I thought I was the only one being harassed by the company, until I decided to look them on on line and here I am posting my comments WHY IS IT THAT NO ONE CAN STOP THE COMPANY???????? This is outrageous to say the least I called the 800 number hopefully this will put a stop to the annoying phone calls.......,,
 May 26th, 2013
Call 1-800-753-6043 to get your number removed, I had to pry this out of them when they called.
 May 08th, 2012
stop fckn calling u b***** ive told a million times for u guys to stop calling and u call everyday
fckn bish
 Sep 22nd, 2011
@disabledbob bob Cohen did just pass away. Enjoy the karma
 Jul 24th, 2011
Here's a list of all the exec's at Scarborough. Please email them over, and over, and over with helpful suggestions like that they all die of cancer. Have fun!;;;;;;;;
 Sep 29th, 2010
all u have to say is that they called a business and the calls will stop. dont forget to give them a fake business name, they only do surveys with households not businesses. believe me i know.
ron jeremy
 Jan 05th, 2010
I think that this works with any telemarketer or survey company:

Telemarketer: Tell them that you already have whatever it is that they're selling.
Survey Company (Scarborough A@@hol#$s): Tell them that you work for a survey company.

I've found that they never call back after I tell them this.
 Dec 23rd, 2009
Rude, A$$holes. Calls up to 10 pm!!! Total harassment.
 Dec 19th, 2009
They're their own market research company. I guess you could complain to every business in America that uses their results to advertise may be busy for a few years doing that. Just call 800-753-6043 to get your number removed, the people calling you aren't allowed to do it. That's what I did and they stopped calling.
 Apr 14th, 2009
I was thinking, the best thing we all could do is if we could find out who Scarborough does research for, we could complain directly to that company. Problem is I'm sure that info is confidential.
 Apr 07th, 2009
I kept getting calls late at night at 10pm. Told them to stop calling many times. Called the company to complain. They took me off the list, but sent me a letter apologizing but would still call in the future! So I placed a complaint with the FTC, MA attorney general and Fl attorney general. I also sent a letter to my Senator to see why Research companies are exempt from the Do Not Call List. I think if enough people complain to their attorney generals and senators, something will eventually be done.
 Apr 07th, 2009
Here's how..I did the survey and said I did no radio listening and responded no to each paper (they read the list), I said no to the internet and to the cable and satellite TV questions. I answered their demographics questions (mostly correct) and gave my address. This took around 5-7 minutes. I said to the guy that the survey was not too long, he said because I said NO to most questions, it makes the survey shorter. That's the key! Do the survey and just say NO to all questions. And the best part is I got $10! This was around 2 mos ago and they have not called since. I sent back the mailed survey I received in the mail and got another one with $5. Just answer anything, it's easy money.
Easy Money
 Mar 09th, 2009
Ridiculous hours to be calling. The operators get snippy and claim "I don't have a list" when you ask to be removed. Caller ID shows they've called here dozens of times, so I doubt it's really "randomized." I'm calling the number to be removed. Ridiculous that you have to call them to get them to stop calling you. Let's see if it works.

Phone: 800.753.6043
David K
 Dec 06th, 2008
What a pain in the rear! These people believe that if they tell you that YOU called first, that you will answer anything they ask. Being polite, being rude, being desperate, being pathetic, or even begging wont stop these people. Once they have your number, you will get the calls.......and they wont stop. Why isn't there a law to protect america from outfits like this that think they own your phone more than you do?
 Aug 30th, 2008
Their agents are a-holes. However, I found that you simply need to phone their operations center to get removed from their list. Again, the a-hole agents won't tell you this and will simply continue calling you ALL THE F'ING TIME.

