after reading this page, I called THEIR number, iQor, Inc. 3000 Corporate Exchange Dr. Columbus, OH 43231 Phone: 614-865-2800 Fax: 614-865-2947 Key people and executives for iQor, Inc.: Chairman -- Randy Christofferson President and CEO -- Vikas Kapoor EVP, U.S. Retention Operations -- Stephen Kent ...I told them everytime they called me, I was calling them right back to discuss the reason they were calling me. I then reported the call, and told the very rude person who answered at their office that Columbus, OH wasnt too far from TN, and if I needed to drive there to insure my name was removed, I would certainly do that. i have nothing better to do, and Im just redneck enough to go visiting.
 Apr 23rd, 2010
The woman on the line answered and was from Allied Insurance - she was looking for 2 different people when calling my wrong number and was very rude about removing my number from her call list.
 Apr 20th, 2010
323-372-6323 received a message on my answering machine from this number. informed me that it was allied interstate and they were calling about a debt.
Kim Whitten
 Jan 01st, 2010
The message says We are calling in regard to a debt. Please call us back and a representative will assist you. We don't owe any debt! I am tired of these people calling us!
 Aug 31st, 2009
The message says We are calling in regard to a debt. Please call us back and a representative will assist you. We don't owe any debt! I am tired of these people calling us!
 Mar 25th, 2009
Take a look at this site
 Jan 13th, 2009
well, they've started up again - no calls since before Christmas 2008 now they are getting back in gear - Message says "calling about a debt, please call this number blah blah blah " I am on DNC
Here is a cut and paste from another person who was called on this list -
FTC rules. It's a recording, so there is no way to request that they don't call. Section 804(1) says they are supposed to identify who they are (806(6) says they have to identify within 60 seconds). If they are calling you about somone else 804(2) says they are not to state it's about a debt collection (like their recording to me did). And the repeated calls have to be in violation of 806(5) about harrassment.
 Jan 13th, 2009
Recorded message about unknown debt.
 Jan 09th, 2009
A collection Agency. When I answered it had a message with a number to call them back. It you can get a address then you can send them a certified letter telling them to not call you. If they do then you could file a lawsuit against them.
 Dec 24th, 2008
Allied Interstate is a collection agency which has made its presence felt through all sorts of wrong reasons. It has become a regular phenomenon for Allied Interstate to violate Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), the set of laws governing the guidelines for collection agencies.
Some of the common malpractices and harassing techniques used by Allied Interstate are:
Calling family members, relatives and friends of the debtor and threatening them over phone.
Making calls to the debtor on a regular basis without prior permission.
Wanting to settle debt issues without documenting it.
Using abusive languages while interacting with the debtor.
 Dec 13th, 2008
When I picked up this call (from my Cell phone!) it said "please leave a message after the tone".
 Dec 10th, 2008
take a gander at who hires them
 Oct 21st, 2008
Called today - left message " Hello this is allied interstate calling about a debt - please call this number 800 ??? ???? (dont remember)" Yeah right - like I owe them money. I have no debts, I have never had a student loan , I have never been past due on anything. If they have my # then let em write me - then I can really go to town with my lawyer. Ever wonder why they dont write you and call instead ? Because if they put it in writing you can sue the snot out of them thats why !!! I am on DNC and they know it. Two more calls and they get reported to BBB and FTC. OK Allied come on call me two more times please !!!! I need lots of money and I and my lawyer will get it from you !!
 Oct 21st, 2008
This company calls everyday hanging up when you answer. I guess it's their way of harassing a person by being a nuisance.
 Oct 16th, 2008
they call my wife and i every day they are very rude and the last time asked what the smell was in my car then responded oh it is you. we are elderly and not healthy people who don't need to be harrassed.
 Oct 14th, 2008
Allied Interstate has a voice mail that calls, claims you owe a debt and want you to call back, they then give a number for you to call back! If you truely owe a debt, I would think a live person would be on the phone to give you whatever information is needed and truely try to collect the money, I beleive this is a scam! The phone number they called from on caller id was 323-372-6323.
