this number keeps on calling me dont owe anything to them wont leave me alone
 Oct 19th, 2009
who is this Allied Interstate? The phone rings every day with this number and no answer. I call back busy tone, I pick up when it rings and no one is there at all. Every day around 8am
 Oct 24th, 2008
i don't why call to me
Juan Gamero
 Oct 17th, 2008
They just hang up when I answer,why do they call me day and night?
 Oct 17th, 2008
Allied Interstate has got to be the most pain in the ass collection agencies. They are trying to collect on a debt that I owe DirecTV.

They call my cellphone everyday about 2-4 times each day. I have my cellphone set to reject this number and they never even leave a voicemail.

This company needs to be found guilt of harassment, calling peoples phones everyday is harassment. I have another collections bill with a different company but they only send mail to me to remind me of the bill, Allied Interstate calls everyday.
Eugene Esterly
 Oct 10th, 2008
This company, Allied Interstate, has called twice on my Ringmaster number, not my main number. We did not recognize the company's name or number. They did not leave a message either time.
Debra R Price
 Oct 07th, 2008
they call twice a day, and we don't even have directtv on our island!! never leave messages, always hang up before we could answer, if we were going to answer. which we don't
 Sep 24th, 2008
To anyone reading this and received a call from this number, I recommend you DO NOT call this number back and especially DO NOT give out any of your personal and confidential information such as your contact info, address, any kind of personal numbers. THIS is definitely a SCAM!

Below is what I have been receiving and I have since been researching what to do about these annoying calls. First, register for the do not call registry. Two, under no circumstances should you give out any personal information. Three, try to block the call with your local phone company calling features...that is what I am doing next. This is very suspicious and most definitely has the red flags of being SCAMMERS. These are people who are part of organized crime! Protect yourself and DO NOT ANSWER or DO NOT CALL them back.

Calls with no answer and strange sounds with someone listening over and over. When answering machine picks up, no message left. Have never spoken to a person. Calls started suddenly 6 days ago and they call 2-3 times a day with same things happening over and over. Very strange and seems like a scam.

Oh, and by the way, I do not think Direct TV has a connection to this. I do have Direct TV and pay on time every time through my phone company billing. I also do not have any outstanding debt for a credit agency to be calling me. Like I said, this is a scam.

Take care people and watch out for these calls. Be educated and be aware!
 Sep 10th, 2008
This number has been calling my cellphone several times today. I don't answer numbers that I don't know so I let it goto voicemail but they never leave a message. Since I see that the number is allied Interstate, all add the number to my blocked numbers on my cellphone and home phone.

