The person asked for "Mr. X", which is my uncles name, but not mine. When I said there is no "Mr. X" he asked when "Mr. X" would be home. When I told him that Mr.X does not live here...he asked me when he will be back. I told him he does live in US also..then this guy was rude and told me "well you just now said he was not home. I replied to him saying - well not in the US also means not home... He asked me if we make long distance calls to India (which we do). I told him that we were happy with our plan -- he then hung up...but now i keep getting these calls...what a pain
 Apr 30th, 2008
I got lots of call from this number.

These people are frauds. They obtained your credit profile, but they are identity thieves. I have just given then false information. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GIVE THEM REAL INFORMATION...
 Apr 24th, 2008
I am getting call from 3013928181 and no one talking and answer as well. It is mystery. Keep this number on your phone book with specific name "Fraud", disconnect if you see that number.
Abdul Aleem
 Apr 21st, 2008
Receive 2 calls per day, some time I pick up and no body say anything just listen to your voice
 Apr 10th, 2008
I was getting the harrassing calls too!! Just call this number: MPINGI Broad band Telecom Services..their help line number is 1-888-667-4644.. Please call them and ask them to remove your number from their directory list. This should resolve everyone's issues..
 Mar 31st, 2008
Picked up but no one was talking
 Jan 19th, 2008
I ve got around 60 calls in 3 days. I dont know who has this number. The Phone rings and i pick up the phone, but no body talks.
 Dec 23rd, 2007
I am troubled by calls from this number. I get at least 4-5 calls everday and no one answers.
 Dec 20th, 2007
 Nov 17th, 2007
Keeps calling- doesn't leave message
 Nov 15th, 2007
That is Mpingi sales guy calling from tat number....what u can do to avoid it is call 1888-6-mpingi and tell them to remove u from their list for which they will ask ur 1st name and if ur not sure of it then giv ur number they will tell their sales guys not to call u....the office is located in chennai, India ...... the calls are from india not from u.s......u can hear people speaking tamil behind from which i came to know its office is in chennai....when i asked the customer care, she accepted tat they are in chennai and calling u.s for ask the customer care person to remove ur number or to tell the sales people not to call u.
 Nov 07th, 2007
This is a call from some sales people ....I received the call just even at 12am...i dont think any sales people will work at this time.... They asked me about long distance calling sales .... this is a spam call please block this number from ur phone.
 Nov 07th, 2007
If you're getting calls from Dhanus or Mpingi, they are an Indian company that offers phone service through the internet. They have offices in San Jose, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, and a call center in Winterhaven, FL. Their contact information can be found on their web site at
 Oct 19th, 2007
These people call 3 or 4 times a day. Who are they?
 Oct 09th, 2007
I have been receiving calls at my office from this number all of last week and this weekend.
 Oct 08th, 2007
this person can track my phone calls and calls me soon after ive made a call.
 Oct 06th, 2007
Someone at this number constantly calls me.
 Oct 05th, 2007
I registered my number on today. May be it is related to it.
 Oct 05th, 2007
Even I started getting calls from that number. No idea who that is. I tried calling back but no answer. I tried answering the call but no one speaks.
 Oct 05th, 2007
i got 5 call from this number no body reply? they are fradus.
 Oct 05th, 2007
called twice i keep calling them but they dont answer
 Oct 03rd, 2007
I have had my phone for about a month. I am getting calls from them almost daily during the week. I have answered the phone once and they asked for someone else. Told them it was a wrong number and the guy was very rude and pushy. I started asking questions and told him I was on the do not call list and he hung up. Since then I have been calling them back every time they call me and letting it ring as long as it can so I can find out some infomation so I can stop their harrasment. Last time I let it ring for six minutes. Will continue to do so until I reach them as I am RETURNING their calls. Maybe if we all do this they will stop.
 Oct 03rd, 2007
Annoying calls, no one even talks. Cingular does not alllow call blocks, someone help me, these calls annoy me
 Sep 29th, 2007
Got a call from this number on my cellphone today but did not pick up because I was busy at work. I called them back but from work number and did not answer. Searched the web for the number and found this site. I guess I am not picking up this number again!!
 Sep 21st, 2007
I have been getting call from this number 3 times a day, 7 days a week, really drive me really crazy.
 Sep 08th, 2007
I got call 4 times today in different timings. No answers. They are bplaying games. It is better to report to FTC to take care about them.
 Sep 05th, 2007
this guy called 4 times, so far, after answerring hang up
 Aug 25th, 2007
Same here, some one called me about 60 or 70 times in the last 4 days, i called up provider, they said they dont have technology right now to block phone numbers, and he started giving me dumb ideas like changing phone numbers, reporting to police etc..
Finally i could hear some voice from other side today, i wasted no time using my choice of abuses and words and said next time you call i am going to the police, nice got called again...
 Aug 21st, 2007
Hi All, HAPPY NEWS....
Atlast, after two months some one from this number started speaking....
This number is from MPINGI Broad band Telecom Services..their helplline number is 1-888-667-4644.. Please call them and ask them to remove your number from their directoty list...they said its their automated system calling our numbers without their notice.. and this is unacceptable...

