service from Loyola to spoof his own identity -- and to let me know that he is watching me, i.e., stalking -- also shows up as LGIVINGMOMENTS, strangely with the number 646-558-3519 that has exactly the same last 4 digits as the number of a friend of mine with whom I had just spoken!

I have every reason to believe that the "stalker" is an attorney who lives next door, due south, and who gets his jollies attacking me by phone, and having his friends and workmen trespass on my property and vandalize my car and house.
Cherryl Walker
 Jan 18th, 2013