Nothing but a scam from a call room in another country, for Senior Diabetic Network, in Delaware or so I was told. I told the first caller to put my number on their do not call list. I found out the name of the company on the second call. When she would not give me more information, my language changed and she told me that I did not have to use that kind of language. I told her she did not have to call me and if it happened again it would get worse.
 Apr 29th, 2011
This # called and threatened to have my wife "Served" at work and be ready to go to court. Called them back and the # is "No longer in service" These fly by night unscrupulous companies really piss me off! I think they got info when going online. Beware!
 Mar 14th, 2011
they called, did not leave a message.
 Mar 04th, 2011
This was a call to my cel phone - no way for a telemarketer to obtain it from ph book?
 Feb 07th, 2011
multiple calls in Jan '11 that I have not answered. No message left.
 Feb 03rd, 2011
Caller ID said Out of Area and no message was left.
 Dec 28th, 2010
The calls from Freeman Randall 302-747-7777 and 360-742-1886 are very aggressive telemarketing calls. I spoke with the AT&T call annoyance bureau and they referred me to the FTC - 1-877-382-4357. I made a complaint to the FTC and they told me that they don't investigate individual complaints but if enough people register complaints for these numbers then their lawyers will investigate. I would recommend calling the FTC and making a complaint.
 Dec 15th, 2010
They call constantly and don't leave messages. When I call the number back something picks up and the hangs up.
 Dec 03rd, 2010
Ever seen the show outsourced, this is the call center for the partialy retarded inbred worthless turds that get paid to waste our cell minutes and time, definately mess with them, I have a government owned phone and number, that is on the no call list, didn't phase them at all, I recieve daily phone calls.
 Nov 18th, 2010
Apparently it's a call center that is calling and trying to set up appointments, selling services, etc. The reason the voice on the other end (when one actually speaks to someone) has an accent is probably because the callers are off shore...
 Nov 17th, 2010
I've been getting calls from 360-742-1886 for a week. I didn't answer, and they didn't leave any messages. I tried calling the number, but just get a message saying the number is disconnected (how can a disconnected number call you? - what a scam!). I finally answered today, said 'hello' and after a long pause, a woman with a VERY thick accent asked if was available. I told her she had a wrong number & that was that. We'll see if I keep getting calls from these d-bags. Just to be safe, I re-registered on the national DO NOT CALL list. I believe you have to re-register every 3 years.
 Nov 16th, 2010
claimed to be Senior Diabetics of Delaware.... called me 5 x within 2 hours
 Nov 13th, 2010
hung up. 11/11/2010
 Nov 12th, 2010
This loser whore called and asked for my husband in a fake asian accent, I happened to be working from home today -asked me if I was the housekeeper.. asked for him again, I said 'you're very interesting...who are you?' she said she was his wife..Isn't that precious! Tried to call bk to mess with her more fully, and no answer. Bummer!! How much time do these people have?
 Nov 12th, 2010
This is a pharmacy calling for someone that had my cell number before I was assigned it through TMobile 5 YEARS AGO! They won't stop calling for this person. They are calling from India and know very little English. I am NOT the person they keep calling for, who ever Janice White is I really can't stand her. Or these idiots.
Lisa Hysong
 Nov 02nd, 2010
 Oct 18th, 2010
Answered the call and after I said HELLO twice a recording came on and said goodbye.
 Oct 07th, 2010
Tired of these jokers, they supposed to call back with date and time to schedule heart scan but never call back. only call back to ask u the same questions that they ask when first call.
puff daddy
 Sep 21st, 2010
Lady with Asian accent wanted to give a free heart scan. When asked where she was calling from she fumbled for a bit and finally answered with the correct city (ours), which doesn't correspond to her caller ID and area code.
 Aug 25th, 2010
A man with an accent was going to give me a heart scan free of charge. This number was made from a cellular phone.
 Aug 24th, 2010
In the last two days we have received about 40 calls from this number. We are on the no call list and we wish someone would do something about these people. They just keep calling. We told them to take us off their list, but they just keep calling. We have NEVER ordered drugs online.
 Aug 19th, 2010
I answered, nothing but a bunch of random noise in the background. I said "Hello" three times and didn't get a response so I hung up the phone.
 Aug 18th, 2010
I have never ordered medicine a call this morning
 Aug 11th, 2010
Caller has the name lists from online prescription drug sites. Most likely everyone on this site, my self included, who has been called has ordered prescription drugs online. If you havent ordered anything, then someone embarassed about buying Viagra used a fake number (unfortunately yours) when placing their order.

These sub-humans call from outside the US and use software to spoof their caller ID from a variety of states. I keep their caller ID (scammer 1, scammer 2, etc), then I have fun and mess with them...

Some ideas: speak fake chinese (or just jibberish).... Pretend the person they are trying to call just died and act hysterical (you can go to ask them if they had anything to do with the death).... Pretend you believe they are the person sleeping with your spouse. BOTTOM LINE: They wont stop calling, so have fun, waste their time, and really mess with them. Help make THEIR day miserable! :)
 Aug 05th, 2010
called 15 times in one day with no message, if I call back computer answers with "number checked"
 Jul 30th, 2010
I've received up to 6 calls a day from this # - they don't leave a message and if I answer, the call immediately disconnects. Finally ended up using call-blocking.
 Jul 27th, 2010
Keep calling but hang up when I answer. Only a busy signal when I try to call back.
 Jul 27th, 2010
no message, no id
 Jul 27th, 2010