This phone number belongs to scamming artists: they pretend to be calling from Microsoft, telling you that there is a problem with your computer, offering you to help out and asking you to download programs. The programs then turns over full access to your computer, and as such, gives the scammers complete control over your personal information and IP address. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM - MICROSOFT DOES NOT KNOW YOUR PHONE NUMBER, AND THEY DO NOT MAKE HOUSE CALLS LIKE THIS.
 Nov 03rd, 2012
Told me I had a virus and wanted me to install a remote access trojan on my computer so they could disable stuff and then have me send a credit card number so they can charge me to fix it.
Bob Smith
 Sep 07th, 2012
Your hunch was correct. This is the fake PC tech confidence game.

Essentially some fiend in a boiler room, usually in South Asia, wants to coax you into dropping your firewall and security measures and play havoc with your system, possibly with the goal of then selling you the ''solution'' to the problem they caused. Worse yet they might plunder your hard drives for whatever can be sold or used against you. They count on most computer owners being ''appliance users'' who don't understand what's under the hood and being easily misled.

They may claim to have a pile of complaints because your system is spewing spam, or else instruct the user to open a shell and look at perfectly innocuous system feedback and claim there is something dangerous happening. This is the PC equivalent of the crooked auto mechanic who squirts oil on your axle and wants $1600 to ''repair'' the non-damage.

The dumber ones claim to be from ''the Windows Corporation'' or the ''Microsoft legal department'' or something as implausible. Their actual knowledge of personal computers is always pitifully low, as reported many times when real PC techs are called. (Sometimes their command of English is little better.) Often the reps become hostile and curse you out if you indicate any sort of informed resistance.

While the NSA may be logging our every keystroke and mouse gesture from San Francisco, Microsoft is not running any constant emergency alert system and is surely not going to run a reverse tech support call center devoted to writing each of us a trouble ticket. DO NOT follow any instructions from these goons and don't give them any satisfaction of making you upset.

For further reading, 800Notes has a few threads on this scam.
 Jun 22nd, 2012
Caller claimed to be from Microsoft saying my computer had been sending crash reports (which had been happening) but when I said I'd replaced that computer 2 weeks ago, he claimed it was the new one sending the reports, which had NOT been happening. He wanted me to give him remote access to my computer so he could show me what was happening. The area code is the British Virgin Islands! Don't think Microsoft has techs calling me form there! Some kind of scam, but not sure what he was really trying to do.
 Jun 20th, 2012