Richmond Sand & Gravel
70 Minuteman Ln
Plymouth, MA 02360.
(508) 224-2231
 Oct 24th, 2017
Richmond Sand & Gravel in Plymouth, MA 508-224-2231
 Oct 24th, 2017
Ammar's Tailoring
2231 W Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA, 92804
(714) 533-8320
Are you tired of going around clothing shops and never choosing anything because you simply don’t like what others have designed for you? Would you like to benefit from the services of an experienced and qualified tailor that knows how to create and modify clothing? You’ve definitely come to the right place, because Ammar's Tailoring is here to impress you beyond comparison! We are a Anaheim, CA based tailoring service provider that will take care of your clothing creation needs.
Tailoring Service, Tailor, Alteration Shop, Custom Made Suits, Leather Jacket,Clothing Alteration, Tailor Shop, Tailoring, Custom Made Clothing, Pants Hem
Sarah Johnson
 Mar 31st, 2016
H & R Plumbing and Rooter
San Leandro, CA, 94577
(510) 760-2231
Varna Bulgaria
 Mar 30th, 2016
(713) 929-2231‎ is this Casa Solis In Taos from Taos, NM?
 Jul 10th, 2010
Got a telemarketing call from 978-570-2231 who said my husband called to have them come work on my dell computer. When I told him my husband was at work and didnt call because we dont own a dell he insisted he was to come work my dell. Then I said theres no way he said ok and an hour later the same company called from another line # 1-360-722-5907 with the same caller Id LIBORGDOTCOM
 Jun 04th, 2010
This is who it is.

Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd - Edmonton, AB - (780) 423-2231 ...
Find Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd in Canpages Collection Agencies directory. (780) 423-2231; Suite 40010310 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5J1Y8.
 Dec 07th, 2009
they said they were from dhl asking questions about address etc
caller id unknown 2231
 Oct 02nd, 2009
whenever I get calls from these f*ckers i just keep them on the line as long as possible acting really interested in the warranty and get them to talk as much as possible, then at the last min, when they want my CC info I let them know i have just wasted 10-30 mins of their time and my card number is 2231-2343- go f*ck yourself you stupid c*nt. gives them a little bit of the aggravation we have to deal with every time they call us. I encourage any of you with a little free time to keep them busy so they dont bother as many people and maybe we can ruin their day just a little bit too...
 May 16th, 2009
This is the direct phone number for Capital One Fraud. It was given to me by the Customer service department that is listed on the back of my Capital One card when I received some suspicious phishy phone calls claiming to be from Capital one but coming from 800 968 2231 which Capital One claims not to own.
Paula Kelman
 Dec 11th, 2008
801-610-2231 / TBSBLADE. The company linked to this number is called Orange Soda, its a website SEO company.
 Nov 20th, 2008
never leaves messages, called back and said the number had been changed to 800-963-2231. called it back and pressed 0 to speak with someone and it went to a call tone
 Sep 24th, 2008
These people keep calling my office number. Caller ID shows the number as 269-768-2231. When you answer it is a female voice recording telling you this is the 3rd attempt at reaching you to lower credit card interest debt. The voice then asks you to press 1 to continue or 3 to be removed. I pressed 3 and it takes you to an endless list of recorded advertisements that begin playing one after the other.
 Sep 23rd, 2008
Please note that Systems & Service Technologies, Inc (SST Card Services) is a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase & Co.. SST Card Services is a simple Data Processing/Call Center site in St Joseph MO.
Your best bet is to send them a certified letter requesting that they "Cease Phone Contact".

Systems & Service Technologies, Inc SST Card Services (Call Center)
4315 Pickett Rd 1717 W 7th S
St Joseph MO 64503-1600 Joplin MO 64801-3073
Tel: 816.671.2671 or 800.789.8001 Tel: 417.621.7000
Fax: 816.671.2029 Fax: 816.671.2231

Start inundating them with calls and faxes. They will love it!!
Their Senior VP/CEO is Glenn Estrella and their VP is Rick Moffett.
I am sure they would love the same harassing phone calls and emails from John Q. Public?!!
 Mar 19th, 2008
recieved call today for a "beverly foster", from Diane Jones. Says very urgent return call at 800-866-2528 ext 2231. How do these bottom dwellers keep ending up with my phone for all these differrent people?
 Aug 17th, 2007
We are one of the victems and we would like to be able to open communication with those people who are in the same predicament.

Miklos Sebok
 Jul 01st, 2007