They've called 3X in the last few days, Thu 9/14, Fri 9/15, & today 9/18. Reverse lookup said Land Line in Braddock, VA. No answer when I call them, and the numbers 571-522: 1500, 1574, & 1576 are not happening, so my guess is it's some wanker's PC just scrolling through numbers in order. The "anon" post who gave the link to a Joe Fuiten from Bothell gets 3 Big Thumbs Up, since Fuiten's bio gave the name of the sponsoring organization The Committee For Religious Freedom. Fuiten's church phone # is 425-488-3600. If you're upset, don't call & scream at the nice girl who answers the phone. Likewise, when you call his home #, 425-486-5245, don't yell at the nice lady who answers, just tell her we all hate unsolicited calls, & explain Karma to her. Now I'm gonna give Comcast a call & see about how to block numbers
Marty Anacortes
 Sep 18th, 2006