This must be a money-making scam. Calls to the UK from this number (logged in the UK as 001 269 768 2242) have a pre-recorded message (a guy with an english accent) about a (UK?) government-sponsored scheme which may allow people to write off their debts(!). It invites people to press "5" on their phone to find out more. Most probably then connects to a premium-rate phone line or similar in the US.
 Apr 12th, 2008
Look at the garbage "name" field in CID. It's akin to email spammers putting in garbage subject lines in an attempt to beat spam filters (aka "hash buster"). In this case it's probably an attempt to transmit *something* in the CID name to prevent the call being blocked by privacy-guard type systems (that block calls where the number *or* name is "unknown").

More Lucre-based telespamming junk CID names: ("RBT NNS"); ("EDDCO SPKL"); ("BRIDG SSD"); ("STNS HOLLY")
 Mar 16th, 2008
To think someone actually pays for this. This is the 203,372 call from these people who want to tell me something urgent about my car insurance. If I owned a car I might care.
 Mar 10th, 2008