Thank you James. I do not know who is attempting to use my name but I can assure you that 239-362-9616 IS NOT my number. In fact I do not have at 239 number. The rest of the info is basically correct. To anyone out there: Please DO NOT do business with anyone claiming to be me or having association with RUE until you perform normal and adequate due dilligence. This has never happened to me before and is rayher unbelievable.
John Turner
 Sep 06th, 2010
This number is used in addition to 239-362-9616 when calling to offer bank guarantees and other international bank instruments for business funding purposes. They claim to have ties to a London office but provide no contact information. The address provided as being their office has no knowledge of the principals involved or any record of them physcially occupying an office at their location. The person claims to have relationships with international banks but will not provide any reference other than a bank name, which is useless information. The people are running a scam so beware of anyone using the name John Turner or John Ekllsworth Turner,RUE Ltd. or having ownership of gold reserves, industrial metals and other commodity resources in Russia.
 Apr 02nd, 2010
They called and left a message on my answering machine. Message was a pitch for a Salvation Army donation. Albatross Marketing is probably a company that multiple charity organizations outsource their telemarketing work to or could just be a SCAM call.
 Nov 30th, 2009