Got another call from this number today and decided to pick it up.

As mentioned in my earlier post, this is a "prize pitch" scam. In this particular one, you've supposedly won a prize draw for $1600 "travel dollars" redeemable on an all-inclusive resort vacation. However, to claim the prize, you must pay an activation fee (usually $69-99) and a hotel tax (usually $100-125), make a verbal agreement to pay for "incidentals" (which they refuse to explain beforehand), and a promise to attend a two-hour presentation about timeshares.

If you're dumb enough to actually give them your credit card info and allow them to charge you for the prize, they then direct you to a website which explains what you've won. That's when you find out that your "all-inclusive" vacation is not so all-inclusive, after all. In the fine print, you'll notice it says "Accommodations Only" and that the "incidentals" that you agreed to pay earlier on is everything else (i.e. food, drinks, gratuities, phone calls, taxes, etc.).

Therefore, this "prize" ends up costing you money and... worst of all... they have your credit card info! So, don't fall for this!
 Sep 09th, 2011
This number called three times over a spam of two days. Each time, there was nothing but dead air.

However, searching for the number on Google brings up many reports of a typical "prize pitch" scam where you've supposedly won a cruise or resort vacation, but must pay a fee to receive the prize. Obviously, you should never give these people any credit info or personal details!
 Aug 27th, 2011