I get calls from this area code quite frequently, and I'm sure it's all the same cruise ship scam.
 Jul 27th, 2012
Made to my cell phone, no message. Must be a telemarketer robocall which I believe is illegal. My number is not listed anywhere.
 Jul 23rd, 2012
I keep getting these calls from 360-xxx-xxxx, this one is 360-322-6030 as "out of area" on June 26. Every one I have answered has been a scam. The name is usually reported as Ind Sur Group although sometimes it comes up as a mis-spelling of that or as "unknown" or "out of area". It's a fake survey to "win a cruise from our sponsor". It's may actually be a way for you to part with your private data and MAYBE buy a cruise - I don't know, I never get that far - but others' report it so. NEVER give your personal information to ANYONE over the phone! You do NOT know who is on the other end! Other numbers I've reported include:
425-390-8930 on June 29 as Ind Sur Group
360-460-1844 on June 28
360-461-4559 on June 20,
360-474-3936 on 6-18-2012,
425-390-8919 on June 14,
206-496-0953 on June 11,
360-474-3915 on June 7,
503-457-1368 as Ind Sur Groiup on June 4, and
206-496-0946 as Ind Sr Group on May 31.
 Jul 01st, 2012
Called my cell - a number no one has but family - so we all know they're using dialing software. I can't report them to DNC - cell's not listed. :-) I think this must be the same fake "Independent Survey Group" that is plagueing others from many, many different phone numbers. See my other comments. Atlanta, GA area.
 Jul 01st, 2012
Fed Up
 Jun 29th, 2012
I called this number back and it is a number no longer in service, but it still calls me how can this be. I'll never take a Fu*kin cruise with these outfit!!
 Jun 28th, 2012
Called my cell phone. rejected the call.
 Jun 28th, 2012
A call to my cell phone. No message left.
 Jun 28th, 2012
This was a loud cruise horn and a spam message telling me I had won a free cruise!
 Jun 28th, 2012
No message left. This was a call to my cell phone.
 Jun 27th, 2012
calls from area 360-460... or 360-461... but no answer
 Jun 26th, 2012