Well, it seems this bunch of A**holes are back at it after a year reports here anyway for 2015.

CID showed, "Mayfield KY" and the number 1-270-650-9841. As soon as the answering machine kicked in, whoever these scammers are, they disconnected the call.

I had nothing better to do at the moment so I decided to call back & see what happened. Maybe they'd answer & I could mess w/them a bit to annoy them back. BTW, my number is blocked so all they'd see is "Private Caller".

So I dialed the number.

2 rings, then a scratchy noise followed by 3*Tones* (You know the ones, sharp & high pitched that always precede a message about a number being out of service for some reason) followed by the following message that stated by a calm, generic female voice, "We're sorry. Due to telephone company facility trouble, we can not complete your call at this time. Will you try your call again later." This was followed by the same 3 tones as at the beginning.

I decided to stay on the line to discover what might happen next.

There was a brief interval of silence and then the scratchy noise again, 3 tones again, a repeat of the message which ended again w/the 3 tones.

I stayed on the line. After the 3 tones, there were a couple of faint clicks & a very, very long silence.

Finally I got 2 rings and then the REAL phone company's message, "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up & try again. If you need help....."

Oh well, too bad. I was looking forward to wasting some of their time, busting their bal*s & annoying them. Instead, I've just entered the number into the blocked numbers list on my phone. Call all you want, my phone will disconnect you after 1 ring. this phone is one of the best purchases I've ever made....I LOVE my phone!
 May 09th, 2016
No caller ID, all calls go through the answering machine. We do our free *69 to get numbers of hang ups if we are home. This number keeps calling.
New York
 Dec 11th, 2014
The calls from this number just don't stop. I have caller ID but no answering machine so the phone rings and rings. I am on the federal and state do not call list. I make reports to FTC and FCC which is just a waste of time to do. My next step is to rip the house phone out.
 Sep 06th, 2014