Mike from Maine is MIKE LILLIBRIDGE JCS ENTERPRISES LACONIA NEW HAMPSHIRE. He and his bum chum partners(in many ways) are competitors to WJD ENTERPRISES.

Call Mike at 207-256-0554 and tell him what you think of illiterate losers who go to post sites to slam competitors
 Apr 03rd, 2015
Gotta get a better scam than timeshares,scumbags. I really cannot think of anything I'd rather not "own"(ahaahaha) in the world. Do people even buy those anymore??? Lame. Here's a tip: If you middle school dropouts wanna make some $$ for yourselves...make sure that the product you shove down people's throats is actually desireable. Come up with something better than a product that was all the rage in 1987. Then maybe you could get those hair-plugs you've been wanting. Or get some brand new clip-on neckties! And after you move out of your mother's basement, maybe....just maybe...you can finally get your metallic blue IROC Z running!! Open your eyes grease balls---salesmen are obsolete. Useless! Dinosaurs!! So why don't you pathetic Willy Lohman clones do us a favor, and go die in a fire.
Mike from Maine
 Mar 12th, 2015
yooz can call 207-256-0554, I bit hez the one who done spelled dat way.
vt genoa
 Jun 23rd, 2014
Who the hell spells the word you like that?
 Jun 15th, 2014
fuck all of yooz
 May 03rd, 2014
This must be one of those timeshare scams.
 Apr 16th, 2014
Went to a home show where Patriots play. Filled out several contest drawings. This is one of the numbers that calls me.
 Apr 09th, 2014
Went to a home show recently in New Hampshire. The guy at the booth was a nice man who told me exactly what I was entering for when I filled out one of his entry forms. He said I would get called with some information about a resort in Conway called Eastern Slope or something like that. I have no complaint about the guy at the show, he was very professional and everything he said turned out to be spot on true. I did get called about visiting the Eastern Slope place and was offered prizes for doing so. I do not have any time in the next month or so and I told the caller that. My only complaint is they keep calling several times a day.
 Apr 08th, 2014
waz up haterz?
mike ME
 Apr 06th, 2014
iz the bigest and the best in my bizness. haterz just jellos of me. i iz the king
 Apr 06th, 2014
mary had a little lamb she also had a bear, I often saw mary's little lamb but never saw her bear

mary had a little lamb she also had a beaver, I often saw mary's little lamb but never saw her beaver

mary had a little lamb she also had a pussy, I often saw mary's little lamb but never saw her pussy
 Apr 03rd, 2014
There are 7 resort lead generation companies in New England.

Which resort lead generation company from Maine who is dead last in business amongst the 7 recently rehired a woman and her daughter from Marlboro Mass and work for a home food service company to work for their company?

What would her boss think about her working for someone else when she is being paid to work for the home food service company?

Pathetic is what the dozens of people that are talking about it say.
new hampshire granny
 Mar 23rd, 2014
Don't you hate cocksuckers who think they are "all that", that interrupt others having conversations. That asshole is truely a piece of shit.
Juicy Fruit Gummmm
 Mar 16th, 2014
Get VD in Thailand. 50 Dollars US
 Feb 21st, 2014
 Feb 03rd, 2014
I keep getting calls from this number saying I won a trip or some sort of gifts. I don't understand the whole thing, nor where they got my phone number.
 Jan 08th, 2014
ty rest your head, see you soon.
 Jan 04th, 2014
In answer to the text sent to my cell phone, Jamestown VA was discovered in 1607. All that grow up within 100 miles know that
Jamestown Disc
 Jan 04th, 2014
Shur iz cooooooold in ct tonite.
 Jan 04th, 2014
Thanks Rest. Hope VA event is good as usual for you. I will see you on your travels to our area for shows.
For your sake, hope your football team wins this weekend. They should, they sure have a weather advantage.
Keith Williams
 Jan 02nd, 2014
Happy New Year Mr Varasso

Happy New Year Mr Williams

Happy New Year Ms Noreen G.

Hope all of you have a wonderful year, with lots of success. I see stuff is the same in New England.

See you soon on the wonderful show circuit.
Rest Your Head
 Dec 31st, 2013
kieth grow the fu** up will you. You are put on notice police have been called and any drama you might or your minions might cause is on the record. Kieth williams keep the games up i'm loving it. You think your smart but your arrogance will get your ass burned. I will not be dragged into your drama games i will just leave it to the lawyers and police handle you.