Survey Operations Center
Scarborough Research
12350 NW 39th Street
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: 800.753.6043
 Jul 30th, 2008
I just called that 800 # and they said they would delete me from their list
 Jul 16th, 2008
They call at least once per day, but often 2 or 3 times per day. I have received two phone calls after 9pm and once after 9:40 pm! When I complained to the caller he told me they are allowed to call up until 10pm because they are not bound by telemarketing laws. He also told me that they will not stop calling. I asked him to take me off his list and he said "we do not have a list" we are not telemarketers. Today I received a post card in the mail from Scarborough saying "Sorry if we upset you" again reiterating that they are a survey company and not telemarketers and saying "WE WILL CALL YOU AGAIN". I have had it with this company.
 May 19th, 2008
Here's a link to some Scarbrough executives... probably in the San Antonio, TX area. Let's find their home phones and addresses and bother them during their dinner hour or whenever it's convenient for us.
Diana Lee
 Apr 01st, 2008
Here's what I do... ask them if they can hold a minute and then set the phone down. When you check in a few minutes, if they're still there tell them it'll be just another minute. Every minute they're holding, they're not bothering someone else. It might even bother them.
Paul Phillips
 Apr 01st, 2008
I'm ready to make the time to report you to our the FCC, our state Attorney General and the BBB for your harrassing phone calls made to me. You have called after 9pm and as early as 8:13am. To top it off, when I asked to be removed from your list I was told I'd have to call an 800 # to accomplish this. How dare you put the burden of removal on me! Either reply with your assurance this has been corrected or I will proceed. Additionally, I will find your personal info and that of other employees (yes, I can do it) and broadcast it all over the web. Then we can see how you like being bothered at home! Get it!!!
R Sherman
 Apr 01st, 2008
Rec'd unsolicited call from them and told them not to call back. They then wanted me to call an 800 number to be taken off the list. I told them it's their business and they take care of that... how dare they put the burden on me to call them to be removed!
 Apr 01st, 2008
I just purchased the "Privacy Corps Caller ID Manager" now this company can kiss my rump!
 Mar 02nd, 2008
i also get calls IDed as scarborough rsr. i am in california - the calls come from 941 area code, which appears to be south florida. i have been nice to them, i have hung up on them, i have screamed at them. i am now going to blow a rape whistle in their ears. it's gotta stop!
jennife price
 Feb 22nd, 2008
File a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry (copy paste to your browser)
file complaint
 Feb 21st, 2008
The dumb ass on the other end of the line said that the computer will keep on calling me until I complete a survey so I did...I just gave them bad information so as to screw up their data.
stupid surveys
 Feb 21st, 2008
I do know the physical location of this/these persons and would be more than happy to make a trip to deliver YOUR request to stop calling "in person", but it's gonna cost you all a little money and the ability to mentally tune in to your dark side. Your call! No pun intended. Have a wonderful day.
 Feb 13th, 2008
this place called my home number after 10pm last night--that is upsurd!
 Feb 06th, 2008
Same story here...tons of calls at all hours. The rep told me that they could not remove my number and to call 800-753-6043. She told me that it could take up to 72 hours and I should not receive any calls after that. We'll see!?! I also filed a complaint with the FTC and the NDNCL.
 Jan 25th, 2008
They call at all hours of the day and night- I told them I'm not interested- quit calling- I hang up- now I just let the phone ring- I really wish they would stop the harrassing phone calls- maybe a good cusing might work? It is aggravating.
 Jan 18th, 2008
you guys need to listen and call the 1-800-753-6043 and ask them to remove you from their list as i did. you won't get another call from them after that.
 Jan 17th, 2008
We have been getting calls from this organization for months usually during the day or in the evening. We usually do not answer but tonight they called at 8:45 pm. Come on give me a break....
 Jan 17th, 2008
Started getting these phone calls 1 month after moving to VA...they are relentless. I guess being on the national "do not call" registry really doesn't mean much!
 Jan 13th, 2008
Why can't the interviewer who called me
take my name off the list?
For data security reasons, the interviewer has no access or ability to change any information in the system. I'm sure you can appreciate, that we want to avoid any situations where interviewers are changing data for the wrong reasons. So we ask the consumer to call 1-800-753-6043 or to E-mail our Web site, to verify that it is really you asking for the change. We appreciate your cooperation in getting your request fulfilled.

