This is not, as someone commented, a "Health and Human Services telemarketer." This is some scam company calling people and telling them they owe money to a "loan advance" company and threatening them with legal action if they don't provide ATM card numbers, SSN's, etc.
 Sep 11th, 2013
Obama's Health and Human Services telemarketer. Uses your taxes to pay their business expenses and profits. They are calling you to try to sell you government insurance. They also take your personal information to sell to pond scum for ID THEFT / MEDICARE FRAUD. Another federal goldmine of information and free money.
 Sep 06th, 2013
Why do people think if the phone rings they must answer it? You have
CID, USE IT! Do you let anyone coming to your door into your home? Of
course not. Wake up people, these are crooks, DO NOT ANSWER when they
call you! They manipulate the CID system so the info is probably fake.
If for some insane reason you must answer it's too late! Soon as you
answer you've told them your number is valid. They sell this info to
other scammers. Pushing a # to 'remove yourself from their list' does
absolutely NOTHING for you. Do NOT call them back!
Stop these calls with Phone Tray Pro - Https://
The phone block system the phone company charges you for does NOT
block all the calls Phone Tray Pro does. I have NO connection with
Phone Tray Pro, I am simply an EXTREMELY happy customer. Best money
I have ever spent! DIGITONE ($100)(Only blocks 80 #s), TELE ZAPPER,
don't do nearly what Phone Tray Pro does and cost a LOT more! Don't
waste your money on these worthless gadgets. As of 09/04/13 I have
208 #'s, 12 Wild Card #'s and 18 CID names on my PTP Black List that
will never get through again. The DNC doesn't affect scammers.
Don't be so naive. You can report them to the FTC but honestly when
was the last time the federal government ever did anything for you?
Oh I forgot, Obamacare. Speaking of scams!
Why would I want to call a long distance # in WY that Henry touts?
According to research online that 307-223-0458 is another scammer
outfit. They will sell your # to other scammers. I suggest you get
PhonetrayPro and you won't have to pay for LD calls to a fake spam
blocking service. He
 Sep 04th, 2013
They called twice, once at 11:30pm and again at 1:15pm. Do these people believe I would ever do business with someone who annoys me on the phone? If you are doing business with these annoying criminals you are part of the problem.
 Sep 01st, 2013
These people have been calling twice a day for the last week. I believe they are the same people who called non-stop for a week about 2 months ago. I read Henry's suggestion but I am afraid to have contact with them out of fear there will be more calls instead of fewer.

My phone rings once and is answered by a machine that askes them to enter the pass code. Since they do not know it the machine hangs up after their recorded message has stopped playing. I can adjust the answering machine to not let the call ring at all until after the 4 digit code is entered, but then I can't collect CallerID information. A small price to pay.
 Aug 28th, 2013
Here's a copy/paste that will help to stop this caller; These guys wouldn't quit calling even though I wasn't answering the call. Then I decided to figure out a way to stop them and came across a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers. I called 307-223-0458 and after giving them the caller's phone number, they confirmed it was on their list so I gave the receiving phone number and since then I haven't gotten anymore calls so I wanted to pass this along to help others.
 Aug 27th, 2013
Didn't answer. If I don't recognize the calling number, I don't answer, and if they don't leave a message, I don't call back!
 Aug 19th, 2013
This was an automated (unsolicited) call asking me about my health insurance. Option 1 was offered in order to speak to a live agent. Option 2 was also offered to opt out and have my number removed from the list. I chose option 1 to speak to someone so I could find out who this organization was and how they got my number. When the agent came on the line, I asked those questions. He said, "Did you go online at some point in the last eight months and inquire about insurance?" I said, "No," and said I wanted to know how they had acquired my private cell number and taken the liberty to call me. At this point, the phone went dead, and I presume he hung up on me, without an adequate answer to my question.
 May 23rd, 2013