Happy New Years :)
 Dec 29th, 2013
Hey Bob. Look who's back. The individual from Maine. Even though we check this site daily to see if we continue to get slandered, we luckily haven't seen him slander or threaten anyone out here in a week and a half. Who in the hell is Amish Mafia? Isn't there some one of those dumb reality shows on that crap? Sounds like the Maine individual had one of his friends or himself come to the posting site to try and get something started. I am in three other shows next weekend, and CT show is $1400 so my company is not going to be there, so why would I care if there is a party there or not?
Also for all you reading these posts, there seems to be no specific names mentioned yet the guy Mike(one would assume the one from Maine) seems to feel threatened. Why would one feel threatened if their name was not even brought up? Who would assume to read something into a post other than the one posting it themselves under a fake name? The police part is typical over drama. Also the post only says something about partying, I myself don't see any threats against any individuals or companies, so why again would the individual from Maine get involved except perhaps if he was involved in some manner in the original posts? People have all types of parties it seems, Christmas, New Years, Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, etc...and they are times of joy with no police involved.
Yet some clown/clowns come out here posting about some party at an event most of us are not even going to be at, and a certain individual who's name WAS NOT even mentioned decided to get involved.
Looks and sounds very suspicious.
Myself and my company are not involved in this childish crap. I have made a few calls and gotten no from others. I don't think you did the posts, do you have any clues who did?
Just for your info man from Maine. Trust me NOBODY other than your boss would invite you to any get together. A lot of us vendors at many events go out together afterwards, the Earth would end before any of us would invite you, that is why you are never invited.
Keith Williams
 Dec 28th, 2013
yupper hope im invited because i know THAT hARTFORD POLICE HAVE BEEN PUT ON NOTICE OF THREATS
 Dec 28th, 2013
gonna be a biggggg party in aisle 1100 at Connecticut wedding expo next weekend jan 4 & 5, 2014 in Hartford at the convention center. hope to see yall there.
PA Amish Mafia
 Dec 28th, 2013
Gonna be a biggg party at Connecticut Wedding Expo next weekend, Jan 4 & 5, 2014
PA Amish Mafia
 Dec 28th, 2013
Mike I appreciate the apology. But please do not drag me into this any longer I would appreciate that. I am sure that their allies back and forth on both parties but that is not my concern. My only concern is that you don't pull me through this with lies. I don't care what you were told there is no truth to it. He had the approval of the company owner to do what he did. The person you were referring to the told you thisis very much incorrect.I can only verify one story of his as I was with him when this person told him you are money to them. But who cares is between you guys. I have never gone online and bad mouth you nor will I. That is not my style. If you wish to discuss this further I will be more than happy to the next time I see you at a show but this is not the place to do it.
 Dec 16th, 2013
bob never meant to bring u into this sorry. I dont want to fight no battles, but i will be damm if that idiot will spread lie's on the net about me and my company. He will pay for his acts. If other people are dragged into this fight so be it but i promise it will stop.

Happy Holiday's
 Dec 16th, 2013
Mike just because somebody says something does not mean it is true. You should know this better than anybody. Based on your statement am I to believe everything I read about you? Please do not involve me in your petty arguments as an example. Fight your battles based on facts that you know to be true. Thank you
 Dec 16th, 2013
 Dec 16th, 2013
Keith you are such a ahole. I dont a jack in box lawyers like you have. Any lawyer worth a grain of salt would never admit who or what they represent. FACT

It is 11:23 am and just spoke to my lawyers and assured me that they would NEVER tell nobody who calls who they represent Also spoke about what was post again on the internet and he was not amused. Even the post from the 800 notes site that was erased

bring the tape phones call cant wait to hear it myself

No i have nothing against bob keith. matter a fact i really dont know him. I was using the example of the big e as a example of your character. There are plenty of other times you did the same thing. but i dont want to get into that.

You keep on calling them keith if you would like. But i promise one day they will knock on your door at the extended stay in tewskbury mass. Also told him that you had other business and i think he said along the lines of NOT FOR LONG.

 Dec 16th, 2013
I assume by girl you mean June Sprague. Shame on you Mike again you lack the FACTS. Whereas I give Bob and his boss(Jeff) a lot of info on shows, they in return let me go to Big E and pitch for their product and allowed me to put one of my giveaway signs and a bucket at end of their booth. It was one day, so what??? Call Jeff yourself he will tell you. Wasn't it you that piggy backed on Jeffs booth at Boston event?

