I know you probably can'y help but this number was not the phone number on the phone, it was 229-507-2194. The person calling was my daughter whom I have not spoken to in ten years. I have tried calling this number several times a day for the past two weeks with no luck. A message keeps coming on the phone that the customer is either unavaible or out of the area. I am stattioned in Baghdad, IRAQ and am concerned. Is there any possible way you can get a message to this customer. Charles.Smith1@KBR.com 713-422-9406(number rings in IRAQ
charles Smith
 Aug 26th, 2010
The number that you have listed is disconnected or no longer in service. The number that I received a phone call from was 229-507-2194 which showed a Karen Smith calliing me. I believe that this person is my daughter whom I haven't seen or heard from in about ten years. I am working in Baghdad, Iraq and would like to contact this number. I have dialed this number about a hundred times over the past week or so with no results. I am not asking you to give out private information but only someway help me get in touch with this person. Thank you for your time. E-mail address: Charles.Smith1@KBR.com or 713-422-9406(Rings in Iraq)
Charles Smith
 Aug 23rd, 2010