You can report them on They may not call if they have no business with you and you are on the National Do Not Call Registry and can be fined.
 Feb 08th, 2014
GE capital. Usually creditor for credit card received from over priced dental work.
 Jan 03rd, 2014
Calls from this number several times a day. Both I and my wife have answered the call and they always hang up. If we do not pick up they leave no message.
 Dec 14th, 2013
I have received calls from this number 3 times a day for a week straight, no messages were left. They have already sent me correspondence through the mail. This is harassment!!
 Dec 06th, 2013
Called cell #...also uses 937-534-2092, 866-419-9370, 800-292-7508, 866-300-1057
Mario DiLeo
 Nov 25th, 2013
GE Capital debt collector
 Nov 23rd, 2013
I've asked for my number to b removed bcuz they're calling for someone I do not know, but they're asking for my social n information. 2 minutes ago makes call #43 in 3 days!
 Nov 07th, 2013
This number calls about 15 times a day, at all hours: 480-707-4006. If it is GE Capital, they have put a debt in my name that was signed for by principal borrower my husband who has passed away. These people are unconscionable. He had no estate. Nothing. They are trying to make me more miserable, but I can't be. It just makes me angry, and sad, that they care so little for human suffering.
 Oct 17th, 2013
Unknown and unsolicited computer generated call (female voice) instructs recipient to hold the line while being connected. Once connected, an unidentified foreign male, possibly middle eastern, requests a person named Glen Eaton. Re-ring harassment continues whether the call is answered or not. Two phone numbers associated with these fraudulent calls are: 937-534-2092 of Dayton, OH and 480-707-4006 of Phoenix, AZ. When caller is instructed not to call again, these spam calls then increase to twice a day instead of once a day. Do not give them your name or any personal information!
 Sep 12th, 2013
Called many times do not know why. Called back scam call all automated act like some company your call is being recorded for security blah blah then ask for credit card number. Report to attorney general office. Arizona number listed as blocked landline. Total fraud scam call.
 Jul 06th, 2013
This is from GE something. GE Money, GE Credit, Care card, something to do with those legal loan sharks. I urge everyone to avoid these guys like the black plague. No matter how bad you might want that couch, do not finance through these guys. They will hound you, they will abuse you whether you are in the wrong or not. I'm surprised they haven't hired local thugs to personally threaten you. For the record, I do not owe them any money. They constantly call my cell phone (which the number is now blocked) and leave a recorded message to call them, which will never happen.
GE Victim
 Jun 19th, 2013
They called at 5:43 PM
Left No Message
 Jun 04th, 2013
They called 4:59 PM
No message left ....
My husband got his call on his cell phone 4:60 PM
 Jun 04th, 2013
They called at 8:33 AM this morning
The usual time in the morning to start
At 8:34 my husband got the call on his cell phone
This goes on all day
 Jun 03rd, 2013
I keep receiving calls from this phone number (480) 707-4006. They call from every thirty minutes to every hour every day. When I answer the phone they will not respond and hang up the phone. They need to stop calling
 Mar 28th, 2013
I am behind on my Care card. I have acknowledged the debt as valid and stated that I will get a payment in as soon as I can. Yet they still call everyday commonly 2-3 times a day. Just wasteful
John Ketchersid
 Mar 19th, 2013
our business 877 number has been called everyday for the last two weeks at least 3 x everyday, I cannot get through to anyone to have the calls stopped
 Mar 07th, 2013
GE Money Bank owns the credit of dozens of American retail companies (Lowe's Home Improvement &
Dillard's Department Stores are just two examples). They operate under several different aliases
including GE Capital and GE Retail Bank. They are neither merchant-friendly nor consumer friendly, and since their "collectors" are all Indian or Muslim, they hate all Americans (Westerners) and have no
regard for helpful customer service, choosing belligerence and pressure instead.