Can't they transfer me to the right number? Interviewers are connected to outbound lines only and have no ability to switch or transfer calls.
 Jan 12th, 2008
I received 5 calls from them today. Once in the evening about 6 pm and the other 4 were in a time span of 15 minutes from 9:45 until 10 pm. They left a message saying it was a survey call. I'm sending them an emai, hope it stops the calls.
 Jan 11th, 2008
Scarborough RSR calls me 3 & 4 times a day, 7 days a week, late at night for months now! I tell them they are harrassing me and disturbing the peace and they need to be sued; nothing stops them. How do they get around the DO NOT CALL list?! I'm fed up with them and I don't know what to do. I'm going to get in touch with my senators and representatives in Washington. I encourage you all to do the same!
 Jan 06th, 2008
I have just made a copy of all these complaints and am taking it to work. I work for a sub-department of the FCC. I will make an effort to stop this, but I need all the people complaining to do the same. The FCC can only act if they have certain information from each indiviual. If you want this company to stop calling send it in to them, the faster this is done and the more people involved is the key to stopping this from continuing.Please take five minutes address an envelope,jot a note with return info to the FCC in your state and send immediately.
 Jan 05th, 2008
This company calls our home every evening and on Saturday mornings. I finally picked up today and talked with the rudest person I have ever spoken too! What is wrong with this company????? I asked to be put on their do not call list and was told to call the 800# which I did. I hope this place NEVER calls me again.
 Dec 21st, 2007
When they called my business line at 10pm (I work from home) I told them I was a business and they promptly apologized and never called again. Give that a try if they won't stop calling!
 Dec 18th, 2007
Scarborough Research representative said that they were conducting a survey for the Pensacola News Journal (Pensacola, FL) When I asked her to remove my number from their call list she gave me this phone number 800-753-6043. When I called there was loud music and the person answering hung up on me. This is a real bummer. I bet call block from Bell South won't work on their number, and I don't have the call blocker on my current phone.
 Dec 13th, 2007
These people all me all the time. The lady said she could not take me off the list and told me to call 800-753-6043.
This number I thought would have some type of automated option to type in your number so it could be deleted. I left a msg
with them with my home phone # telling them not to call me any more. I also emailed them and CC'd the attorney general
for my state. These people are really ridiculous. Visit this section of their website and be amazed at the answers to their FAQ and how they really have no regard for a person asking nicely not to be called anymore.
They actually say on their site that they are not SELLING anything. Ha...maybe not directly but if you are working for media
companies you definitely are indirectly. Media companies sell to advertisers and this "RESEARCH Co" is helping them to
be able to create a better product to sell. How dense do these people think we are?? They can call themselves anything they want.
We all know they are annoying, insensitive, teleharrasers.
 Dec 12th, 2007
I actually screamed into the phone, "Stop calling me. Calling at all hours is ridiculous!" It stopped for a few days, and then began again. I did register the number at, and called their 800 number. The operator SAID she would remove my number from the list. They called the first time when I was ill. I told the woman I did not want to take the survey. She kept arguing with me that "my family had been selected" to take the survey. I had to hang up on her.
 Dec 06th, 2007
Kevin say, "Their tele-agents say they don't have access to the phone number they are dialing (using an auto-dialer)..." I've no doubt they told him that, but it is a lie. The guy who called me from this number refused to take me off the list... and was going to "educate me" as to why they are not compelled follow the Do Not Call rules. Anyway, I said I wanted his home number... and he gave me back mine. So they certainly know it. Which is pretty creepy... because I gave the little turd a hard time... now he knows me, and I do not know him. But he lit a fire under me... this isn't over.
 Dec 05th, 2007
This has to stop. I have asked them to stop and get the same thing each time. "We can't remove your number, but call 800-753-6043 and they can." Well, after listening to that number ring for 20+ times, an answering machine answers and I leave my number and ask that it stop. That didn't help. I file complaints on line daily with my state and National do not call lists. One thing left to do. In my state and many others there is a law on the books that deals with Telephone harassment. Calling at these unreasonable hours of the night falls in the harassment category. Try that. I am.
 Dec 05th, 2007
47 calls and counting from this company
 Nov 18th, 2007
They call every day! They even call after 10pm!
 Nov 09th, 2007
This place calls me everynight after 9pm...i never answer because I have no idea who they are
Scarborough RSR
 Nov 02nd, 2007
This is such an annoying violation of privacy! The moron who composed the
"read this" comment on this website should leave their own personal home phone number on this website so that we can call THEM all hours of the day and night. We'll do our OWN "research"-hundreds of times a day- on how it feels to be interrupted during dinner, at bedtime, while getting ready for work...
