Thank you for your reports. On behalf of everyone at PhoneTree, I am sorry that you had a bad experience with our service.

We do not knowingly make telemarketing or unsolicited calls and will report and suspend the accounts of anyone who does. If you believe our system has been used for an illegal purpose, please let us know so that we may take the appropriate action.

While our clients are responsible for providing the phone numbers to be called as well as the content of their messages, if you have questions or concerns about a call you received from our service, please call us at 800-951-8733. By providing the approximate call date and your phone number, we can usually provide the identify of the party who placed the call to your phone.

For over 20-years, PhoneTree has been a leader in personal communication and group messaging. We currently provided voice, text and email messaging services for churches, medical practices, hospitals, schools, civic groups, government organizations, utilities, sports teams, clubs and many other businesses and organizations.

Our systems routinely provide the CallerID number of the calling party, however under certain circumstances the caller ID number displayed can be a number from one of our service providers.

I invite you to contact me directly 800-951-8733 ext 1004) or by email to to discuss our services. I will be happy to personally discuss and provide any available information regarding your PhoneTree experience.


AJ DiBianca, CEO
Proven. Professional. Trusted.
AJ DiBianca
 Dec 29th, 2010
After reading other comments, I checked my messages and this was a real call from my dentist to remind me of an appointment. I wish it didn't say phone tree, I would have picked up. I will let the dentist know what caller id showed and advise that the old system had his name. I wouldn't have checked for messages if it weren't for people's comments here.
 Sep 21st, 2009
Minister Steve Doyle advertising tickets to "Runaway Prophet" at Evangel Cathedral. While the church may be non-profit, I don't think Robo-Calls to my home number advertising tickets to a play meets the exemptions to the National Do-Not-Call List. They need to check the National Do-Not-Call roster before making these prerecorded calls. A complaint has been filed!
Mr. Refused
 Jun 25th, 2009
Three calls today. The first two were hangups. The third was a recording about church events. About four months ago I got these same calls 8 to 10 times a week for a few weeks, then it stopped. I guess it's starting again.
 Mar 21st, 2008
I just bought a new phone and phone number,and this annoyance came with it. At least twice a week Sunday and a week day I have received a call from this number. A recording telling me about Church events. I call the number and it says "This number is not in service or has been disconnected". Is there no relief from this annoyance. I get these call at different times of day and night.
This has become a pain in my back side. I reside in Florida,407 area code.
 Jan 20th, 2008
This # came up and msg on ans machine was a reminder for my Dr appt the next day, which was in fact valid. Geez, when I worked for this hospital system, I had to manually call ALL my patients to remind them of appts. Things have changed. Must be an automated service.
 Oct 11th, 2007
The call came from my former church in Florida to my cell phone, which has a Florida area code, but the area code of the number the call came from is the area code in which I am currently living.
 Oct 03rd, 2007
I received a call from this number on my cell phone, which NOBODY has except immediately family. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message.
 Sep 27th, 2007
hmm, my links disappeared from my previous post, so lets try this:
From the NC Sec. of State: The registered agent (and CEO) of phonetree is: Dibianca, A.J.; 2400 Reynolda Road,Winston Salem NC 27106. The site 411. com has listings for an A. Dibianca on Wickersham Ln. Same Guy? Don't know, maybe I should call and ask?
 Aug 16th, 2007
This is a company 800-951-8733 who will invade your life by phone for a fee. I suggest raising holy hell with whoever hired them (church, water co., whoever) and telling them if they are going to use this kind of crap then do not call you period. The use of their technology may be illegal in some circumstances, but not in enough of them. You may also wish to express your displeasure to the folks at Phonetree, including the CEO, A.J. Dibianca. I found the following interesting, although I am not sure it has any value:
and I wondered about
 Aug 16th, 2007
I was on a call, and I think that this company sent a signal down the line to change me (flash) over to their call, then no message
 May 05th, 2007
I get calls about every week and four this weekend alone.
 Feb 05th, 2007
Got call at 7:16am, recorded message that took us that South Redford schools were closed. We had subzero weather and the message gave a heads up on schoolclosings
 Feb 05th, 2007
I received the same EBMUD recorded message that they are undergoing seismic upgrade of parts of their system, so they are requesting voluntary water reduction of all users. They threaten that there will be water rationing if people don't reduce their usage. I haven't read anything like this in the papers, so I wonder if it's a hoax.
 Feb 01st, 2007
this number called my cell and the message was from EBMUD (local water utility) in the east bay area, recorded message about limiting water use. weird, considering we are on the opposite side of the country from where the area code is.
 Jan 31st, 2007
Called twice today...tried to call number, but message said # was disconnected
 Jan 29th, 2007
I keep getting calls from some church. They are all automated messages. I have tried to call the company and asked them to remove me and they told me tough.
 Dec 21st, 2006