This guy, named Mike, called our 24/7 boat emergency service last night at 9pm telling us his 40 ft. yacht was sinking. He spoke with our tech and begged him to come out. He said he had a newborn baby and needed to put his wife to bed buy his yacht was sinking. Our technician told him that he could be there in about 45 minutes, in which, he was. Our tech also called to let the guy know he would be there in 10-15 minutes once he got closer. This Mike guy never showed up. He used our service and did not show and did not pay. BEWARE of this SCAMMER! This guy and his wife are frauds! Do not help this guy out! He is the reason good, honest and hard working people are sick of helping jerks like this.
Mike : 239-258-6811
119 S.E. Colonial Street
Port Charlotte, FL
 Aug 20th, 2014