I have a new furniture account owned by GE Capital Retail Bank. They posted my first payment but didn't give me credit for the payment. I faxed them the portion of my personal bank statement which shows the
payment with its corresponding confirmation number. They called me back four days later and accused me of "forging" the bank statement, and demanding immediate payment including late fees.
It would be wise to avoid seeking credit with any retailer whose credit cards are owned by GE Money Bank and its subsidiaries.
 Jan 27th, 2013
Care Credit... GE Capital
 Nov 24th, 2012
Tonia, (way down at the bottom there) I work for Dell, this is not one of our #'s. This # is GE Capital, NOT DELL. Since I work for Dell, I will also tell you that Dell almost always calls from a 1-800 #
 Sep 13th, 2012
GE Capital....
 Sep 13th, 2012
This call is from care credit bank. They call every day. I timed them yesterday and there calls came every ten minutes. I do have an account with them and i am a few days late. Its very annoying since i have a very ill person at home. I won't answer cause they won't listen to your problem.
 Aug 28th, 2012
I LOVE call blocker! :-D
 Oct 05th, 2011
I know I owe them for my monthly payment. Bugging me at work won't help me pay any faster! Grr!
fed up
 Aug 17th, 2011
GE Money or CareCredit - forget to make your breast augmentation payment last month?
 Jul 19th, 2011
While I do have an account with them (CareCredit), it's current as far as I'm aware and we are still receiving regular statements in the mail. This is the fourth phone # identified as GEMB/CareCredit that's been calling. They never leave a message; sorry guys, I don't answer any calls that don't tell me right off who they are and what they want.
 Feb 08th, 2011
i have nothing to do with these people. grrrr.
 Dec 11th, 2010
I get calls at all hours from 480 707 4006 early in the morning and late at night,just wish they would stop call my cell phone,is there any way I can stop the calls?
 Dec 08th, 2010
GE Money!
 Sep 22nd, 2010
GE money
 Aug 31st, 2010
GE money (care credit) in my case calls multiple times a day for my husband on my cell, I am not on his account so they will not let me take care of the situation. He was 4 days past due date and had paid online. Now his account shows up to date, the money is out of our account but the calls are still comming. They also use 800-292-7508
 Jul 27th, 2010
 Jun 08th, 2010
GE Money! My new phone number use to belong to one of their customers and they won't stop calling me. I have asked them to remove me from their list for the past 4 months and they are still calling. The last call - the person refused to transfer me to a manager...stated that I was wasting "their" time (after I stated that they were wasting my cellphone minutes) and that "his" word was better than the managers. This person was extremely rude and yelled. I called the company back and talked to someone else and they also refused to send me to a manager. I got their customer service number and talked to them...nothing is resolved. These people are rude! and I don't know why anyone would want to do business with themD!
 Mar 10th, 2010
This is from GEMoney. I was 7 days late with a payment which I promptly took care of. Even tho my account is up to date the calls keep coming--sometimes as many as 4 or 5 per day, sometimes with a different number. I spoke to a Customer Service rep but it didn't help. They are more than annoying. Don't they have better things to do than to harass people whose accounts are current? Every time they call I add their number to my blocked call list.
 Mar 09th, 2010
they call my phone constantly for someone else from sun up to sun down, using different numbers, 937-534-2092 and 480-707-4006. one day its one number all day then the next day its another number, and so on.
 Jan 31st, 2010
called number back recording said GEmoney. they call my phone constantly for someone else from sun up to sun down, sometimes using different numbers, 937-534-2092 and 605-355-5648. one day its one number all day then the next day its another number, and so on. they are very annoying
 Jan 31st, 2010
do you owe Dell any money? If you get a call from heavily accented people they are usually from India and work for Dell.
 Jan 23rd, 2010
Same here. Called with unknown name, would not reveal "nature of call" until I "confirmed who I was."
 Dec 04th, 2009
They keep calling but no one answers then I got a call from an unknown number and some asked for me but would not disclose the "nature of the call until I confirmed who I was" the accent was so heavy I hung up.
 Jul 10th, 2009