I did my research not long ago and Allied Interstate is a dirty collection agency. The ask you to pay bills which have already been paid, they make up lies saying that you owe money on a bill that you never had, etc.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
they call 4 times a week!!!! when i answer they hung up and sometimes ask for people i dont know and obviously dont sound not a frkn guy!!
 Jul 03rd, 2008
They have called my house numerous times 323-373-6320) and each time asking for Mr. Beasley and each time I tell them they have the wrong number and to please remove me. Last night they called me again and I told them the same thing and the caller proceded to tell me that I was a liar, and called me the b word that rhymes with witch. It just so happens that in the State of AL as long as 1 party knows that a call is being recorded it is legal. I have a recording of all of this so I call the number back and ask to speak to a supervisor the first person would not let me talk to one with out a reference number. I tried to tell him that I did not have a refernce number since I am not a customer, he then proceded to to tell me that I am not going to talk to an fing supervisor without a fing refernce number so I could just deal with it and he hung up on me. I immediatly called back in and got a somewhat nice lady who got me a supervisor on the phone I played him BOTH recordings and demanded that my number be removed immediatly since I am not Mr Beasley. Hopefully that took care of it
 Jun 04th, 2008
Came up as Allied Interste on my caller ID. The connection was scratchy, and then gentlemen on the other end asked for my ex-husband who no longer lives in the area, and on top of that I have remarried and live in my new husbands home with his phone number that he has had for 20 yrs. I have a voicemail program that I use and it has an option where I can block calls. This I did
 May 23rd, 2008
this is the second time that they called. The first time they asked for Jessie (it was a female's voice). Then they called today and I just never answered.
 May 05th, 2008
refused to identify themselves, very rude, yelled when we asked who they were and what their business was
 Apr 28th, 2008
it is sprints collection agency
 Apr 11th, 2008
It is everyday at just about the same times that they call. On one occasion I answered the phone (we don't normally answer unknown phone numbers)the man asked for my husband. I told him he was not home and could I take a message. He said no, his name was Kevin and that he would call back at a different time. Not only do they call at 8am, but as late as 9pm. I do not appreciate this, as I do have children who are in bed at that time. When they do call and no one is around, there is not even a message left on our machine. I would think that if they wanted to get a hold of someone that badly the least they could do is leave a message of some sort! The number that they were calling from was 323-372-6320.
 Feb 19th, 2008
95% of the times they have called, they wait in silence for 30 seconds, then hang up. I get 2 calls a day, everyday, and it has been going on for the last 2 months. Only when I threaten to call the authorities do they speak up and say they are having technical difficulties ... and then ask for my wife and ask if I'm her. Rejects.
 Feb 01st, 2008
Ordered Direct TV -- their rep told us they had Big 10 network and more HD channels than Dish, including all the channels we currently had with Dish, plus we would have "70 channels" by the end of Sept.'07. Upon installation, I asked the installer about the "70 channels" and he said that Direct had been telling new subscribers that they would have 70 channels by the end of every month since July, so far nothing, and good luck getting them -- he seemed embarrased. We viewed Direct HD for 48 hours and found that we had fewer HD channels than Dish, and NO Equator, Voom or Rush chanels.
We contacted Direct, told them that we had been lied to, and had the service discontinued, all within 48 hrs. All equipment was returned as per Direct's instructions, except the dish, which they said was "now used" and did not want returned. We contested the charges through our credit card company. We started getting calls from Allied Interstate Incorporated, EVEN AFTER they knew we paid the Direct TV charge. We have filed a complaint with the Los Angeles BBB in with regard to the conduct of both Direct and Allied and are contacting an attorney with regard to fraud by Direct TV. We take this matter very seriously. How many thousands have been lied to by Direct TV?
 Dec 06th, 2007
We Had Direct TV High Definition package installed -- once we got the "service", we felt Direct TV had lied to us regarding channel availability and we called them, asked for credit for the "70 channels" we were told they were to have.
"They said you signed a contract, you still have to pay." We asked them to remove their equipment, and contested the charges through our credit card company. All of this was done in a 48 hour period. Our credit card company said they would notify us of the disposition of our claim. All equipment was returned to Direct TV in accordance with their instructions, except the dish which they said they did not want returned. The same day we received the disposition from the credit card company, we started receiving calls from Allied Interstate. My wife paid Direct TV and the calls continued after Allied acknowledged they had documentation of the payment to Direct TV. The calls have not stopped!
