i have received a call from this number also... when asked which vehicle they are talking about they say "we need to verify that"... when asked how they will verify if they don't know which vehicle it is they say "ok thank you" and hang up.... it is all bogus... I hate calls like that.
 Aug 16th, 2008
I've been getting called by this number for about a week now and i was just wondering if they're even allowed to be calling your cell phone. I mean geez we pay monthly bills in order to have a phone conveniently by our sides 24/7 but we shouldn't have to have our minutes wasted because of some stupid scam artists
 Aug 16th, 2008
Got a call on cell today also. They call the house # too. I am prepared to report to the FCC -Form 1088G for cell phone calls - also see the Do Not Call page: The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint at this Website. You can register your home or mobile phone for free. https://www.donotcall.gov/
 Aug 15th, 2008
we should not have to tolerate this when we pay thousands of dollars to have a DNC commission paid for by our taxes..... exactly what do they do.... besides make it impossible to file a complaint
Judy Andrews
 Aug 15th, 2008
didnt answer the call as i dont know the number.
 Aug 15th, 2008
They keep callin me too! I have told them 2 times today to take my number off of their calling list and not to call me no more but they hang up on me. This is stupid.
 Aug 15th, 2008
The Phone number 213-363-5173 belongs to a telemarketing fraudlently claiming your auto warrenty has expired ! ! ! ! !
It has an automated voice that request you respond by pushing a number on the phone then the telemarketer comes on line
we get these calls from them as many as 3 a day which is HARRESSMENT, I ask to speak to their boss and they give a bogus
transfer to a voice mail service CALL YOU PHONE COMPANY AND FILE A COMPLAINT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
My vehical is only 4 months old with 4 differnt warrenty's purchased from the Toyota Dealer at the time I puchased the car ! !
Human Being
 Aug 15th, 2008
this no. called but didn't leave a voice mail
 Aug 15th, 2008
RIDICULOUS! They call 7 times a day and when you answer they say that this is the last courtesy call for your vehicle warranty expiration. BULLSHIT! Also, when you hit 1 to be transferred to an operator or rep, they briefly put you on hold, then disconnect. No one answers when you call back and instead you get a message saying that the have reached you in error.
 Aug 15th, 2008
Didnt answer the call since I didn't recognize the number but they left a voicemail with a prerecorded voice mentioning they are warranty specialists.
 Aug 15th, 2008
i got call from the same number.
 Aug 15th, 2008
computerized message about vehicle warranty. Did not answer, just let it go to voice mail.
 Aug 15th, 2008