Yup, Scientology is calling you because they "know who you are" and all your phone numbers and personal details - because they watch you now.

You are being punished with harassing phone calls for rejecting them. Been that way over thirty years here! I visited an office one time to see what they were about ... one-time thirty-five years ago ... perpetual harassment. Calls from Scientology perhaps forty times a year. I don't answer anymore (hoorah for callerID). For the first ten years or so, I asked to be removed from their lists, whomever always indicated compliance and then called back.
armed and dangerous
 Mar 06th, 2015
Caller said his name was Elvis. He hung up on me after I said I had already reported the Church of Scientology to the FCC.
 May 12th, 2013
Three times yesterday, once today, and a list of 25 to 30 other numbers for them, that Scientology Church, and they have been calling our phone number for five years. I used to answer and tell them that they have the wrong person, but so far, listening, remembering, respecting, and being courteous and considerate aren't in the Scientology church play book.
Like I would want to attend a church with such nitwits?
I blocked every number I could but I am limited to blocking ten phone #'s.
Here is my post from three years ago:tired
3 Nov 2009
Last night, today, it goes on and on and it has been over a year. 323-580-5513 and 323 580 5520 and 323-960-3223 and 323-833-1154 and 727-467-5212. There are calls that come in with no user id or as "Call 1" and I used to answer them. They said they were with scientology so I no longer answer them (some of those unidentified calls now are probably political - I dont know. Also, I am on the East coast, so it means that the 323 numbers are in a time zone three hours behind, and I have the honor of 10.30 pm and even later calls. Sunday night is the most common time.

This is a church? I am so tired. I have a common name so they dont believe me when I tell them that I am NOT the one they want. I am tired!
Their employees are creating enemies. I am normally quite tolerant of other religions but from the little I know of them, forget it.
Caller ID: 323 580 5520
Caller: scientology
Caller: Scientology
 Dec 28th, 2012
this guy is from the church of Scientology he is nice but weird and a little pushy. He knew information about me that no one knew... How?
mamma bird
 Dec 16th, 2012
Called at 11:09 PM, didn't answer the call this time. Called on Jan 20 at 12:27 AM. Called before that on Jan 12 at 4:16 PM. They are calling from California to a Virginia number and not taking into account the three hour time zone difference. Have told them many times in the past (and again with the middle call here) to not call me but it does not stop them. Church of Scientology is a cult with a marketing arm. The only thing likely to get them to stop is a cease and desist letter from a lawyer. That will be my next step as the FCC apparently won't touch them due to their non-profit status.
 Jan 31st, 2011
They kicked me out over a decade ago (thank god, what was I thinking), and they call here all the time.

These guys are complete idiots. What happens is they all have phone lists on paper in different organizations, and it's not organized and no one's in charge of it. So you guys are going to get calls from a bunch of different people from different parts of Scientology, and ask-offs will never work if you keep talking to the ronbots doing the calls.

What you have to do is get THEIR legal arm to remove you, because you are a threat. THEY will make sure you are off all lists. How you do this is you get some of the "OT Level" material that has been leaked all over the net, and read some of it to the person calling you, and tell them it is from the OT Levels. The person calling will write a report to the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) and they will run around like nuts trying to get your phone number out of every list. Trust me and let those dumb f*cks do the leg work for you. They think they will die of pneumonia if they hear any of that stuff. I'm not kidding!

Here, try reading them some of this:

Just ask the person calling to tell you about Body Thetans and Clusters and that you've been reading the OT Levels, if you don't want to look the above up.
 Jul 11th, 2010
Get a call from this number every week or so but the caller will not leave a message. If this caller is from the Church of Scientology, why won't they leave a message? I will not answer phone calls from people or organizations that don't identify themselves. The caller ID says "Out of Area".
 Feb 22nd, 2010
Dianetics and Scientology
Location: Los Angeles, CA
a call from the Church of Scientology trying to sell books
 Feb 12th, 2009
This is 'Bridge Publications' (A scientology book publishing company) that is calling you. They are supposedly trying to get your address 'right' for their 'records' Do NOT give it to them, or give them a wrong one, even if you ask to be removed, you are NOT!!!
 Feb 09th, 2009
This is someone from Scientology calling you.
 Feb 06th, 2009