***This company is called iPacesetters*** they try to conceal this information when you ask what company they are calling from... probably to avoid getting in trouble for BLATANTLY IGNORING do not call requests.

This is a call center calling on behalf of “Human Resource Executive Magazine.” They have repeatedly called me (about 15 times a day) even though I have been requesting for months to be taken off their call list. Many of the callers I have spoken to are rude and disconnect when I ask them about the purpose of their phone call. Often times they call with a huge list of names and will not listen when I tell them I will not confirm any contact information nor connect their call.

However, today when I asked to speak with a manager, I was actually transferred to one - I guess if you sound angry enough and you ask the right questions in advance (I started out getting the caller's first and last name.. ) you might get lucky and get through to someone who will listen to your complaint.

After I threw a short fit, the manager was very apologetic, and I have since stopped receiving phone calls. This is completely unacceptable I had to resort to these measures!

Here are their websites: PLEASE VOICE YOUR COMPLAINTS!

iPacesetters - http://www.ipacesetters.com/
***Listed on their website for Do Not Call Requests: Cheif Compliance Officer - Mick Bennett. (p) 608-329-7480 ext. 532. mbennett@ipacesetters.com***

Human Resource Executive Magazine - http://www.hreonline.com/HRE/
 May 14th, 2013