If you got a call from this number or frequently get these types of calls I would suggest asking yourself if there is anyone who has a grudge against you. I've been cyber stalked, hacked and harassed by a Georgia based con artist and serial cyber stalker named Mike Smeth for nearly 2 years now.

Prior to him defrauding me out of thousands of dollars I had never recieved a call like this. Since then I've received well over 100. I strongly believe he may have submitted my number to scammers or may be running the scams himself. It wouldn't surprise me - the fraudster is a former meth addict who appears on mugshotsonline and makes a living by defrauding people out of money and then terrorizing his victim's lives through a computer.

He additionally lives on my home network and launches attacks at anything with an electronic pulse (DoS, MITM, etc). He's also hacked, cyber stalked and harassed family members, friends and business partners. We unaffectionatly refer to him as the "Jeffrey Dahmer" of hackers. Getting away with crime isn't enough for him, he has a sick desire to terrorize his victim's lives.

I've also received non-stop harassing and malicious texts in addition to spoofed calls pretending to be law enforcement and voice mails featuring nothing but computer keystrokes. I decided enough was enough and decided to go through my phone records and leave this post under all the malicious calls I've received since Smeth began his cyber stalking campaign against my life on 4/22/11 (day he defrauded me then proceeded to attempt to blackmail me into signing documents that would absolve him of defrauding me out of well over $25,000).

Just a thought. I felt my story was worth mentioning. You can never be to safe when it comes to technology in the year 2013. Criminals have ditched the real world for cyber space. Good luck and I hope your situation isn't as bad as mine :) If it is as bad don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, you have the right to be left alone.

P.S. - One of Smeth's fictional online personas may leave a comment after this comment to harass me into hiding but I've absolutely had it with this sociopathic cyber stalking con artist. I even had to stop using Facebook and Twitter as a result of being harassed by his army of fictional people. Also, he may ask to have this comment removed as a result of having malicious access to my browsing history. Whatever you do DO NOT take this comment down. People deserve to be warned about Michael Alexander Smeth and need to know that calls like these can be the result of someone maliciously submitting your name to these fraudsters. #Truth #VictimsHaveRights #ConArtistWarning-MikeSmeth #CyberStalkerWarning-Mike Smeth
Smeth Victim
 Feb 25th, 2013
Receive calls from this number about every other week. This phone rings, I answer and the caller hangs up. Or I don't reach the phone in time and I miss the call. There is never a message
 Feb 21st, 2013
Called my Cell phone no message left
 Feb 19th, 2013
This is the 4th call I have received (see earlier entry). I did not answer, and they again left no voicemail.
 Feb 19th, 2013
tried to call back this number & get a "number disconnected or no longer in service" message.
 Feb 18th, 2013
This call is coming from VIP Travel Services in Orlando who can be found at www.OrlandoArrival.com.
Since the call is coming from an auto-dialer, if it reaches you on your cell phone then the Telephone Consumer Protection Act provides for damages in the amount of $500 per call. If your cell phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry, then you are entitled to another $500 in damages. If you can prove that they knowingly used an auto-dialer and did not scrub your number against the proper registries, then you might receive another $500 per call for a grand total of $1,500 per call. If you live in MI, please feel free to give me a call to discuss your options 231-929-0500.
Brace Kern Esq
 Feb 15th, 2013
message was "Mexico. Press 1 now to take advantage of this great promotion or press 2 to be removed from this list." They have cheap predictive dialers and the message was truncated but I am also on the Do not Call list for my cell phone. Why do these do not call lists have no teeth? Is the government getting revenue from these telemarketers? Or is the phone cartel, which is in the pocket of our government, benefiting?
 Feb 14th, 2013
Hang up
 Feb 13th, 2013
Called twice in 3 days, leaves no voicemail.
 Feb 11th, 2013