 Aug 26th, 2008
This number has been calling my cellphone several times today. I don't answer numbers that I don't know so I let it goto voicemail but they never leave a message. Since I see that the number is allied Interstate, all add the number to my blocked numbers on my cellphone and home phone.

I did my research not long ago and Allied Interstate is a dirty collection agency. The ask you to pay bills which have already been paid, they make up lies saying that you owe money on a bill that you never had, etc.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
i get calls 3x - 7x daily. started about 4 months ago. quite annoying. any way we can find out on what company owns the predictive dialer that's harassing all of us?
 Jul 31st, 2008
Each day I wish I didn't have a recycled phone number that belonged to a deadbeat woman named Shirley who apparently owes lots of people money.

That said, this is a collection agency that won't stop calling you no matter what you do. They just don't care. They get paid a percentage of what they recover so they will keep trying even if the information they have is wrong. All you can do is not answer.
 Jul 07th, 2008
I just got a call, returned it and they just said it was an automatic dialer and they removed me in about a min
 Apr 18th, 2008
Get these bottom feeders off your credit report and improve your credit scores.
Credit Guy
 Mar 28th, 2008
Won't leave a message or name
 Mar 19th, 2008
I have two homes in Arkansas and Florida, phones in each are getting calls from 866-429-7605 and 323-372-6323. How can I get them to stop? Very annoying to have to call my voicemail and have calls every week from them. I will not call them back. Caller ID shows Allied Interstate or private caller.
 Feb 27th, 2008
telephone call at 8.44 am.

 Feb 22nd, 2008
WHO CALLED: Danny termite Control. CALLER ID: allied interstate Did not answer because it was a number I did not recognize, even with a name. Anyway, We do not have termites! Pretty sneaky of them, huh?
 Feb 02nd, 2008
Every day I come home and they've called. Calls a few days in a row and then quits , then calls again a month or so later.Today they left a message regarding trying to collect a debt. I have no debt they could be trying to collect! Its a pisser!
 Jan 05th, 2008
keeps calling me and won't leave a message.I do not answer and they call me at least twice a day.
 Dec 14th, 2007
If you want to talk to somebody shouldn't you ask for them instead of just have a recording because thats all I got when this number called and it's just not specific enough to sound legit.
 Dec 12th, 2007
Called and said they were looking for "Pinky Adams". Asked to have them stop calling and they continue!!!
 Nov 29th, 2007
They called today for the first time, from number 323-372-6323 the recording said to wait on the line because they had an important message. I waited and then they hung up. Weird
 Nov 24th, 2007
I get calls like 7 times a day from this number and no one is every there
 Nov 21st, 2007
What the heck and why.. I dont know who and why you are calling and no bussiness asking for my SS#, I dont give that out. ID theft.. Ding..Im not stupid
Irritated Woman
 Nov 07th, 2007
allied have all kind of phone numbers-323-376-6321,213-232-2316,775-319-1501,323-372-6323 who are these people and what do they want
 Oct 27th, 2007
will never leave a message they keep calling and hanging up when I go to answer no one is there what the hell are these people just stupid or what
 Oct 27th, 2007
phone rang. said don't hang up. young man's voice asking for dwayne and then my last name and i am not a male but have same last name and a different first name. I do not have caller id. in the past months ago i was getting a call from allied interstate come to think of it!! collection?? they did not want me.
 Oct 26th, 2007
Same issue as everyone else. Ususally calls 2 or 3 times daily, 7 days a week. Getting pretty pissed.
 Sep 11th, 2007
These people have been calling my house everyday for the last year. They leave messages asking for some guy I don't know. One day, they filled my answering machine with 30 messages. They leave an alternate phone number, name and case number. Call that and you get no where with these people. They continue to call. If you call them, don't give them your real name and call them using the *79 feature or they will be after you and your information.
