Asking for Linda Doornick
 Apr 13th, 2011
Hey guys,

There is nothing wrong with this number, its not a scam, its not trying to get anything from you. Its Maritz Research, and my girlfriend works for the company. All they do is market research, mostly for Bank of America. Its a survey for the company, not anything else. Don't be afraid of this number, all they want is your time and opinion, not your personal information or money, and all you have to say is that you don't have time or do not want to do their survey and they will leave you alone! I hate seeing all the negative feedback on these sites about this number. Its ok lol! Don't be afraid!
 Mar 15th, 2011
I worked for Envoy-Maritz, Inc. a few years ago and I was on the Bank of America project. Please rest assured that the only information telephone interviewers see is a customer's name and phone number. The purpose of these surveys is to get customer feedback about the operation. Many of B of A's improvements have been a result of your input through these surveys (think about the new ATM's). Anywho, that's a brief summary. Also, please keep in mind that times are tough and these interviewers need there job as much as the next person. They are required to meet a daily quota of 5 surveys per hour (believe me, it's very tough to do!) anyone who doesn't reach that goal on a daily basis gets talked to by their supervisor... TOO OFTEN!
 Jun 03rd, 2009
Maritz research is a market research company based out of Fenton, MO. Envoy a Maritz Research Company does customer surveys by phone. They have a big client list which includes but not limited to Bank of America. Wells Fargo. Toyota. American Express. Scion. Those companies provide the contact information of their customers for Market Research Only. Not to sell anything nor to get any information other than your opinion on the services you use. I used to work at their Telemarket research center in Carson. They are a lagitimate company. The dialing system sucks so it happens that some numbers get dialed more often then others. Also the DO NOT CALL LIST only regulates SALES CALLS... because they do not sell anything those regulation do not apply. However if you request it from the person on the line they will add you to their own Do Not Call List and the number will be erased.
 May 04th, 2009
Did not take call on cell. Thank you for indicating I shouldn't have.
David in NY
 Apr 14th, 2009
Well I don't do bussiness w/ BofA and most of the comments I have read about mention this bank so I'm woundering how did they get my number, I have answered but just got hung up on,they call at least 3-4 times and day and they care little about the time they call you.... I am sick and tired of this calls and of Martiz Research.
A.Z 1
 Feb 16th, 2009
unknown caller, did not pick up
 Feb 13th, 2009
glad I saw this site. They called my cell phone and I have been on the FTC do not call list for some time . Added them to my phone book and set the ringer ID to silent.
 Feb 07th, 2009
I am sick and tired of Maritz research & Sharon Middleton calling. Leave everyone alone, we don't want to take your calls. I refuse to answer anymore when I see it on the caller id. They call my place of business, they call my cell phone also, everyday 2, 3, 4 times a day. Enough already.
 Jan 28th, 2009
Didn't answer, let answering machine take call but no answer left. Googled number, saw it was assigned to Sharon Middleton, 8660 Valley Drive, Waldorf, MD 20603. That was the second call in two evenings, both at 7:35 PM PST.
 Jan 24th, 2009
I received call on my answering service from this number on 1/22/09 at 7:30 PM.
Please cease and desist calls efective 1/23/09 as state of Nevada under statute 201.255 males it a felony and offending company CAN receive imprisonment and hefty fines.
 Jan 23rd, 2009
Me too.
 Jan 23rd, 2009
After assuring me last week that they would add my number to their do not call list, they have called 3 times. They gave me an address of 3901 Via Oro Ave, Ste 200, Long Beach CA 90810, which appears to be the address for both Maritz and Envoy. gives an address in Fenton MO. They appear to be "legit", but I sure hope that they go out of business soon!
 Jan 20th, 2009
It was a customer satisfaction survey for the bank I use. I gladly answered their questions.
 Jan 18th, 2009
has called four days in a row. i answered yesterday and noone spoke to me from the other end.
 Jan 17th, 2009
I've been getting calls from this number for several weeks, usually daily once or twice. They even called on Christmas Eve. I don't have caller ID but use *69 alot. Checking complaints on the internet I found it's Maritz Research. After reading complaint entries, I called my BofA account manager. He said they used to use a research company years ago, but their surveys were done by mail only. He wasn't familiar with Maritz Research and said BofA's not using a survey or research company.
 Jan 16th, 2009
The lady identified herself as "Bank of America" and asked if she may speak with my fiance by name. Having recently recieved numerous calls from "Bank of America INSURRANCE" In recent weeks despite having made it clear upon opening my account with B of A that I do NOT want solicitous calls from other departments trying to sell me their products, and having reitterated this fact when adding my fiance to my account, I flatly said "No, and this number is on the DNC list as well as our having made it clear that we do not want solicitation calls from BofA or associated companies. As I finished this statement and hung up I could hear the woman begin chuckling, but at that point simply assumed she was a worthless telemarketer who was too self absorbed and stupid to comprehend or care that these calls are a serious irritant to most people. Having found this page in my search for information on Maritz Research, it looks like there may be more to it than this. If BofA has in fact shared or sold our personal information from our banking files there will certainly be a law suit against all involved parties for breach of provacy and harassment!
 Jan 14th, 2009
Claimed to be calling on behalf of Bank of America. They were calling for someone else (not me), for whom I have received other phone calls. Some of those calls were from bill collectors. When I asked, they gave me a valid (but easy to get) BA Customer Service number. My phone number was not previously used by anyone(it's virgin). The caller made an inapropriate religous comment when saying goodbye. The fact that she did connect me to a supervisor when I asked her to do so does convince me somewhat that it was a legitimate call, though for what I don't know. After much frustration, I reached a real person at BA, where they said that the 240 210 7006 number isn't on their affiliate business list. BA will add my phone number to their "do not call or solicit" list; here's hoping it helps but I'm not holding my breath.
 Jan 14th, 2009
left a message sounded like fornener accent and I could not understand a word excecpt he did say my frist name in there.
 Jan 13th, 2009
didn't leave a message. First time to call us.
 Jan 12th, 2009
Got a call from Unknown earlier today, no one there when I answered, then got one from Middleton, Sharo - didn't catch who they were "calling on behalf of" because the voice was scratchy, and I'm deaf, but they asked for my husband by name, and when I said he wasn't home, they said they'd try again later. They I Googled the number and discovered volumes of comments and complaints about the same number.
 Jan 10th, 2009
I got this call today. Tired of these people calling. I wish I had their home and work numbers of them and everyone they know. I would drunk dial at all times in the early morning hours. Is the DNC registry just another flacid part of the government? These calls should be stopped by the DNC. I now have an air horn by my phone and I let off a blast or two when they pick up. A little vigilante justice.
 Jan 07th, 2009
just the phone number
Joe O
 Jan 06th, 2009
Got a call on my land line. Answered, nobody there. Call display says Maritz Reserch.
 Jan 06th, 2009
They didn't leave a message but it sure sounds like Maritz and Bank of America are a pair to draw to!
 Jan 06th, 2009
Didn't answer, didn't leave message
 Jan 06th, 2009
Eileen, thanks for your comment. We have been gettng these calls but with no messages left. I didn't know it was the Bank of America doing research.
 Jan 04th, 2009
This is a market research firm. They were conducting a survey for Bank of America. They knew that I had been in one of the Bank of America branches recently and wanted to get feedback.
Market Research
 Dec 30th, 2008
no message, just caller ID
 Dec 24th, 2008
My call was from Maritz Research, a legit survey company. Call 800-864-8601 to get on their do not call. However, if they are calling for a third party who you have voluntary business with (from Bank of America to Pizza Hut), the do not call registry does not apply, but they will stop if you tell them.
Legit call
 Dec 23rd, 2008
I am a highly experianced, currently employed,accountant. Having worked for a marketing research firm before (during ANOTHER economic "slow-down") I realize the annoyance of these calls. However...these people are just doing their jobs...AND the companies that hire them (Bank of America in this case) truly wants to improve to keep our business. The customers are their BEST source of feedback - if you are honest. Help both the caller & the company when you can. Be honesst with your answers. If their service improves you win too.

