Orchard City Drywall
1900 Camden Ave #48, San Jose, CA, 95124
(408) 376-3769

Orchard City Drywall is a full service drywall company with over 15 years of experience

specializing in New Custom Home Construction, Residential Remodels and Repairs. Based in

Campbell, California, we provide these services to all of Santa Clara County, San Mateo

County, Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay Area. We will work with you whether you

are a production home builder needing efficient completions, a custom builder needing

artisan expertise or a private homeowner building their own home, including renovations

or additions. We will tailor services and pricing based on your specific needs and job

requirements. We also provide warranty services on all of our work whether you are a

builder or private homeowner.

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Cambrian Park, CA

 Aug 20th, 2015