626-544-5511 skanky bill collectors calling the WRONG number - 8 years and running. Looking for an attorney to sue them.
also calling from 216-282-5591

all calls are from mcm/midland credit management and if you try to call back you get a partial recording saying no one is available and disconnects. have contacted them via BBB, AG's office(s), ftc, fcc and the phone company and police, the returned mail and also a registered/return receipt mail to let them know YET AGAIN they have failed to perform any validation of the recipient of their harassment. Don't know Jason, never heard of him until about 3 collection companies ago, back in 2005-6 when this started.

I have ALREADY SENT the letter from the last collector admitting that they were calling the wrong number, contacting the wrong address and SENT them address info available online showing the whereabouts of their actual victim. and they still won't quit - if anyone has a class action suit going against MCM right now, please let me know. Mrs. Lori SWanson, Minnesota AG, "because a debt collector of a debt buyer (namely MCM) shouldn't be contacting anyone about a payment of a bill unless they've substantiated that the person actually owes the money" 2012
 Apr 22nd, 2013
When i miss the call and call the number back, it is a recorded message that is half way over when i call and it says that nobody is availiable to take my call, goodbye. But it never leaves a message. When I do answer it takes a few seconds but then its a recording that says i may be entitled to recieve dissability then it just goes on to talk about everything it can help me with. I am perfectly fine and do not need dissabiltiy, they call a couple times each day.
 Apr 16th, 2013
says "local14call" never leaves message
 Apr 11th, 2013
Automated call - calling multiple times daily - no message, hangs up if answered.
 Apr 10th, 2013