As for the "do not call" ... when you sign up for a contest, store discount card, e-mail news letters, etc., you are putting your name & number out there. The only way the "do not call" list works is if you protect your information. That is why caller ID works - just don't answer or block the call.

Merry Christmas

PS: Thank you for spending just a minute of your time to help support my daughter & her family - including my granddaughter. This is how she and her husband both earn a living.
 Dec 19th, 2008
Call from Bank of America
 Dec 19th, 2008
Keeps calling my home, sometimes the caller id shows Middleton, Sharon, other times unknown caller. Won't leave message. Annoying, stop calling.
 Dec 18th, 2008
didnt answer
Cell Phone
 Dec 16th, 2008
Massive numbers of calls and either hang ups or a disoriented voice that tries to engage in some transaction that they're not clear about. Will not stop calling me for some reason.
 Dec 12th, 2008
Got one call from this number, it was an 8-minute survey regarding a new benefits website for the retailer that I work for. They just launched the website this year, so I guess they're having this company do surveys for them. Normally I would have said "no thanks you" and hung up, but the girl calling had a cute voice so I figured "why not?" :)
 Dec 11th, 2008
Maritz Research is a Marketing Firm conducting survey. I called the number back & a voice recording gave this number 800-864-8601 to call to have your number placed on their "Do Not Call" list.
 Dec 10th, 2008
called and left no message during the sacred after-work hours when I am trying to unwind. My phone is listed as a Do Not Call number. Grrrrr
 Dec 09th, 2008
Called today. Said he was Carlos from Bank of America and wanted to speak with my husband - though he said my husband's name incorrectly. I asked him to repeat the name and he refused and hung up.