 Dec 06th, 2007
They call mme everyday,then when I pick up they hang up,so I called rhem back,and they asked for a name I don't know sso I asked to be taken off the list and she said she would,hope they do been dealing with this for months.,but they called and my caller id said Allied Intersta all CAPS no.1 323-372-6320
 Oct 14th, 2007
They called several times last week and no message at least once a day and today I picked up the phone said hello several times and no one answered me and then all of the sudden the call is ended.
 Sep 28th, 2007
 Sep 25th, 2007
I answered and they hung up. I have no idea who they are or what they wanted.
 Sep 04th, 2007
Please stop calling me, you let it ring 1/2 a time and then hang up. Every day your company calls me and hangs up. STOP!
Michael Jordan
 Aug 30th, 2007
They called me on Thur 8/24--a recording told me they has an "important" business matter and so I stayed on hold for a couple of minutes before hanging up...then I got a call Mon 8/27--I didn't answer, they left no message...but I have no business with Allied at all. Don't know why they would call me.
 Aug 27th, 2007
I have benn getting between 2 and 4 calls everyday for about 3 months now they I do not answer calls from numbers I dont know they dont leave a message just keep calling usualing once in the morning ond once in the evening
 Jun 21st, 2007
Update. They STILL call me at least once or twice a day every day. I refuse to pay for what they claim is a debt with Directv. I had a major dispute with Directv and their crappy DVR box that never worked properly and we terminated our contract with them about 4 months into the deal. They agreed to wipe out the early termination fees applied as they admitted their system sucked a$$. I told them I did not expect to be billed for the last month either as why should we pay for a service we could not receive. They agreed and then sent it out to Allied Interstate. I will NOT pay. Let them call every day. I don't care. I won't give in to bullying tactics. If anything, it makes me more determined not to pay them.
 May 23rd, 2007
Had a dispute with directv. They sicked these dirtbags on me. They wanted my credit card number to settle the bill. I refused because they are way down on my list of folks I'd give my credit card to. Told them to send me a bill, and I'd write them a check. That wasn't good enough for them, they called me several times the next day wanting my credit card. They now call 4-6 times a day. I won't pay these jerks one red cent. For those that read this, don't under any circumstance pay them via credit card. I was told by someone in the collection business that the reason they want the credit card, and not the check, is so they can ring up a bunch of bogus "collection" charges. Good luck on fighting them with these "charges" after the fact with your credit card company. Did a reverse lookup on them trying to find their physical address, could only find that they are in LA somewhere. Anyone know their physical address?
john smith
 May 16th, 2007
This # called me 61 times last month after I sent them a letter contesting services never recieved after cancelling directv--even sent final billshowing dtv owes me 6.69!! Then today, they have called 5 times--that's harassment if you ask me!
 May 08th, 2007
Every morning just like a wake-up call at an Inn, I get a call from Allied Intereste 323-372-6320). Get the same message hold for a very important message. Been trying to hold long enough for someone to answer before they hang up, but no such luck. Even tried the old trick of dialing Zero while on hold, no luck there either. I get daily calls at appx 8-9 am Pacific. The first time they called I called all my loan and bill companies to make sure everything was on the up and up and they had every payment on record. Now I know it is a shmuck call as I have read here. I will be putting a block on all the numbers I see listed here. You've been a big help. Thank You!!:)
 Apr 09th, 2007
They wont say what the matter is... When asked for paperwork, refuse to reply.
 Apr 01st, 2007
Called at 8:00am-no answer when I picked up.
 Mar 29th, 2007
It's a collection agency. DirecTV seems to be their main client.
 Feb 24th, 2007
I just got a call from this number, a guy said "hello", and hung up. There has been a story of people calling collect from prisons and if you accept, they some how manage to make calls being billed to your account. Im not sure if this has to do with it at all, another theory is that they are looking to see which numbers are real numbers to sell to telemarketers.
 Feb 17th, 2007
 Feb 14th, 2007
Allied called us last week. We spoke to them and sent them a fax of info., about a Direct TV bill (Dir. TV told us we could try thier service for a seven day trial to see if we liked it, we did not and cancelled. Now they want to give a years penalty ). Now Allied calls us, asks for my wife, she answers "thats me" and they hang up. My wife calls back to speak to them... they hang up again. I Googled their number and found this sight. Googled their name and nothing comes UP.
 Feb 14th, 2007
Allied Interstate-
