We (AVPS) have actually had our company caller ID spoofed by a telemarketing company called Security First out of Birmingham, AL. It is NOT us who is calling, but it is our company information in the caller ID. The telemarketer is doing this so that he does not receive ANY complaint calls or requests to be removed from the do-not-call list. We have opened cases with the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure, the Federal Trade Commission, and their telephone provider, Deltacom. If you keep receiving these calls PLEASE call the following numbers to file your complaints directly with the agencies involved.

Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure: 334-264-9388, AESBL@aol.com
Federal Trade Commission: 1-877-382-4357
Deltacom: 1-800-372-8390, option #5

Thank you for all your help!
 Sep 30th, 2010