anyway call them and ask them to remove your number from the list...
 Aug 20th, 2007
Getting calls from this number for the last 3 days now. Nobody speaks when I pick up the phone.
 Aug 18th, 2007
Got a call like 6 times within 2 hour period, if called back no one lifted, got the call again never lifted
 Aug 15th, 2007
Checked phone.. Have called me 11 missed calls in the last 5 weeks. Obvious telemarketer. After you pickup, wait for about 15 seconds and you will hear someone on the other end click in. I didn't even ask who he was, instead I simply yelled at the man (sounded like he was from India) to stop calling me.. He said OK and that he won't call anymore. Will see if that helps (probably not).
 Aug 08th, 2007
Received call from many times. No body speaks anything. When I called, its keep on ringing.
 Aug 04th, 2007
I gusse this number is marketing cheap calls to india as most people who commented are indians and me too!! and probly wen i hang up on my home which was from "mpingi unlimted calls to india" jus 5 min before i recived it on my cell phone and now i checked my home caller id its same number!!!! so it is confimed that its Mpingi and no one else!!!!!!
 Aug 04th, 2007
Been calling everyday.. we have blocked the number..
 Jul 29th, 2007
received multiple calls from this number on my cell phone today - nobody there, dialback eventually gets "nobody avaiable" message and no chance to leave voice-mail. Apparently a scam perpetrated by more scumbags.
 Jul 13th, 2007
i don't know who is this number no body speek
 Jul 12th, 2007
I keep receiving calls from this number...same case as with all..
 Jul 12th, 2007
I keep getting call from this number.
 Jul 11th, 2007
Why this happening to me?Can anyone help to sue 301-392-8181 owner
 Jul 11th, 2007
Received more that 8 calls in last 5 hours from this number.
 Jul 11th, 2007
Got a call from this number several times this morning. But, I didn't pick the call. By afternoon I came to know that some unauthorized person withdrew money from my account.
 Jul 10th, 2007
received several calls from this number but no one speaks and when we call that number it just rings and no answer!!!!!!!! straiiiinge!!!!!!

any clues???
 Jul 09th, 2007
It's been irritating past two days.
I am getting lot of calls from this number. How I can handle this.....
 Jul 07th, 2007
It's been irritating past two days.
 Jul 06th, 2007
I got 2 calls today. Nobody spoke anything. In my Prepaid card the incoming calls are also chargeable. I didn't distributed my number. This seems to be a way around to consume my call Minutes. Can be a provider tie up with such companies who amke Bumb calls.
 Jul 05th, 2007
Missed the call from this number. Tried calling back no one picks up.
 Jul 03rd, 2007
The person asked for "Mrs. X", which is my husband's last name, but not mine. When I said there is no "Mrs. X" he asked when "Mr. X" would be home. I asked what it was regarding. He asked me if we make long distance calls to India (we do). I told him that we were happy with our plan and asked him how he got our number. He said the white pages. I told him we were on a "no call" list and he said he wasn't selling anything. He then said, I'll take you off the list.
 Jun 22nd, 2007
constantly recieving calls daily; doesn't leave messages, no answer when i return calls, no voice mail or answering service. Will not answer to this number - any where to report phone harrassment?
 Jun 07th, 2007
they called and said i won some money and that me and my family need to come in
 Jun 02nd, 2007
Got a call from them again today. Upon answering, it went straight to music for 30 seconds and then it hung up.
 Jun 01st, 2007
The first time they called, it was static and so I hung up.

They called again within 2 hours. This is Pacific Monarch. It's a telemarketing company that tries to get people to sign up to go listen to timeshare presentations. They asked for "John", who is the previous owner of this phone number. After I got their company info, I told them that they have the wrong number.
 May 30th, 2007
5/23..4 calls
5/24..4 calls
so far today 2 calls from this number
 May 26th, 2007
I have been getting calls from this number while I am out. No voice messages .. just some humming souond with background noise like a busy railway station or airport lounge .. four calls in 2 days .. I called back .. no answer.
 May 23rd, 2007
Missed the call from this number. Tried calling back no one picks up.
 May 22nd, 2007
I received two to three calls every day now for the last three weeks.
Ron Lee
 May 21st, 2007
They call me everyday, I didn't pick up. I want to stop they, but I don't know how to do that. What is their purpose?
 May 19th, 2007
I got a call from this number....nobody answers
 May 17th, 2007
I've been getting calls from this number 2x a day now. I'll have to go to my carrier to ask this number be blocked.
 May 16th, 2007
I recived call from this number as well, I anwser but no one is talking
 May 12th, 2007
According to a reverse phone look-up, these people are in: LA PLATA / MD. I'm not going to pay $15 to find out more. Next time I hope I get ahold of an actual person, I'm sick of every mother****** out there trying to scam me.
 May 11th, 2007
didnt pick it up, missed call dont see that they left a v/m * looked up number on here and looks like this is what they do
 May 10th, 2007
got a number of calls from the bozo too. didn't pick up....whoever it is just keeps on calling. telemarketers should be enlightened to the fact that some people like me know don't answer unknown numbers on their cell phones.
 May 08th, 2007
Just now, another call lately from what appears to be telemarketers.
 Jan 08th, 2007
Received call, but didn't picked.
 Dec 18th, 2006
I have been getting calls from this number for leaving voice messages...I am not taking calls from this number and they keep calling me
 Dec 14th, 2006
Got a call from number did not answer.
 Nov 29th, 2006
These people are frauds. They obtained your credit profile, but they are identity thieves. I have just given then false information. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GIVE THEM REAL INFORMATION...
 Nov 10th, 2006