I don't know how this place stays in business with all these numbers? Overhead must be increadable! Now calling from a new number: 404-419-7785

800-564-2395 866-389-6161 678-486-1027 678-784-1039 800-967-0372 250-389-6760 866-479-7925 888-297-7414 916-563-1300 703-642-7500 866-505-9316 888-368-3955 607-621-4196 866-239-6536 954-714-2200 250-708-3000 602-379-1466 888-238-8424 800-989-3402 888-990-2840 800-267-9209 877-381-7319 800-635-1308 80063748503 602-379-2260 866-381-5531 888-913-2337 703-245-1909 800-832-2844 800-481-2996 866-827-8986 800-374-8503 770-644-7400 866-505-9315 954-874-4099 201-373-8371 319-271-1904 866-560-0163 888-724-7611 954-881-6192 727-213-9122 888-760-2478 800-690-7040 800-964-7365 602-567-7000 250-708-3004 800-277-2731 602-379-2261 800-651-3096 877-256-7821 317-755-0000 770-612-7216 877-659-7647 770-612-7052 866-381-5526 630-528-3042 708-786-3300 877-246-2422 800-516-0216 813-964-7040 561-935-4990 866-896-5338 800-877-7858 800-280-3610 601-714-2680 877-302-4760 800-638-5630 707-206-6377 707-703-1045 678-486-7520 800-850-8719 813-379-2475 720-324-7984 480-586-3166 614-569-5000 850-250-1308 850-250-1304 877-383-4576 330-752-2126 866-375-9723 201-984-9787 800-441-0377 877-779-3475 770-612-7053 850-387-0459 877-303-6207 513-924-4473 832-260-0415 502-272-4271 919-794-8704 91979487010 334-229-9344 678-248-0627 714-881-0845 714-486-0684 714-422-0570 267-773-6671 770-612-7203 312-492-4949 615-823-4064 678-248-0633 201-297-5700 201-297-4318 804-767-2797 407-583-4974 480-648-0106 804-767-2852 214-919-0676 214-613-5589 214-613-5574 214-613-5568 770-612-7241 253-442-2524 832-460-7653 866-659-0711 404-419-7785
 Jan 05th, 2013
These calls are from Santander USA. Do not answer these phone numbers:

Unknown Number
 Nov 13th, 2011
called my cell phone, wont leave a message.
 Feb 24th, 2011
Keeps calling but not leaving messages. I don't have a car loan, so I guess this a wrong number.
 Dec 10th, 2010
I have 2 numbers from these people. They use both 214-614-3300 and 214-540-0714.
 Oct 15th, 2010
Its a financial company. They just bought out Citi autofinancial. I made my payment to Citi and now Santander Financial (I can not understand vm when I call back the number) they are saying last month payment was not made but it was made to citi auto! I received nothing, not a statement for August so I made it online to Citi auto now Santander is calling,....what is going on.
koda akonie
 Sep 10th, 2010
juanita , please call immediately.. or we gonna git you sucka..

I have dealt with these aholes before personally ..I had paid regularly on time for almost 3 years ... I paid $25K down and $ 650/mo ..missed 1 payment in 3 years .had trouble keeping the payments on time last 2 months but did pay 10 days after due dates.. they call every day about 10-15 times a day from at least 7 or more numbers .. rarely they leave a message ..even when I paid and was current they would call and ask what day was I gonna pay and give us 2 contact numbers of friends or family so we can call and bug their ass and let them know you are a " Dead Beat Debtor " at least when they used to be HSBC they worked with you and were friendly.. I think my finances will be better in 2 months and these guys leave me alone and stop burning up my phone..
Brian A.
 Aug 27th, 2010
Several calls a day from this number and about 30 others . I happened to answer last week as I was curious who kept calling. It was Santander Consumer USA an auto finance co. I have had this loan for 3 years and was switched from HSBC Auto . I have been mostly on-time with the monthly paymets in 3 years sometimes a few days late but I missed a month last December ..( i'm 1 payment behind with late fees and interest $ 640/month payments ) . They harassed me and threatened me to make a payment that very day or they were going to go to put my account in hell..I told them I couldn't until 2 days later as I own my own business and get paid when others pay me . They allso wanted friends or family members they can call and hassel them if I'm late on a payment.. I told them no I'm not giving you any numbers to harrass anybody.. They said this seriously jepordizes your account if you don't. I told them sorry. I have had this account 3 years. I made a down payment of 25K and have made several extra payments of over $ 1K in the past to bring down the balance.. Like everyone else I have fallen on hard times and have been in dire straits but manage to make my car payments.. this constant calling everyday sometimes 10x a day from about 30 different numbers but no messages.. sometimes the phone rings every 10 minutes .. I will sell the car to get ride of these people and never buy a new car ever again..These people are rude..let them try to have their own business and see how they do in the crapy economy.. they are the sharks that feed on fresh blood of people trying to work and make a life.. maybe i'll join the forces and be an asshole and redial America to cough up their blood sweat and tears.
 Aug 04th, 2010
there is no answer. my car payment is about 4 days late past due date and this stuff always start, even when i set up a payment to be drawn out before 30 day late they do. Santander/Drive/Road Loans..whatever they are these is hard to keep up they switch so much.
 May 19th, 2010
They can't seem to get account updates correct. When you call back they have no record for a phone number or account number. Very efficient company.
 Mar 30th, 2010
Call is coming from Santander Bank, formerly Sovereign bank... they are trying to collect on car loan payment. They keep calling me when I'm not the person they need to reach. Gave them correct information but they keep calling regardless of what I tell them. I'm not answering them anymore either... Worst part is they call me at work and are pissing me off. I argued with them the last time and told them to find the correct party/borrower and deal with them directly...they called 2 days after that as if we never spoke. Their collection methods are harrassment! At this point I'm hoping the vehicle get repossessed so they can stop calling me!
MD Driver
 Feb 25th, 2010
They are a car loan company. If they are calling you, most likely, they are looking for payment.
 Feb 17th, 2010
Drive Financial calls hm several times a day and does not leave a message. Caller Id shows Drive Financial they use two numbers 1 214-540-2035 or 1 214 614-3300. It is phone harrassment. Don't pick up when they call - obviously a fraudulent caller trying to scam people.
 Jan 28th, 2010
They are an auto loan company
 Jan 12th, 2010
Drive Financial - and the automated caller always asks for me to hold there's an important call, then it disconnects. It's driving me nuts. Does anyone know who they are and what they want?
 Dec 19th, 2009