 Sep 05th, 2007
I used to get calls up to 6 times a day from 201-373-8371, then that stopped for a while, now i have received 2 calls from this number in about a week
 Aug 11th, 2007
ya i started getting these calls this past weekend and its annoying who is this??
 Aug 07th, 2007
has general message system. tell you to call the other numbers.
 Jul 19th, 2007
I just got a new cell phone from Verizon and of course a new number came with it...these a$$holes call me EVERYDAY and ask for someone I DO NOT KNOW! Today for the 2nd time in two days I told them - wrong #, I don't know this person you ask for, this is a NEW cell # issued to ME - not this Ashley you ask for. Finally, he said, "Sorry I will remove the # from our system"....yeah we'll see come tomorrow! Oh and how are you going to call me on my cell phone, and ask ME to hold? Wasting my minutes....I am more than outragged by this.
 Jun 11th, 2007
what the fuck
what the fuck
 May 25th, 2007
 May 24th, 2007
Caller I.D.- Allied Interstate. No message left. I'm on do not call list.
 May 21st, 2007
Said they were a collection agency, just purchased a new home and credit was spotless. The most hateful B___ I ever talked to, asked to speakto her superviser and she hung up.
 May 10th, 2007
They are a collection agency. They call looking for someone that had our telephone number over 3 years ago.
 Apr 27th, 2007
They called and asked for Herb C.... Very heavy accent and had to repeat several times before she finally spelled the name. Wrong number I told her.
 Apr 26th, 2007
This number calls me twice a day at the same time each day. And I am a student, and my professor hasn't noticed, but it is annoying having to hold my purse tightly until the vibrating stops. is there anyway to stop it?
 Apr 24th, 2007
I have no idea who they are, they have called me twice. A message comes up saying that a representive will be with me in a minute, but I never wait that long =]
 Apr 18th, 2007
Allied Interstate keeps calling for a bill that I never had. They harrass and refuse to give an address for a cease communication letter. Now they are taped messages. I ignore them. Unless they contact you in writing and give you 30 days to write back that you want the bill verified they can't do anything. I have reported them, what little good it does.
 Apr 17th, 2007
I have been receiving calls from 775-319-1507 for several weeks now. I have continuously called and complaine, asking to speak to a manager. However the manager (Richard) does not ever call me back. The customer service reps are extremely rude and have hung up on me several times. Today (Jose Employee # N07) even said I could "personally come over and attack him" if I received another call from the company. I have filed a complaint with the FCC but nothing has changed. I wonder if I can file a police report for harassing calls?
 Apr 16th, 2007
They call and harrase me five days aweek. They are rude. I have asked for a paper bill and they say it been sent out once a month since Oct. lies I have never recieved one.
 Apr 13th, 2007
Every morning just like a wake-up call at an Inn, I get a call from Allied Intereste 323-372-6320). Get the same message hold for a very important message. Been trying to hold long enough for someone to answer before they hang up, but no such luck. Even tried the old trick of dialing Zero while on hold, no luck there either. I get daily calls at appx 8-9 am Pacific. The first time they called I called all my loan and bill companies to make sure everything was on the up and up and they had every payment on record. Now I know it is a shmuck call as I have read here. I will be putting a block on all the numbers I see listed here. You've been a big help. Thank You!!:)
 Apr 09th, 2007
They have been trying to call me using 323-372-6323 also. I did not answer the phone, and they never leave a message. They have been doing it for about a month now.
 Apr 05th, 2007
They call me about twice a day for more than a month now. I do not answer the phone. They never leave a message.
 Apr 05th, 2007
Days of evening calls from Interstate. Rude. Wanting my daughter-in-law but then hanging up. No doubt there is a link to Verizon as they hooked up with my family wanting money for a Verizon bill three years ago that had been so paid off. I would like to know more about nailing them. The calls are getting out of hand.