Wow he admits it. Wonder if the Big E knew that the booth was sublet?
 Dec 16th, 2013
i/m make it easier for all of you in. take rt 302 north from the interstate. when you reach the town line of naples and bridgton on your left there is burnham road. make left and proceed about 1/2 mile and road forks. At the fork left and stay on burnham rd. at the top of the hill my house is on your right. Please call im really busy lately and wouldnt want to miss you.

happy holiday's
 Dec 16th, 2013
bob im around everywhere, ask the girl you fired and other people in the know that told people that. Many vendors where there and heard what was said.
 Dec 16th, 2013
Just call Mike Lillibridge at 207-256-0554

Or visit him at 218 Burnham Rd in Bridgeton Maine.

From Willis Park Drive get onto Burnham Road. Pass fire lane 58 on left hand side and The Old Stone House on the right hand side. 218 Burnham is on right side before Palmer- Ingalls Cemetary.
 Dec 16th, 2013
and this is not a threat...just don't need play the lillibridge internet game. I prefer talk to my accuser in person with witnesses around so you can't twist it.
 Dec 16th, 2013
Mike... Tell me where you are next and we will discuss this
 Dec 16th, 2013
Mike. You are an idiot.

1). YOU used the word boyfriend to describe a relationship using two male names.

2) Bob has a wife, I have a wife, you don't. Many vendors wonder whether you swing with the guys because you are never seen with a woman, you are in many ways anti women. Everyone knows you called Heather of Steele Hill a C word that rhymes with punt. Didn't help your cause that you sent several of us links to gay porn(yes because it was from you I printed it out), a lot of people know about your verbal abuse of Irene a couple of years ago. And most of the people you have screwed out of money are women. Melanie, Michelle, Margie, Gayle, Diane, Holly(although you did pay her back after several months). Then there is the beautiful tape recorded message you were dumb enough to leave on an answering machine a couple years ago with your threat to rape my wife and have sex with my mother(she's dead).

So when you send your lawyer to get me I will produce all the evidence of the above to him or her.

Maybe I will bring the taped phone message to a show sometime and play for vendors.

Actually many law offices give out that information when the call is innocent and explained to the woman like I did.

Face it Mike you got caught in a LIE, and you are trying to back track.

I assume by girl you mean June Sprague. Shame on you Mike again you lack the FACTS. Whereas I give Bob and his boss(Jeff) a lot of info on shows, they in return let me go to Big E and pitch for their product and allowed me to put one of my giveaway signs and a bucket at end of their booth. It was one day, so what??? Call Jeff yourself he will tell you. Wasn't it you that piggy backed on Jeffs booth at Boston event?

The bigger question Mike is why you care what everyone else is up too, why is that?

You are a real loser trying to make Bob into looking like a bad person.
 Dec 15th, 2013
sorry to hear that you are not happy about my wording? homosexual relatioship Where? feeling guilty? people have been wondering since you guys hang out together all the time. what ever floats your boat

As for calling law office lol keith williams you should know better that NO law office will ever say who they represent and who they dont. That is basic law idiot. so put that in you pipe and smoke it. You will soon find out idiot.

Now is that the bob that scammed his boss at the big e fair. Yes you heard that right. the girl he fired came to a show and told us all us what you guys did. Wonder how bobs boss would love to hear that you and him put you booth up and started genrating leads for your company in a booth that he paid for? Also confrimed that with another person in know. So dont come on here and start BS everyone sayong you didnt do it.

happy holidays
mike l
 Dec 15th, 2013
Hey Mike Lillibridge aka Mike from multiple posts below. I had Bob check out your comments from the posts below calling Bob my boyfriend thus intimating a homosexual relationship. He being a married to a woman and I being married to a woman found it distasteful of you to make such inferences. Neither of us is pleased with those comments, nor are our families, or our friends we have shown these SLANDEROUS(not based in fact) comments to. Some "friends" don't find you funny at all.

We all agree though that somebody(ESPECIALLY YOU) would refer to anybody else as a homosexual as interesting.

Laughable, but not surprising.
 Dec 14th, 2013
Attention all. In the post below from mike(Mike lillibridge/MMJ promotions of Maine) dated 2013-12-12 00:09:06 tries to say he has an attorney.

2 problems for you Mikey that will help prove to the world you are a lying scammer.

1). Mr Lillibridge can't even get the number of his so called attorney correct. Dumbass the real number is 207-772-6565

How would I know this?

