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 Oct 29th, 2014
They keep calling even after bedtime!!! They left no message
New York
 Sep 05th, 2014
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 Jul 28th, 2014
wow! I am so grateful for these phone websites. I did not speak to the caller and no message was left but I have been reading the posts from the different phone websites. From the SAME PHONE NUMBER, posters have written the following about the caller: its a political survey, it is Verizon offering discounted phone service, caller is offering award money, caller says the householder owes money on a loan, caller wants to know if you want to go back to school, a person with foreign accent says he is from Microsoft and that your computer is bugged, offers for low interest rates on credit cards, caller says her name is Christine from the United States Humane Society, caller says he is selling mutual of Omaha insurance, caller says he is from stuart allan and associates a legal service doing debt collection, calling for Cuomo political survey and finally.....the phone number is originating from a prison. Wow.......if this isn't a scam, I don't know what is!!!!!
 Jun 24th, 2014
caller id only has phone number 213-457-4056. Somewhere in California.
No message left.
 Jun 24th, 2014
Wow.....calling at 7 in the morning to scam. That's dedication
 Jun 16th, 2014
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 Nov 14th, 2012