Dear Mrs. Andrews,

This letter is based upon the memo that was sent out.
What I dont understand is how you think threatening the unemployment
rate over and over is going to increase productivity.
It's almost as if you feel that we have some control over the
horrible business ( accounts ) that you bring into EFE.
There are many reasons your business is failing as a whole.

1. You have no management until 11.00am daily.
You either need to hire 2 managers one from 7am to 3:30 and the other
3:30 to 9pm. Dave cannot be everywhere at once and with the demand
of the collectors he not only gets little to no sleep but he's
disconnected from the collectors due to your need for perfection.
Also until he gets in at 11.00pm all your collectors do is talk and gossip.
Work does no happen until he gets in.

2.You have over 70% free employees collecting for you that are not trained, and with that said
you get what you pay for which in your case is absolutley nothing.

3. If you want your business to run like a well oiled machine, take the
time to actually come in your own business and pay attention to the day to
day activity. When you actually come in all you do is make demands.

4. You get rid of your valued employees, for example. Jee Chung,
you have him train a man that has no knowledge, and then fire him
thinking that he would do the same job and educated person would.
Its the same thing with your experienced collectors.

5. Your system is outdated, your phones are outdated, your letters, I mean
the one letter you have is dreadful and wouldnt scare anyone into
paying a bill. Your business is no longer credible. When I hear people
talk about EFE or read online reviews all I see is the joke that is your
collection agency. You cant even obtain new clients because your company
is no long reputable. Im sure even your "investors" at this point are
hesitant to invest more money in your failing operation.

6. Where's the motivation?? Its certainly not in the memo's or ridiculous
conference calls that you make to your employee's.
There is nothing to motivate your people, no contests, no lunch, not that
it was any good when you did cater, but at least you tried.

7. You are a plain and simple Slave Driver. You expect people to say
how high when you say jump. You are a retired attorney who obviously
doesnt even care enough to come in and handle/maintain your own company.
Come out of retirement, sue your own cases, handle your own work.
You have a nanny and a maid, I mean they can take care of your kids.
I mean they pretty much are raising them as it is, so why not stop
living beyond your means and start taking more direction so your
business succeeds. As of now and I cannot see you pulling out of the red.
I see your business closing with in two years maximum.

8. Hire a real sales employee, because your husband is not cutting it.
And with the rate your losing clients, you wont have any left If you
keep letting him handle that responsibility.

In closing Id say let this be food for thought.
Let this letter be a guide to what you need to do to salvage what
little credibility you may have left in the collection agency world.
Theres to many good agencies out there, and you will be over looked
if you cannot get it together.
Oh and one last thing, you should really pay your bills on time, as
far as Accurint, its the one tool you use that is actually worth any
Thank you,

Oh and you lost your 800 # haha, losing money are you!!
 Nov 07th, 2012
Collection Agency
 Feb 06th, 2007