2). Myself at 11:22 am Friday Dec 13, 2013(all documented) called the law firm mentioned. So as not to be heresay I had two others call the law firm later in the day. ALL three of us were told a Michael/Mike Lillibridge DID NOT EXIST in their files. They don't know who the hell you are. Therefore as of the afternoon of Dec 13, 2013 YOU didn't exist to them, therefore any posts by you claiming they did were simply a LIE on your part, provable by the time lines on your posts.

Basically everything you state is a lie and/or a scam
 Dec 14th, 2013
Attention: the word probable in the last post in the paragraph of owing people should be PROVABILE. The computer put in its own word. Proof makes a statement true therefore noslanderous Mr Lillibridge.
 Dec 14th, 2013
Boo Hoo, my name is Mike Lillibridge/MMJ Promotions of Maine. Keith Williams is posting with fake names to screw me, blah, blah, what a crock of shit you are.

ATTENTION PUBLIC. The following is a list of THIRTY FOUR aliases Mr Lillibridge has used that can forensically traced back to him:

Swamp Ass
Just Saying
Come and get it
Dave Ramos
John Martin
Tom Keene
Extended Stay Man
Shill Alert
Pissed off ex worker
Come play won't pay
Keep posting loving it

Folks it is Mr Lillibridge who is trying to deflect accusations away from him.

Also Mike you seem not to understand legal terms. Slander is someone who says or produces FALSE things about people.

But you owing Melanie Carroll,Michele Palladino, Mark Palladino, Gayle from New Jersey, Margaret Simonetti thousands of dollars, owing promoters or not showing up at events are all probable, thus TRUTHFUL statements therefore do not meet the criteria for slander.

Neither does your insurance fraud against the elderly, or your multiple arrest records which are all documented as public record and can be googled at ANY TIME, therefore are truthful evidence and therefore do not fit the criteria for slander.

Only an aimless, cheating pile of shit such as yourself would claim somebody else is using made up names when you yourself could be found guilty on at least 34 counts on that.
 Dec 14th, 2013

 Dec 12th, 2013
It just amazes me how Jody noreen wanda aka keith williams tries to link me to these post. Noreen jody whoops keith williams me a joe spoke and he knows that you are the idiot behind these post. As for you getting a lawyer go right head. I know you cant afford one since the person posting says you live in a hotel? I think your money would be better spent trying to find some stable housing. Heads up for you keith whoops noreen wanda jody i can afford a lawyer and a IT person that is hot on your trail. They already have contacted promoter's in new england area and recieved statements from them on how you bad mouth me and my company. FACT. They are also tracking the ip address's from these website you post on. FACT So you want to talk slander Keith williams? you will soon find out what it means okay here is heads up my lawyers are Robinson, Kriger & McCallum 207-772-5335 I will even do you a favor and give the 800 number, so you want have to pay to make the call and use the money saved on call so you put it towards you housing fund.800-697-8445. So when the the big bad boogie man comes and serve you (soon enough) dont be surpried.
 Dec 12th, 2013
Ever notice how mike lillibridge uses terms that associate with gay all the time? He always calls people asshole or cocksucker, and often uses the term "my ass" when denying something.
 Dec 06th, 2013
Don't try getting the posts out here erased. The posts have already been copied, downloaded and printed.
 Dec 05th, 2013
Mike, I bet both Joe Dilego(everyone knows he owns WJD) and Keith will enjoy seeing that you aka Wanda called Joe Dilego an asshole, and the owner of a scum company as YOU put it, then also stated "us vendors are all complaining to promoters not to allow this company in anymore shows" I bet either one of them can now go to a lawyer and cause trouble for you.

After all Mike aka Wanda you now have put it in WRITING on a public site that you and others are going to complain to promoters about these companies, trying to get the promoters not to allow them in. That is called SLANDER, DEFAMATION of CHARACTER, and PERJURY in legal circles.

They will be thankful I am sure for your PUBLICALLY POSTED THREATS to them and their businesses.

