Yeah. I just received a call from them, they said that cash partners of america was sueing me for $5000.00. When I asked for some paperwork they wouldn't send it to me. They wouldn't give me a contact to cash partners of america, which if you google nothing comes up for that, and told me when I ask for the number to contact who was sueing me. They said I wouldnt be able to find it and I can't talk to them, I have to go thru them. Spoke with suporvisor, Brad Smith, which for a foreigner is not a right name. I contacted who I had a loan with and they said they had a couple people call saying that they called them, he told me it was a scam and they do not outsend any info. I got number to report this place to the FTC 877-382-4357, there are people that have fell for it but dont. I called Brad back and told him if he showed up at my job to take me to court bc he wouldn't tell me where it was, then the cops would be here waiting for him. THIS IS A SCAM DONT PAY THEM!!! DONT FALL FOR IT, THEY HAVE NO REAL WEBSITE, THERE IS NO LLC LAW FIRM IN NEW YORK!!! THEY WILL GET CAUGHT EVEN IF THEY DO USE FAKE NAMES!!
 Aug 25th, 2010
Called threatening me about an outstanding debt from a payday loan company I did not recognize. They said they are LLC Law Firm from Auburn or Auborn City, NY. It was hard to understand due to their thick accent. The number that they called from was blocked on the caller id. This number was left in a message, but when I called it bacl the voice mailbox was full.
They said they were suing me tomorrow by 11am. I have never received anything in writing from them
 Aug 18th, 2010
Scam!! Want to know more about the company. Been calling for 3 years and are now threatening me!
Lisa M
 Aug 12th, 2010