What's the point of a govt' registry for DO NOT CALL when most of these BONE HEADS ignore it and call anyway? I am SICK and TIRED of being phished and scammed by over zealous, lazy, scheming dip shits who can't go do something HONEST for a living. I can almost respect a prostitute since she actually has to work to earn her money when she screws someone.
 Dec 06th, 2008
Received calls on consecutive days from this number. First was a hang up. Second was nothing but static.
 Dec 03rd, 2008
The first time I picked up, it was a guy doing some kind of survey for Bank of America. Haven't picked up since!
Sue Donnymouse
 Dec 02nd, 2008
didn't answer because didn't know who was calling. thanks for posting up your comments. will be sure not to pick up. also boa cust.
 Dec 02nd, 2008
This number has called us 11/25/2008, 11/26/2008, 11/29/2008, and twice 11/30/2008. I don't pick up the phone because the caller ID says "Unknown Name" and I don't know anybody in the 240 area code.
I'm about to block the number.
Sally L.
 Dec 01st, 2008
The caller said they were representing my 401K at National City, yet the caller ID said "Sharon Middleton"
 Nov 30th, 2008
A subcontract factory warranty repair survey called, Was about the recent repair on my Hewlett Packard Computer.
Sam Uncle
 Nov 28th, 2008
called cell out of area showed up. They left no message. Did not call them back.
 Nov 27th, 2008
I never give out this number, but someone from the 24021-7--6 continues to call and the ID says UNKNOWN NAME. I didn't answer and I'm on the do not call list. :((
 Nov 27th, 2008
Called to my home phone - Out of Area
 Nov 26th, 2008
 Nov 25th, 2008
240-210-7006 is a research company that is conducting survey for Bank of America. If you are getting these calls, you are probably a customer and authorized them in some way, shape or form to be a participant. I don't remember doing so, but I probably did somewhere in the fine print. Survey took 5 minutes
 Nov 23rd, 2008
no message-called cell
 Nov 22nd, 2008
This number called me twice and when i answered they said this is bank of america calling do you have time to speak !!!!!!
I knew they were scamers cause banks never call and ask you to speak... be aware.
 Nov 21st, 2008
Thank you for posting the number to call to get off their do not call list! I shall see how long it takes. These people call like once or twice a day but it has been everyday for weeks.
 Nov 19th, 2008
Started receiving calls to my cell phone on 11/13/2008 (@11:51am CST). I have not answered my cell & a message is never left. They appear to call once per day at various times. In addition to the inital call, they have called on 11/14 @ 1:34pm CST, 11/17 @ 8:46am & 11/18 @9:10am. I hate solicitation calls. I would like to know when you request to be put on their do not call list if they actually do so.
 Nov 18th, 2008
This is a research company called Maritz research. You can call 800-864-8601 to be put on their DO NOT CALL list.
 Nov 15th, 2008
Answering service picked up call,nobody answered snd they hung up.This was at 8:12 PM Nov.12,2008
 Nov 13th, 2008
Numerous calls from this number.. "In behalf of Bank of America", and asking for info that they should have already if they were really representing BOA. It sounds like a scam to me, with a falsified phone number.
 Nov 09th, 2008
This number has started calling my cell. No idea who it is an do not answer it.
 Nov 08th, 2008
Somebody in Maryland needs to pay a visit to this person and relay a warning to whomever that the may find what they are participating in may be painful for them.
Do us all a favor, visit Sharon Middleton (240) 210-7006 8660 Valley Dr, Waldorf, MD 20603. If this number was in Texas, she could expect a visit.
 Nov 08th, 2008
Called twice, back-to-back, I didn't answer. No message left.
 Nov 05th, 2008
These people have called a couple of times a day for the past 2 weeks. I just called them back and got a recording. The recording provides you with a phone number to call to request to be removed from their call list. It is: 800-864-8601. It takes under a minute and it is a recording. The recording states that it can take up to 3 days for the "do not call" to take effect. We'll see!
 Oct 24th, 2008
I didn't answer. There was no message left only the sound of someone hanging up.
 Oct 24th, 2008
Maritz Research called - I picked up call only because they have called numerous times, I never pick up calls that I don't recognize on the caller ID. I wanted to let them know that I have a DO NOT CALL REGISTRY and if they called me again I will advise the authorities. I asked the girl if this was a solicitation call. She responded no, they were with Bank of America. This was ODD that a bank would call and address the call in the manner that this gal did - I never give out information anyway - but this was a scam I'm sure. I told the girl we have a DO NOT CALL REGISTRY that she will be charged if she continues to call and hung up.
 Oct 24th, 2008
for the past 2 days I have been getting calls from this number, even though we are on the do not call list! I don't answer as it comes up with the number and 'name unavailable' on my caller id. They don't leave a message so it can't be that important.
 Oct 17th, 2008
I've been getting calls from this number for about a month now, sometimes twice a day. I never answer my phone unless I recognize the number, and they never leave a message so it must not be too important. Just another annoying telemarketer I guess. I'm on the Do-Not-Call list, but still get calls like this all the time. I think the DNC list is worthless if the government isn't going to enforce it!
 Oct 11th, 2008
These people won't stop calling! Numerous times, day and night for months. If you call back, it says Matitz Research and you can leave your number at another number to be placed on a do-not-call list. They say they are not a telemarketer so are not covered by the government DNC. The voice on the phone sounds to flakey and nice so I wouldn't doubt it being some type of scam.
Fed up
 Oct 09th, 2008