And I am sure all us other vendors are going to be mad at YOU when we get questioned whether we are involved in your slander of them. Don't know either one of them personally, but I know both hate your guts and think little of you. One of them I am quite sure will ask vendors if they are involved with you in this stupid action.
 Dec 05th, 2013
Who and what are you talking about Mike Lillibridge/MMJ Promotions out of Maine aka Wanda? Everyone knows you use made up names to post ridiculous stuff on the internet. By the way shit for brains you have used Wanda before and anyone can be directed where to go to see it. Who is this person you say lives in a hotel in Tewksbury and re-sells leads to everybody? You are the only one who does that. You often don't know facts on anything(although you think you do), then the real facts come out and you look like the fool you are.
 Dec 05th, 2013
a scam company that is run by a asshole out of pittsfield mass. His partner lives in Tewksbury mass in a Extended Stay hotel after his wife threw him out for ripping people off. Us vendors are all complaining to promoters not to allow this company in any more shows. He sells all of his entry forms to window companies and other resorts.
 Dec 01st, 2013
bunch of fucking cunt hores out on these sites
 Nov 18th, 2013
Fuck all ya stupid mothers fuckers. If yous fucking stupid enough to fucking enter fucking contests then yous are stupid as Fuck and fucking deserve the fucking great fucking yous are taking with these fucking phone calls from the motha fuckers.
pharr out
 Sep 07th, 2013
nice, real nice, super nice.

hey chinks "sawgy rice no taste nice"
betty fuxxer
 Aug 23rd, 2013
Tracey in words used and description of "tables", and her specific targeting of companies, sounds like Crazy Carol who used to work for Inn Season resorts, was fired and holds a grudge against that industry. She constantly says negative things about everyone involved.
She herself was also I am told seen working a booth in Concord for a food service company.
All you losers are pathetic and need a life.
 Aug 21st, 2013
I just checked the whole web site for Concord Market Days, there is NOWHERE on the site that has a map where specific vendors are, nor does it have a list of vendors either.

Tracey if that is the real name is therefore a liar, and must have a AGENDA(her word) against WJD Enterprises and/or MMJ Promotions. How would "Tracey" know the names of the two companies involved if there is NO specific commercial map?, or that there is NO list of vendors?, and what are the odds of "Tracey" filling out Home Depot and Lowes gift cards but not filling out any of the other numerous contests/giveaways who call the consumer? Also how would "Tracey" know what specific town the call came from?, I got called from both the companies mentioned and one call came in with a NH area code, and another with a western MA area code. NEITHER of the telemarketers mentioned where they were calling from as pertaining to what city they were calling from.

Shame on these people who lie to try and take down others. These sites should be reserved for legitimate complaints and/or reviews.
 Aug 07th, 2013
I also was an attendee of the Concord Street Festival a couple weeks ago. There were alot of companies there asking for us to fill out leads, food companies, windows, bathrooms, insurance, and resorts. Having been a former business owner(now retired) who had vendor booths at events for years I pay pretty close attention to booths especially those where a person has to give personal information. There was actually three resorts at the event in Concord. One was giving away some sort of motor bike, and the other two were giving away a Lowes giftcard or a Home Depot giftcard. I talked to people at all three of the booths. The motorbike was being given away by a resort in Maine. The Home Depot giftcard booth was manned by a rather large man, good natured who explained exactly where the information was going when asked(Eastern Slope Inn he said), he took several minutes in fact to make sure to tell me that the end result was a vacation resort call. Also there was, repeat was a small sign on his table saying that the people would be involved in vacations. The Lowes giftcard booth had no such signage nor when asked did they explain where the information was going. Also how would this Tracey know about either of the companies she mentioned or where calls come from?. There is no such map that I could find saying who was where at that event. Very interesting to say the least.
 Aug 07th, 2013
I received two messages from this number in Pittsfield, NH. One from Gary and one from Tony and neither stated what company they were with. What I noticed right away was that the prizes I allegedly won were nothing I had signed up to win although I had entered a few contests recently. Also, when I called back after the first message and the line was busy I realized this was not right. No legitimate business has a busy line these days.