 Apr 05th, 2007
 Apr 05th, 2007
i get called from this phone number twice a day, it is really annoying.
 Apr 04th, 2007
glad to find this site--I have also received multiple calls from 323-372-6323.
 Apr 03rd, 2007
I never pick up, they don't leave messages.
 Mar 30th, 2007
they never answer they only hang up. its a daily thing. the latest number the are useing is 755-319-1507
 Mar 24th, 2007
Jerks are calling me now
 Mar 21st, 2007
I got a call this morning. They left a message (a real person) asking for me, by my real first name). After I visited this website, since I didn't recognize the number or name, or why they would be calling...I called the number back. I got Tim ("like time without the e" he said) He said they were looking for a William or a clue who that is. I explained how I deal with calls like these...and I'd like to pass it on to all of you. Simply say please hold for whoever they are calling for, lay the phone down and go about doing what ever you were before they called. Just when you feel they may be wondering what's the delay...pick up and say please continue to hold on - that so-n-so, the person they called for is coming...time them to see just how long they will hold...then see how many calls come after that if you keep leaving them hanging. I told Tim to call back anytime, that is, If HE had the time! (And that's with the E) Everyone, have a great day!!
 Mar 21st, 2007
They call all the time and I never answer..
 Mar 15th, 2007
As a follow-up since I also discovered others elsewhere on the Internet reporting receiving really rude, disgusting treatment when trying to adress these calls with Allied Interstate, Inc./Intellirisk Management Corp., I filed a complaint with the FCC at It's an on-line, fill-in-the-blank complaint form that is easy to complete and send. I encourage you to file. Maybe, if the FCC gets enough legitimate complaints . . .
 Mar 13th, 2007
Although my cell number is on Wisconsin's "No Call List," I have received several calls from this number to my cell phone but messages have not been left on voice mail. This afternoon, I answered a call and it started with the automated message described by others. After a pause, a young-sounding male came on the line. He did not identify himself and asked who I was. I asked who HE was. He paused and then said "Dan." He then asked for "Louis." I told him that I am not Louis and there isn't anyone by that name here. He got snotty and then said "I'll take your number off my list then" and hung up without another word. I'm filing a complaint with the State of Wisconsin.
James H
 Mar 13th, 2007
FYI, these automated recorded calls calls that don't identify themselves must violate FTC rules. It's a recording, so there is no way to request that they don't call. Section 804(1) says they are supposed to identify who they are (806(6) says they have to identify within 60 seconds). If they are calling you about somone else 804(2) says they are not to state it's about a debt collection (like their recording to me did). And the repeated calls have to be in violation of 806(5) about harrassment. (Just the venting of my 2 cents worth)
 Feb 19th, 2007
Allied Interstate: they keep calling me from different #'s that all link back to them. The other #'s are:
They just leave recorded messages on my voicemail to call back and a representative will assist me.
 Feb 15th, 2007
They called me twice in two days...I let it go to voicemail and all I get is the end of a recording...glad i checked this forum ere I called them back!
 Feb 15th, 2007
i have recieved three messages from this person
 Feb 13th, 2007
I got a call asking for my wife by her maiden name. I simply said there is no one here with that name and he hung up.
 Jan 31st, 2007
I get called at least once a day. No one leaves a message. I have not answered. This has gone on for weeks. I have reported the number more than once, however no change yet.
 Jan 30th, 2007
they asked for me as if it were a personal call, using a name I no longer use - on confirm, they hung up. I'm on the no-call list, and have reported the violation.
 Jan 30th, 2007
Called my work cell phone today. Long pause - then a recorded message to call Allied Interestate at 800-393-0933 for an 'important message'. Filed a complaint at
 Jan 29th, 2007
For those who have gotten a call (or calls) from Allied Interstate, check this out:
 Jan 23rd, 2007
I have gotten several calls from Allied Interste and I get a message on my machine sounding like it's their answering machine message, as if I called them. Their number is 1-775-319-1507. The last time they called me was Jan. 22, 07. My number is on the do not call list, but they still manage to call me.