This so-called "research company" phoned while we were having a memorial service for a family member killed in Iraq. I told them that and they had the balls to ask..."when would be a good time to call back?"
I have blocked their number from my (unlisted) home phone and have notified my local phone company.
I believe the Attorney General and the FCC should be the next steps.
 Oct 24th, 2007
Too many personal questions in their survey.
 Oct 18th, 2007
I live in Anchorage, AK and they called us very late. did not answer. Very irritating.
Kacie Henry
 Oct 17th, 2007
these guys are assholes
i bet if they had a child sleeping and got a call they would understand what pathetic business they are in. I would suggest anyone working there should get a real job perhaps helping people rather than harassing them....
 Oct 06th, 2007
They have started calling us the last couple of days a couple of times a day. I don't answer....
 Sep 29th, 2007
Scarborough is a MARKET RESEARCH FIRM NOT TELEMARKETERS AND THEY ARE NOT SELLING ANYTHING! WHY dont you listen for a change BEFORE complaning IF YOU WISH TO TAKE YOUR NUMBER OFF call 800-753-6043 please do not hang up or say im a DNCL it does not apply to market research firms Secondly if we are calling before 2:00pm and after 10:00pm that is NOT SCARBOROUGH. They are only allowed to leave 2 messages per household so that explains why they sometimes dont leave msgs! Thirdly a computer system calls everyday that noone picks up because it thinks noone is home and maybe if you'd answer and actually talk and get info you would be able to learn we do not have a list and its a random selections. they get households,businesses,disconnects, cell phones, computer fax modems,etc. So please just dont get mad because we call and you dont listen Thanks again you little a-holes we have to deal with because your to ignorant! :)
 Sep 22nd, 2007
My cell number is the first 7 numbers of Scarbourgh's phone number so when someone pushes redial on their land phone that does not have long distance serivce they get my cell. This has been a nightmare. People are mad at me because they think I am Scarborough RSR, I am just a woman that does not have a mean bone in her body.
 Sep 19th, 2007
Just got a call from them at 9:55 PM PST. The caller seemed completely unmoved when I told them what time it was here. "When would be a better time to call?" NEVER! Told caller I do all my surveys online - she directed me to the website, as if I would do any survey for such a rude company! Sent an email. If they call again, I'll just ignore the call... UGH!
 Sep 12th, 2007
Same here--they call day and night, even at 10 p.m. I've already sent them an email--STOP IT! I'm not interested and I'm not going to participate. Sheesh! What part of "no" don't they understand?
 Sep 08th, 2007
I've asked Scarborough Research to stop calling and they won't. They say they're exempt from the Do Not Call list and that appears to give them the idea that they can call me whenever they want regardless of how I feel about it.
 Sep 01st, 2007
Two calls in last two days. Scarborough RSR is caller id. Goes to a fax line and dies.
Chicago Ed
 Aug 31st, 2007
We receive annoying calls on a daily basis. We've asked them to stop calling. Now, if we ignore the call they play obnoxious phone effects into the answering machine.
 Aug 23rd, 2007
They call on the weekend and after 10pm. The best thing to do is to file a complaint with your attorney general. You can also file suit against them in small claims court for invasion of privacy and harassment.
 Aug 18th, 2007
Please stop calling me.
 Aug 10th, 2007
Called four times one evening between 9:15 and 10:00 PM. My caller ID answering system tells them I'm not interested in their survey but they keep calling back.
 Aug 08th, 2007
Call Scarborough Research at 800.753.6043 and tell them you want to be removed from their list. Because they are not selling anything, they state the Do Not Call Registry does not apply to their business. They tell me I've been removed from their list... we'll see what happens.
 Jul 30th, 2007
never call again 714-529-6331...i mean NEVER
 Jul 29th, 2007
I started getting non-stop phone calls from these people and finally after about a week of 5-6 times a day as late as 9p.m. I answered. I told them that they had call '900 times'and that I was not interested. I also started getting phone calls from Canada which upon researching I found out were 'research survey' companies. Two days ago I checked my mail and I also recieved a dollar with the letter that says they will call again and hopefully their "timing will be better." Why is my opinion so important? I don't have cable t.v., don't get the newpaper, and I don't listen to the radio.
 Jul 28th, 2007
They call daily, sometimes multiple times. Early morning, afternoon, late evening. Always calls during the day while I'm at work. Don't understand this, as I have signed up for every possible state and national Do Not Call list.
 Jul 28th, 2007
Scarborough RSR calls almost daily and has called as late as 9:55pm at night and called back in as short a time as one hour! It doesn't matter what day of the week it is either! I'm sick of it!
 Jul 24th, 2007
We should just call them on their Headquarters numbers for a whole week and just to say "HI" I bet they would find that annoying. Imagine thousand calling everyday for a week, hmhmhm! Kind of a protest. If you do call you must *67 then dial the their numbers.

