Who/what ever this is using a robo dialer hung up & did not leave message when voicemail kicked in.
 Dec 09th, 2009
These Lowlifes have been calling me since Aug. 14, 2009 today is Oct. 26, 2009 that's nearly 3 months now. I tried to ignore them, they would NEVER LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE. Have Called EVERY DAY sometimes 4 times a day. Finally I couldn't take it anymore picked up the phone and they asked for a Megan----Maybe the lowlife referenced here--Maybe she owes money anyway I YELLED AT THE LOWLIFE that there is NO MEGAN HERE. He wanted to know why I was angry----I said after nearly 3 months of this everyday I had ENOUGH. We've had this number for 20 years and we're listed---He knows who he's calling. I sent a Cease and Desist E-Mail to the CEO. One more call and I fill out the complaint form to the Attorney General!!!!!!!!!!!!I am not well and can't take ANY MORE OF THESE CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They have called from 202-367-9124---757-209-2045----410-968-7980---202-607-2543----434-533-9007. Every number comes up MRS on caller ID. The jerk wanted to know how I knew they were Debt Collectors--Dah--Internet---Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP CALLING
 Oct 27th, 2009
They also call from 202-367-9124 and 757-209-2045 and 410-968-7980 and 202-607-2543 and 434-533-9007. That is 5 different numbers but all coming across as MRS. They are a horrible company and should be shut down. They can harrass innocent people for months on end all day long. They don't care that they have a wrong number. They don't believe you're not who they're looking for...Wish they could be stopped.
 Oct 26th, 2009