On my caller ID 6/27/2013. and voice mail. Left no message, sounded like boiler room in the background.
 Jun 28th, 2013
Man asked if I was "Mrs. Rightname," I said no, he asked if one of the homeowner's was home, I said no, he said "thanks, will call back later" then hung up. (I am Ms. Rightname & the homeowner but that's none of the caller's business.) I only answered because a few people I know, some out of my area code, have cell phones for which name does not show on my caller ID.
 Jun 27th, 2013
They called twice today, twice yesterday. Buttheads do not know when to quit, so had to make room on my Call Block list for them Bunch of bloody wankers!
 Jun 24th, 2013
Called from a boiler room. Said they were Security Bath and Shower or some such crap. Total scam artists preying on the fears of older folks. Crooks!
 Jun 14th, 2013
They have called repeatedly, saying that they will be in the neighborhood and would like to drop off information. When I ask them to put us on the do not call list, they simply hang up.
 Jun 12th, 2013