RE: (213) 426-1497 Of course it's a scam. If the IRS were filing a lawsuit against you, you'd know it long before you received such a call. All I have to say is that if you fall for it, then you must be feeling guilty about something or you're a bit slow or demented. I do feel so sorry for the individuals who do not have the capacity to think for themselves and fall prey to this though.

I phoned the number, in fact, several times as they continually hung up on me. However, I didn't phone them from the landline they initially phoned me on. I used a VOIP number on a wifi connection which cannot be traced to a name or address. One of the guys said he was IRS. Another one said he was FBI. Another one said he was sending the sheriff out to my house and that I'd better have plenty of condoms and repeatedly talked over me to express his explicit intentions. LOL!! Very unprofessional and I let him know that was a clear giveaway that he wasn't representing the IRS or any other government agency for that matter. I could hear a woman's voice in the background so this lot is not comprised of just men.

They all had Indian or Pakistani type accents. The number's location came up as Los Angeles on my phone when I called it. They actually didn't get anywhere with me. Never asked for any info. They just spouted childish threats and in-between I talked about the weather. LOL!! The most foul mouthed one, represented himself as "Frank Smith".

One of the times I phoned back, I asked the guy, "Is this an IRS scam?" He actually said, "YES!" and hung up. :)
 Feb 24th, 2016
IRS scam
 Feb 23rd, 2016