Scarborough Research
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 646.654.8400
Fax: 646.654.8450

Survey Operations Center
Scarborough Research
12350 NW 39th Street
Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: 800.753.6043

Have you been contacted about particpating in our study?

If you have questions about participating in our study, please log on to: This is an informative website designed to address your questions. You can also contact us at: 1.800.753.6043, or
 Jun 28th, 2007
Do not call me . put me on your do not call list 42 times in one month is enough.
m renaud
 Jun 16th, 2007
Was told they would NOT remove me from their list. I am on state and national DO NOT CALL lists.
Wendy LaVergne
 Jun 08th, 2007
Take my name off of your list and stop calling
 May 29th, 2007
The National Do Not Call lists (states included) are to prevent telemarketers from calling you. Research groups are exempt. To remove your number from their database, ask for the company's website or supervisor. Warning: being rude to them doesn't work. The people one the other side of the line are just trying to make a living by working & not living off the taxpayers' money.
 Apr 27th, 2007
They called today around 7:45 told them I didn't want anything to with their survey and told them not to call anymore and the still tried to get me to answer question so I hang up on them. Then for the next 30 minutes every 2 mins. the kept calling back. Like I said this went on for 30 mins. They need to be reported isn't this against the law.
 Apr 20th, 2007
I have been getting daily calls from this number also, which is why I finally decided to research it on the web. I will say one thing, they are persistent. Clark from Honolulu.
 Mar 15th, 2007
This phone number is repeatedly calling my unlisted home number and at 10pm at night which is against the law. This firm needs to be reported.
Melissa P.
 Mar 14th, 2007
They call multiple times every day. This has been going on for weeks.
 Mar 12th, 2007
These folks just keep calling throughout the evenings and weekends.
 Mar 11th, 2007
I've asked these guys on several occasions to stop calling. The guy kept trying to get me to do a survey even after I told him I would report them to the State of FL which I'm doing next.
 Mar 08th, 2007
What is with calling at 9:50 PM??? My hubby goes to bed early and does not like to be woken up to take a "survey". What a rude company, I hope they get shut down.
 Feb 21st, 2007
I get a call a day from this group for a while, then won't hear anything at all for a while. Their tele-agents say they don't have access to the phone number they are dialing (using an auto-dialer) so they direct you to another 800 number to have yourself removed. I haven't tried that yet.
 Feb 20th, 2007
After two months of relentless calls, I finally got my number removed off their list. I visited their website, found the contact us section, and sent a email demanding I be removed. I received an email response within two days, and I haven't gotten a phone call since. Here is the email address if anyone else needs it:
Good Luck!
 Feb 02nd, 2007
I asked to be placed on thier do not call list and I was told I would have to call an 800# to have my number removed! Needless to say that didn't help either.
 Jan 30th, 2007
Call everyday about 8am-10pm eastern time. I asked that they do not call anymore and they said they will not stop calling until I answer their questions. Very rude people.
 Jan 09th, 2007
I received a call from theese clowns at 9:40PM. Safe to say i gave them a peice of my mind. A week later they sent me a letter with a dollar bill in it to say how they were sorry to upset me and then the next line it says we will try to call again. Idiots i tell ya!
 Jan 03rd, 2007
I've been getting a few calls a week, including Sundays and evenings, from these guys for a couple months (as of Dec 06).
 Dec 15th, 2006
This company called me at 9:44 PM. What's with that?
 Dec 14th, 2006
 Nov 25th, 2006
Starting getting this call about two days ago. Did some research and it appears to be from a company called Scarborough Research. What they are researching, I don't know. Hopefully, this will stop soon.
 Oct 27th, 2006
The phone call came in this evening at 8:46pm. I have been getting a ton of "survey" calls this month. I have stated upon their introduction to "remove my telephone number from their lists; Do Not Call".
 Oct 25th, 2006
It seems like I get a call from this number daily!
When I come home from work and they call me in the evenings is bad enough, but they called me on Sunday.
Please don't call again!!!
 Aug 27th, 2006
SCARBOROUGH Research conducts surveys about radio listening, newspaper reading, and tv viewing. Their phone number is 1-800-753-6043
Their address is:
12350 NW 39TH ST
Coral Springs, FL 33065
 Aug 12th, 2006