I do not know who this or these (CREEPS) are but this is harassment before 8 am 2-5-14 and on yesterday 2-4-14. I told that person to mail something in the mail and give a place of address. I just hung up the phone after I told him no one calls before 8 am when trying to conduct business of this sort or type. I received the same type of call regarding my employment being threatened and legal action. I am contacting my State Assemblyman and have the staff investigate these calls. Thanks to the other citizen for putting these websites in the reported messages. I will submit this number.I do know this that if you apply for payday loans on line there are FAKE businesses out there who get your information and that is when they call telling you have been approved for loans up to $10,000. Most of the time I get call telling me I have been approved from GE Capital. I agree with the citizen who states all of the INDIAN sounding people have Euro-American names. The number he (Brian Smith) left a voice mail on was for me to call back on 213-437-6630 and demanded to call him back in 2 hours received this call at 7:41 am Feb. 5 2014.
 Feb 05th, 2014
Do not know who this is
 Nov 28th, 2013