I entered to win a Lowe's gift card and a Home Depot gift card at Market Days in Concord, NH last weekend. I believed the booths that I entered these contests at were actually Lowe's and Home Depot. I just checked the map for the event and it looks like these two tables were WJD Enterprises and MMJ promotions. In any case,if I was Lowe's or Home Depot I would be unhappy that someone was using my branding to camouflage their true agenda, as I do not believe there as any information at the booths about what they were really there to promote.
 Jul 26th, 2013
Hey Bill why don't u contact your old company ant tell them to check out this website and how annoying wjd is! dont be a douche Bill help these people out!
Dear Bill
 Jun 21st, 2013
I worked for wjd aka summit corp., the thing that people who are not in "the industry" don't understand, is that those ads in a mall or other setting DON'T understand, is that there is only 1 winner out of hundreds of thousands of tickets, BUT the ticket itself DOES say something to the extent of, "this promotion is being used for timeshare promotion, and you WILL (emphasis mine) be called in regards to timeshare!" Again not an exact quote, but on the tickets people do fill out, the purpose of the "promotion" IS spelled out
 Feb 25th, 2013
This company is tormenting us at a non-list,non-pub number.
 Jan 16th, 2013
This company continually calls says nothing and hangs up, at 8:00 PM and later. Seeings they are supposed to be calling me from Massachusetts they are in the same time zone they should know better. I asked them to take me off their contact list , I see how well they honor that. What part of I live in this flipping state I don't need a time share to some place I can visit in 1/2 hour. don't you understand, the place you are trying to sell me shares in was originally built by someone I went to school with's father. I don't want it, don't need it, stop calling.
 Nov 06th, 2012
This company has left me many messages saying i won a prize and to call them back. I don't win anything ever. So today I was going into work late and happen to answer when they called. The women told me that I had filled out some entry form in the last month and had won some cash and prizes. This is a lie. My son has been very sick and I haven't left the house since Christmas except to go to the market and dr. Then when I told told her this she started to read back my info and had my address completely wrong. This whole company is a scam. If they want to sell time shares sell time shares and stop lieing to people. Maybe they should run my credit report that i bet would stop them from calling.
 Feb 07th, 2012
These losers called me 3 times so far,Trying to say i won some nice gifts and shit like that.I'm not retarded so i told them to eat a bowl of poop and leave me alone.Here's a number to reach them at...1 877-699-0569.
 Jan 27th, 2012
This dumbass company called 4 times in two minutes about 5:30 pm on 11-23-2011. Hope they call again. I have an eardrum piercing police whistle for the person who comes on the line. I have my number listed with the Fed. Do Not Call list. This company doesn't pay attention to it however. My daughter uses a very large cow bell, the kind the farmer's use on their dairy cows.
 Nov 25th, 2011
Stop calling! And late at night too!
 Nov 02nd, 2011
Tried to offer me a vacation of airline tickets and like 3-4 gift cards to box office stores, they stopped they call and thanked me for my time and said I would be put back on the list after they found out my household income was less than 35k.
James H.
 Oct 19th, 2011
So when they call it goes something like this. Entered my name in $500 shopping spree at the mall as you can guess i did not win & i also did not realize my info was sold did not read the fine print(oh well thats my fault.) What i recall at the mall on that paper i put my name spouse's name,#,address,email verified i am 25 & how much the household makes annually. Got a call last week from WJD ENTERPRISES (413)499-6605 and was told I've been "choosen" to receive(very important to pay attention to that word Not Won)HaHa 4 transferable airline tickets can go to all these places FL,CA,HI,Bahamas. When i book a flight I get a $100ck Also get $50 gift card to dining of choice & Home Depot $50 Gift card.Great. I just need to visit Killington go to free lunch for 2 on a 90min timeshare tour to recieve my gifts. They do Fri Sat Sun Mondays at 10:30 1 & 3:30 If i could discuss it with my other half and call back 1-877-699-0569 with a time and day before Oct. 9th they would send me my confirmation to go & recieve my gifts. So i got another call today from the same person, left a message. Message said they were calling me back about the airline packet i was again choosen to receive & the other nice gifts,just wanted to let me know they still have the offer here for a short time, if i am interested give a call back between 9-1 m-f. First if i call back for the confirmation(jake below is right)I would have to quailfy for them first you know to buy a timeshare in killington they already know most of this from my mall card but they are just checking you know so its a possibility i will purchase one cause the resort cant give these packets away u know without giving me a morgage on a timeshare. good i know if i had the time & the credit ding to take i would do it.If i were to go & purchase the timeshare i would make sure i had a 3 day opt out included in the contract i sign and back out of it asap. I would get all the gifts i was choosen to recieve in the first place great if the gifts are well worth if they don't know my intentions.Timeshare tours take up most of your day i know i've been on many blah and said no to get free moneyetc.while on vaca.I own one since 2003 now have the deed but still pay alot everyyear for maintence fees & taxes this year $800 for maintencefee.So when your own and you go on vaca. at the resort and place u pick to go you still get bothered to go on timeshare tour by the resort your at because they are affiliated with another trading company isn't that something. Well thats all for now..
Vt Knows Now
 Oct 04th, 2011
I got numerous calls for this group, always the same thing, no message, tied up my line, went to the operator, timed out. I called back last night after 8:30, their third call. Phone rang 10+ times and was finally picked up.I did speak to a person and stated I wanted the calls to cease. So you can get to them but you have to call late and let it ring a lot, which is only fair. And do not be nice because they threw attitude immediately when I told them to quit calling.
 Sep 14th, 2011
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 Apr 26th, 2011
Got their call while having dindin. The way I handle these calls is as follows: just place the phone down on the table. When the phone starts beeping you know they got tired and hung up. I love it. Hope they call back!!!
PS: It's impossible to rationalize with these losers, so give them some
of the ignorance they dish out......
Maine Man
 Feb 22nd, 2011
This #/name has been calling my house for months now and I am fed up. I would LOVE to ask them to stop calling, however, every time they call, all I get is dead air. I've gotten calls as late as 9 at night from these people, and no one ever says anything. How do I get these people to stop calling?? I am on the National do not call registry. How are these fools calling me? Grrrr....
fed up
 Nov 27th, 2010
these people have become my new scapegoat for my elevated level of hatefulness. i hate these people and like mr. nice guy i would love to hear they had all croaked , all at once and it would bring me great pleasure to watch mr. nice guy take care of them for us all...
mr. hateful
 Nov 23rd, 2010
these people are making me feel not as nice as i did feel before they started calling me.i do wish that they would stop calling me soon or die in the process. see , now thats what they have done to me. so the nice thing to have said in this case is i wish they would just shoot me... get the point..
mr. nice guy
 Nov 23rd, 2010
They called today, but I was very busy as I had a bunch of kids waiting for me to start a class for them at my home. I told the person on the phone all this. Anyway, I did want to see the resort, and listened to the offer. My current RCI resort is clear across the country, since I used to live in CA, so I was interested in a resort that would allow for my boys to do more skiing in NH. Anyway, we set up a time for the tour, then I was to talk to the supervisor. I told the supervisor, I was in a hurry since I had the kids waiting for me and she said, "Well, you shouldn't pick up the phone if you are busy with kids. Nevermind, Have a nice day." All said in a very snotty tone, and then she hung up. This was after I had agreed to the tour. Seriously, I hope someone from the company sees this and fires that supervisor. She is not helping you with your sales!!!
 Oct 20th, 2010
I called back to Schedule an appt. and they started going through the things to qualify for that promotion and it was: 1. Spouse required to attend if married. 2. two forms of ID one being drivers licence other a major credit card.(Debit card not acceptable) 3. Must be over 25. 4. Must have a combined annual income of over $40,000.