Trying to collect for Direct TV for services never provided at an address I don't live at. Direct TV admitted that it was thier mistake but told me I would have to handle it because it was turned over to Allied. Allied refused to accept that it was Dirct TV's mistake and continues to harass me, next step, legal action!!!!!!
 Feb 10th, 2007
 Feb 05th, 2007
they keep calling me at least 3 times a day and alot while i'm in school and when i don't answer they leave me a message with elevator music. When i do answer they say absolutely nothing.
They are a fraud business don't give them any info.
 Feb 01st, 2007
called and said it was a buisiness matter and important but i called bak and they dont even speak english
jon doe
 Feb 01st, 2007
called at 11:44 am said hello and they hung up.
 Jan 24th, 2007
no message just on my caller ID i want to know who it is. my number is 678-548-4977
Faith Allen
 Jan 20th, 2007
This number called my cellphone at 9:15 a.m. on a Sunday and I don't answer #'s I don't know. Then I had my cellphone forwarded to my house phone and they called again today @ 8:34 a.m. & 11:40 a.m. This time it said ALLIED INTERSTE. I don't know who they are. Like I said, I don't answer numbers that I don't know.
 Jan 15th, 2007
This number calls my cell phone about 3x a day and it rings once, then hangs up. I never have the chance to answer because it hangs up before I get to it. I have received notices in the mail from Allied Interstate about an overdue account that my ex husband has. Whatever I need to do I will to get these yo yos to stop calling my phone. It is really getting annoying!!
 Jan 10th, 2007
I keep getting phone calls from this number, but nobody is talking. When I keep saying "hello" for a while, they hang up. I can hear noises in the background, but nobody answers. So, I called them from a blocked number, pressed 1 and a guy answered "Allied Interste". Who are these guys? From the comments of this site, it looks like a scam artist.
 Jan 09th, 2007
Report them for being dickholes. THey are a simple scam company more then likely.
 Jan 04th, 2007
These assholes are calling me 4-5 times a DAY trying to harrass me. I have told them not to call anymore or I will file charges against them but they still keep calling. I don't answer the phone anymore, but they keep on calling every day.
 Dec 22nd, 2006
They are calling my work cell phone every single day. No message left, usually a hang up, or automated (computer) message. I thought those were illegal on cell phones, and I have that number on the DNC list.
 Dec 21st, 2006
Yup, they call me twice a day & it's a recording that says "please hold". Yeah, right. I called the number & they answer "Allied Interstate". I owe money so I'm quite sure they are a collection agency.
 Dec 20th, 2006
Called to collect on DirecTV balance.
 Dec 17th, 2006
they called me a few times then when I finally answered they just call my name asking for me then hang up waited but they didnt call back so I dont know what they are about I think they are scammers
 Dec 17th, 2006
Dumb Arses have called so many times ! I don't answer anymore...!!
 Dec 15th, 2006
called me, asked for me by name. I said "speaking"he said "yeah" and hung up.
anita neuphone
 Dec 14th, 2006
This number called me at 10.39am CST. I got a recorded message saying there was an importatnt business matter for me and then someone said hello and then nothing else after I responded. I hung up. I am on the do not call register so have reported them. I tried calling the number back and just got a message asking for instructions in English, press 1. I did that and nothing further happened.
 Dec 09th, 2006
Whoever the folks are, they called my cellphone at 9:30am on Sunday, then again at 8:44am on Monday. I called them back and when they answered it sounded like "Allied Interstate." I didn't give my name but I said that somebody there had called me twice and he immediately hung up the phone.
Beavis T
 Dec 04th, 2006
They constantly call my cell phone everyday at 10:55 exactly and when I do answer it they just hang up.
 Dec 03rd, 2006
they keep calling me and telling me its a business matter, so i just keep sayn i dont live there and tell them to fuck off.
john doe
 Nov 30th, 2006
These people call my home atleast 6 times a day. I am actually going to not check my caller ID and let it ring and see how many times a day they call. I have actually anwsered my phone and they hang up on me after saying hello a few times. They honeslty are getting on my nerves.
 Nov 29th, 2006
 Nov 21st, 2006
They asked for my Ebay info? Just another scam company.
 Nov 20th, 2006
 Nov 20th, 2006
 Nov 19th, 2006
they call here twice a day, i answer and all i recieve is a loud phone ring then nothing afterwards.
 Nov 08th, 2006
I have been recieving calls from these people for months now.
Up until just today, they have been trying to collect money from me. just today, when I answered the phone, thier reply to my "hello?" was a loud obnoxious laugh and a hang up.

These people are crusing for a telephone harassment suit.
J Hickman
 Nov 06th, 2006
No cid, and no message, but now that I see Allied Interstate here, I have receive collection notices from them.
 Nov 06th, 2006
Would You Please Stop Calling Me Because I am Not Who U Are Looking For.
My Number Is 501-960-0892
Chris Jackson
 Nov 02nd, 2006
This company called asking for my mother (who passed away a year ago). I asked who they were and they hanged up on me.
 Nov 01st, 2006
allied interste
 Oct 10th, 2006