My household got their first phone call at 5:31 AM on Friday April 4, 2008. A guy picked it up and there was no answer...he said hello a few times...and then hung up. This guy called back at 6:00 AM and a female picked up. He started talking to her about mortgages and stuff. She informed him that we weren't interested and that it was 6:00 AM and hung up. He called back 45 minutes later when I picked up and I said hello a few times and he didn't answer. Today, Saturday April 5, 2008 I got a phone call at 5:09 AM...needless to say it was really early and hoped that someone else would get the one did, so he called back three minutes later. I went outside to grab the phone but I missed his call. He called back at 7:02 AM and he asked for the person who picked up the phone by name. The guy who picked up the phone gave him an earful about not calling us ever again. It is crazy how hard it is to do anything about this prank calling...called our telephone provider and they said that they can't block any numbers...and they told us to call the cops...we did and they said taht they couldn't really do anything since that isn't their field...but made a report anyways...they told us to call the attorney generals office becuase these are the people who deal with the telemarketers...let me just say that i have been very cranky for the past two days becuase of these early morning phone calls...
Hula Girl
 Apr 05th, 2008
Said his name was Mario. If that was his name I'm Fu Man Chu!
The minute I said I wasn't interested he hung up.
Have recieved numerous calls from this number & others.
Sounds like the same person from all the different numbers. I use to get many on my cell with area code 111=non-exsistant
AGUIRRE GILBERT 210-212-4375
TOLL FREE CALL 000-000-0678
 Apr 01st, 2008
I just received two calls from this number today on my Office Line. The first time I did not answer. I immediately checked the number and found it is linked to a scam. So when they called back I answered. The guy new my name and address and said he was with a credit Counseling service and that he has information from the Credit Bureaus that my FICO score is low. I proceeded to lay into this guy, while my co-workers around me are laughing their heads off. He tried his best to prove to me it was not a scam. I am a Fraud investigator he picked the wrong guy to mess with.
 Apr 01st, 2008
I received a call from this number and it showed Unknown name on my caller i.d.. The man said his name was Saheed and he said he was from Homeland Security, asked how I was and I said, "Fine, how are you?" He told me he had a temperature and sinus infection. (That's when I should have guessed he was a prank caller.) He then went on to say something about the mortgage on my home. Used my first and middle name, said I sounded young and thought I sounded really nice. He wanted to know how old I was, if I was married, if I had children, etc. I hung up. So my advice to you, don't answer the call. It's either a marketing call or prank caller.
L. C.
 Mar 26th, 2008
DO WHAT I DO....Next time you get a call from a strange number that you don't recognize DON'T ANSWER IT, LOOK IT UP FIRST.. Right here! If your comfortable knowing what you find out here on this site, the next time the caller calls you either ignore it or answer it. If they ask for you by name,(they will), Say to the caller a few times->>>WHO?....Who are you looking for?...Sorry wrong number! Then hang up.
I received a few calls from this 2124375 number on my cell, never answered it until I finally looked it up on a few web sites. I did just what I told you to do above and so far, I have not received another call from 2124375

By the way, others have said they answered it and nobody was on the line.. well thats not true. The reason for the delay is because this particular call is re-routed most likely from an outsourced overseas agency. It takes a few more seconds to actually make the connection to the party on the other side. Sounds like the callers accent is from India.
I hope this helped you!
 Mar 17th, 2008
Nice to know I'm not the only one, but still stinks I'm getting hounded. Does anyone know who 212-4375 is? Is it really just marketing or something else?
 Mar 15th, 2008
Got about 6 calls in one day from +2124375. Did not wait to hear what they were selling or wanted. Told them to not call me again.
 Mar 12th, 2008
212-4375...keeps calling me ALL hours of the caller id, no area code, never leaves a msg. I never answer calls I don't know but it normally calls me back in a few mins...up to three times an hour...ANNOYING
 Mar 06th, 2008
Keep getting calls from this number. When I answer there is no one there. I live in florida. Anyone else with the same problem. My caller Id does not give the area code just unknown name and 212-4375
 Feb 29th, 2008
This number called my phone three times while I was sleeping last night. I think it's strange that they keep calling and don't leave any voice mails. If anyone knows anything please feel free to let me know. I think it's kind of sketchy personally.
 Feb 25th, 2008
no message, incesent calls, all hangs ups.
 Feb 22nd, 2008
These calls started today (2/20). They call once then hang up. Then, if you answer the first time they call back within 10 minutes and they will come on the line the second call. I got some bozo named Mark who said he was calling regarding a "nationwide mortgage" something or other. It has nothing to do with Nationwide. This is just another marketing call.

The callerid number only shows up on my Vonage call log so my call blocking device is letting it thru. I told "Mark" not to call me again. We'll see.
 Feb 20th, 2008
They have been calling since yesterday (3 times yesterday and twice today). It's very annoying.
 Feb 19th, 2008
They have been calling since yesterday... 3 times yesterday and twice today. No messages, but it sure is annoying!
 Feb 19th, 2008
There have been several calls in the past few days (2-12-08 to 2-16-08)from this number, but there has been no voicemails. I do not answer the phone unless their information shows on the caller ID or I recognize the phone number. The number does not show an area code.
 Feb 16th, 2008