Needless to say I didn't meet all the requirements so they tried telling me they could keep me in the system for other promotional deals later on down the road that i could qualify for. Thats when i went ahead and told them that there wouldn't be any need for that.
 Oct 06th, 2010
I spoke with Summit Corp for about 10 or so minutes. I had filled out a entry to win a big screen TV at a Chinese Resturant called Golden Place. I took an entry form with me and read the back. It stated if I didn't win the TV I would still be entered to win 4 free plane tickets. It stated something about the company used to be a time share thing but now it was open to the public. The stipulations to get the tickets is to complete a 90 Minute tour of a new wing of a Hotel in Dennis Port, MA. (She stated the name of the resort but I don't remember now.) read and fill out some 20 page thing regarding the tour and stipulations to the plane tickets. I'm also supposed to get $40 just for coming out and a $200 gift Cert. for whichever destination I choose. I think I'm going to do the tour just to see whats up and come back to here and post the findings. Wish me luck.
 Oct 05th, 2010
My 11 yr old is receiving calls from this number almost daily. We just got the phone# and we do not owe any bills. these calls need to stop! Whoever it is is harrassing a minor. totally illegal.
 Aug 10th, 2010
I am sick and tired of this person keep calling my hour phone every day it comes up as summit corp, you answer it to ask who this is and they never tell you who it is, so one day i called the number on my cell to see who it is, and it sounds like this old lady and she still don't tell you who she is all she says is Hello!
Billy C
 Jul 30th, 2010
They called my phone @ 830 @ night, telling me I got 4 free tickets for an airline. . .and then asked me about my barking dog in the background. . .creepy, no? I've never heard of anything like this before. . .creepos caling my CELLPHONE. They need to stop !
 Jul 29th, 2010
Do your research before you fall prey to this operation (vacation time share solicitation scam). Check comments from same company at 413-499-6605
also pod
 Jul 26th, 2010
This number calls my house multiple times a day, when I answer, dead air. When we don't answer, no messages.
 Jul 15th, 2010
I filled out a ticket for a home entertainment set and they called me saying 4 free airline tickets for listening to a 90 minute thing somewhere in NH. I forget where, but they said they were Vacation Group
 Jul 08th, 2010
phone ring answer no one answer check caller id summit corp no message.
 Jun 24th, 2010
how about this people? please post the name of the store or event you went to so we all know not to visit these places and do business with them. The only way to stop these crooks is to stop doing business with the companies they do business with. I will be first i went to wang's chinese resturant in portland maine. they where suppose to give away a 50 inch tv i think but all i got is 10 calls trying to sell me something else
 Jun 14th, 2010
Very Rude! Called me Rude when I asked them to identify themselves. Have asked not to call again - waited a few months and called again. I am on do not call list should not be getting calls
 Jun 10th, 2010
They have been calling me twice a day for almost a month now. If I answer the call drops, but if it goes to voicemail they leave a message. Always the same guy, says "Hi Renee, my name is Jon, I'm calling because you've won a vacation from a drawing as part of a sweepstakes you participated in back in January". Then he gives me a toll free number to call him back.
 May 25th, 2010
bunch of scum bags they recycle the entry forms when they hard up for customers. they been calling me all the time. i agree to come to tour then never show up. they told me they own my number for a year after i signed the entry form
 May 23rd, 2010
I've been getting calls from someone named Debra at this number, both on my cell and at work (!). I don't answer. She's been leaving me messages to call her about some vacation package she wants me to buy. I had gotten numerous calls from this place last year and forcibly requested they remove me from their list. I also informed them that I'm on the "Do Not Call" List. Doesn't seem to phase them. I don't fill out the types of forms they said I did. (I have better things to do.) I took the step to download a program to my cell phone that blocks their calls. It picks up and then hangs up. I have no intention of calling these people. IT IS A SCAM.
 Apr 28th, 2010
Called my home today with 413-499-6605 WJD Enterprises on the caller ID. Research shows an address of 703 West Housatonic Street, Pittsfield, MA and a call in number of 413-499-2234. I will call and ask to be removed from the call list and if they call again I will take a ride to Pittsfield and have a talk with someone. In the past I have made over 10 calls within 30 minutes asking to be removed from the call list, works well. CALL 413-499-2234 Good luck everyone!
 Apr 22nd, 2010
Went to the Maine Sportsman Show April 2010 and entered to win a canoe with the stub from my admission ticket, my bad. Summit called today for me to collect the prizes I won(I entered one drawing for one prize), did some research a here I am, isn't the internet great. Very disappointed with the Maine Sportsman Show for selling my info, especially when several legitimate vacation type companies pay good money to have a booth at their show. I will never again attend, shame on them. As for Summit, they can spend all the labor in the world calling my home phone that doesn't ring and just receives messages, eventually they'll get bored.
 Apr 06th, 2010
they had called me i went on the tour, and had a great time..and the gifts were great..i went last yesr on the tour and i used my 3day/2night stay last week..very happy..thanks
 Mar 23rd, 2010
Blocked call in my incoming list:

SUMMIT CORP Blocked (413) 499-6605 3/13/10 12:48 PM
 Mar 16th, 2010
This number has started calling once again about "a recent entry..." As recent as 3 years ago? lol, stop recycling old leads, idiots. Back onto the block list we go.
 Mar 13th, 2010
i just got a call from them on the 413 499 6605 number ive seen it on my caller id a few times too
 Mar 12th, 2010
Their new annoying no 877-699-0569.
Just say no and put your no on their DNC list. next time they call its gets forwarded to the consumer affairs div - atty gen of mass.
 Jan 23rd, 2010
Filledout a form at Big E car flea market two weeks ago! Jan 2010! My fault! Call started 2 days later. RT air fare and fifty buck home depot card
All bogus!
I have received nine calls from two #'s.
The one above, and 413-499-8427
 Jan 23rd, 2010
This number calls me on my unlisted home phone number and never leaves a message. When I call them back I get a recording to hold. I was on hold for 30 minutes before I finally hung up.
 Jan 17th, 2010
I received a call from one of your representatives today, and when I said I wasn't interested, she was very rude and hung up. She then called my house back and told me "well you can eat it, you can eat dust!". So maybe you should check your representatives and not be so quick to blame the rudeness on the "customer".
By the way, I didn't fill out forms pertaining to any giveaways, etc.
 Dec 18th, 2009
 Dec 16th, 2009
jon you dress up a turd but it is still a turd. jon what i was saying how many people win the walmart gift cards? the best gift cards? the cars you guys suppposely give a away? please direct me to site where we can view the winnners of these drawings? i signed up fro a home depot gift card for 5000 bucks at a fair in vermont can you please share with us
 Dec 14th, 2009