 Jan 22nd, 2007
I received a call from this number and got a recording that asked me to wait for an "important message." I hung up. I've seen online that people are getting calls from these guys for debt collection, but I don't have any outstanding debts, so I have no clue why they would be calling.
 Jan 20th, 2007
I received a call from this number and they told me to hold for an important message....I did not even bother waiting...I just hung the phone up.
 Jan 18th, 2007
They called at 8:13am
 Jan 17th, 2007
They have been calling me daily for about a week. They usually call at 8 or 9 in the morning when I'm still sleeping. I've never answered, and they have never left a message.
 Jan 16th, 2007
They called my cell phone, but didn't leave a message. Thanks for the comments, they are totally helpful.
 Jan 16th, 2007
have been calling everyday or so for the past week. I dont answer calls I dont recognize the number or ID. they never leave a message. very irritating.
 Jan 12th, 2007
These people have been calling our number 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks!! I finally called the number back and the lady asked for my name and social security number...don't think so!! She then ask if my my SS# ended in some number, which I said no and of course they just hung up. Well, at least they'll stop calling now!...I hope :) They suck!
 Jan 11th, 2007
I have been called several times a day since several days, I called back and told them to take me of their list, they tell me they look for a person Anna M... I requested to take me of their list otherwise i will send complain to "Do not Call"
 Jan 10th, 2007
Got a call for the first time today, and it was strange because I have a pay-as-you-go phone. The number is unlisted and no one but friends should have it.
 Jan 10th, 2007
Hang ups.
 Jan 04th, 2007
They called today...They called yesterday...They call everyday asking about some Verizon bill from 6 years ago. Verizon? I've never had a Verizon account. So, I ask for proof in writing. What do they do? They hang up on me. I'm sending a "Cease communication" letter just so the phone will stop ringing. How annoying!!
 Jan 04th, 2007
Just recieved a call from this #, but did not leave a msg. Credit report is clean, so no idea why they would call??
 Jan 04th, 2007
they called here and ask for my son, i sak who was calling and she said allied intrestate. what is intrestate anyway? she sounded like she was calling from another country. she sounded like she was from asia,and i had trouble understanding her.
 Dec 26th, 2006
They call me numerous times a day to collect an $87.00 bill for Verizon. Every time I answer the phonme no one is there.
 Dec 22nd, 2006
This is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen in my life. These people have called me everyday for the past 2 weeks asking for my husband and when I ask why there calling they hang up!! I have called them back 4 times and they made me belive someone is making a personal phone call for my husband. I cannot belive these people.
 Dec 21st, 2006
They left this message "Hello, this is an important call from Allied Interstate. Please call toll-free 1-800-393-0933."
 Dec 20th, 2006
This company is a known scammer with pending class action suits against it. They try to collect money from people who don't owe it. Give them nothing - no money AND no information.
Nun Ya
 Dec 17th, 2006
This number calls me everyday and when I answered there was a recording that said "Please hold". I always hung up right after that and no longer answer the call.
 Dec 15th, 2006
Asks for another person in the household but won't leave a message.
Was snotty this time.
 Dec 15th, 2006
Allied Interstate calls me every couple of days, I don't answer as they are a bottom feeding 3rd or 4th party collection agency. My 3 credit reports are clean. These bad actors should be put out of business!
 Dec 14th, 2006
many calls from ALLIED INTRSTE same ol crappy elevator after day.

4:34pm 2006-12-13
is my own
 Dec 13th, 2006
They called two days in a row over the weekend. Both calls were during the afternoon. They haven't left a message. My number is on a do not call list, so I am going to investigate a bit more.
 Dec 10th, 2006
They've been calling for at least 5 days in a row, sometimes late at night. They have never left a message.
 Dec 07th, 2006
Who the hell are they
Just hangs up, guess i'll have to add it to my blocked list
 Dec 06th, 2006