This call came in on a business line to our business location from a Mr. Domonic Reeves--not of English decent, stating he is with the Department of Legal Affairs at the US Treasury. I was informed that I must urgently call a Mr. Steve Subaskin, Finance Attorney, at 213-289-3815 regarding legal action being filed against me. Domonic Reeves stated he could not give me further information regarding the matter since his job was only to contact individuals facing legal violations. He further stated I should continue to call this number if Mr. Subaskin did not answer promptly because he was most likely busy with other clients. Each time I called this number there was only a fast busy signal when the phone picked-up. Then silence. And a hang up sound.
 Dec 12th, 2013
Person on phone claims to be from US Treasury Dept. I asked them to provide me with more detail regarding the call, they refused. I asked to speak to their manager, they refused. I asked for their employee number, they threatened to intiate legal action on me and then hung up phone. I tried to call back but now I get a message that the number cannot be accessed/reached.
rolando chavez
 Dec 10th, 2013
Someone called from this number 4 times - saying they were from the US Treasury Legal Department. Never talked to them but they left messages - saying his name is Adam Carter - regarding enforcement action started in my name, and to have a retained attorney when I call back. The guy sounded like he had a French accent or something.
 Dec 10th, 2013
Threatened to have me put in jail if i immediately didn't send them money.
 Dec 09th, 2013