they are saying 170 dollars is qwed but wont say from what comp. and wants me to give cc number or ck info over the phone..I dont think so!
fridl scully
 Mar 04th, 2011

Be sure to contact FTC.GOV.

Many law firms have websites with titles that begin with the words FDCPA - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They explain your rights; then go on to lure you in like low hanging fruit so that they can sue FOR you.

I know because I corresponded with one of them.

Even though most say that their fee will be taken out of your settlement, they’re always vague about what YOUR part of the settlement, if any, will be.

If you have a really GOOD case, it can be very profitable for you. But if you AGREE to work with one of these attorneys (in any way), you’ll give up your rights to your case, no matter how good it is. And they make it very easy to AGREE.

Here’s a quote from the company I corresponded with: --I have attached a representation agreement to this email. It is necessary that you agree to representation before we can take any action on your behalf. You may do so by simply replying to this email.—

Well that’s easy enough. I could AGREE by accident and not even know it! That’s what they’re counting on. Be careful.

After seeing what they were offering, I made it clear in writing that I would NOT do business with them.

- - - - -

Never assume that an attorney—any attorney—is looking out for YOUR best interests. (If you want to know, ask whether they have any FIDUCIARY responsibility toward you. That’s an important word. Insist on a YES or No answer. If they don’t understand your question, walk away immediately.)

And, never be afraid to say NO. It’s the most important word in your lexicon.

Good luck!
B Careful
 Jan 22nd, 2011
The DNC registry is not a "joke", it simply is not full blanket coverage against every caller in creation. The registry is for telemarketers, meaning sales, meaning all debt collectors are exempt. This fact was not kept secret from you when you registered your numbers.

If you are receiving repeated, misdirected, and/or abusive calls from a third party debt collector, you may find relief in the provisions of the FDCPA, the Federal law which regulates collector behavior and provides you simple tools for your own defense. It grants you control of how you are contacted, and the means to sue at low cost. Learn your rights and first response tactics at FTC-dot-gov. See also your state laws for additional support.
 Jan 22nd, 2011
Associates Comm is a debt collection agency.
Relentless calling 4 /5 times per day. We had to block the calls from this firm...Harrassment..
"The Do not Call list" doesn't work against these collection reps that do not care if they are fined or sued.
They don't give their real names anyway!

We changed our number to a private number ( not an unlisted)
 Jan 22nd, 2011
I get calls from this # for Home Depot. I talk to them and explain the situation or tell them I made a payment. It does not matter what I say to them...they continue to make repeat calls. I may as well be speaking to a deaf person!!! Maybe I am. My wife and I just ignore the calls now...they don't listen anyway. Thank you, caller ID.
 Jan 14th, 2011
whoever they are, calling twice a day, guess they have the money from 29% interest fees [if this is really citibank] to pay for phone systems and horrible customer service that automates everything so they can hide behind automation and don't have to talk to real people
 Nov 30th, 2010
My husband answered this call and this lady got very nasty with him, so he hung up the phone in her ear. No longer will be answering calls from this number or company
 Nov 20th, 2010
My guess is that is is Exxon Mobile (Citibank).
 Oct 25th, 2010
I keep getting calls from this number. Happened for about two months in a row, then stopped for about three months. It is Citibank through Home Depot. I have called the number. They acknowledge that I don't have a credit card, but they can't seem to get me off their list. What complete idiots!
 Sep 02nd, 2010
Again.... I offer the following for everyone that keeps getting these morons calls: if you are by the phone when they call just answer it and immediately hit the * key. Hold it down until you hear or see them disconnect. If it is a real live person their ears will hurt. If it is an autodialer the * or # keys can disrupt the computer and possibly remove your number. Keep doing it and they will stop. Fight back against these morons. The do not call list is a joke.
Hit Back
 Aug 06th, 2010
CitiCards collections
 May 19th, 2010
4 calls in a row - starting at 8:30 pm - nice
 Apr 06th, 2010
They keep asking for Richard Lockwood Jr and I keep telling them that in the 20 years that we've had this phone, no one by that name has lived here.
 Apr 01st, 2010
GE Money Lowes Credit Service
 Mar 19th, 2010
This is Home Depot Credit Card, thru CitiCorp
 Feb 24th, 2010
Still getting these calls as well from this number as well as 423-467-6980. No message is left.
 Feb 20th, 2010
I keep getting calls from this number as well as 423-477-6983 which says they are Citi Corp. I don't answer because I don't recognize the number. They don't leave a message so I think it is not that important. Otherwise they would leave a message. I will continue to not answer either of these numbers. Thanks goodness for caller id.
 Feb 20th, 2010
Citi for Home Depot...WTF?! pd bill in person on due date..i'm current w/this acct. but their system wasn't updated? does it look like i want my APR to jump to 29% after a missed pymt?!
 Feb 06th, 2010
no message
 Jan 28th, 2010