Literally just called me and when I answered "Hello" they hung up without a sound..?
 Dec 11th, 2013
randomly calls....
 Nov 26th, 2013
The caller had a thick foreign accent and said that he was calling from the security department of my credit card. I could tell that he was calling from a cell phone because the phone was cutting in and out. When I asked his name he said he needed to talk to me about my credit card. I could hear background noise like a TV was playing. I just hung up the phone.
 Nov 18th, 2013
Scammer, same thing, trying to get people to install "updates".
 Nov 12th, 2013
This motherfucker named "Dave" woke me up this morning, he says he works with Computer Secure Technical Support. Asks if I'm aware that Microsoft hasn't updated in 6 weeks. Tells me to get on my computer, open the Run dialog and start typing in whatever he was spelling. Had no idea what he was spelling in his thick Indian accent. Instantly see a scam and I start messing with him. I eventually lose interest and just hang up, he calls back w/ no message left. This outsourcing thing is getting out of hand if we're now outsourcing all our good hacker jobs.
 Nov 11th, 2013
Just keep getting calls from this #. I won't answer it. I thought it was a call from the jail trying to call collect. Anyone that has my number and I want to talk to I have there number in my phone also and I know who is calling. If it is important they will leave a message.
None Ya
 Nov 07th, 2013
I've been getting calls from this number for a month now and never answer bc it's always a scan typically. So I will continue to ignore considering the same number has been calling lots of other people!
 Nov 06th, 2013
well known scam group. caller states there are issue with computer updates and then proceeds to attempt to get caller to divulge personal data. phishing fraud. company name changes depending on the day. all callers sound vaguely indian and refuse to give out any real information about the "company" when pressed.
 Nov 01st, 2013
I get 1 to 2 calls a day from this number. No one is on the other end if I answer. When I call back the number does go through.
A Stabeno
 Oct 28th, 2013
if you call back you'll find that the magic jack customen you're calling is unavailable. stupid scammers.
 Oct 25th, 2013
this same person called me just a minute ago and it sounded like a 8 year old indian kid and he said my computer was blinking and sending out viruses and he said my ip contacted him and then he asked me for my ip username and password 1 I have a mac 2 im not telling my security info to an 8 year old 3 get a flippin life
 Oct 25th, 2013
Claimed to be from Microsoft and that my computer was not receiving Microsoft updates. Said his name was Peter with a thick accent. Told him I had a mac and he freaked out a bit.
 Oct 24th, 2013
Cell calls following the same pattern as I am reading below with the Hong Kong 852 area code number following shortly after I do not answer on the 210 call.
 Oct 24th, 2013
mack jackline
 Oct 23rd, 2013
Called and said they represented Microsoft and that my computer was blinking and sending out possible viruses. Then they asked if I was sitting in front of a computer. When I said no I wasn't and that it wasn't a good time to call, they said they needed to really work with my computer to fix this issue. The follow up question was "Can I have your name sir?".

You called me, claiming that my IP address contacted you-- and the only information you have is my cell phone number which has nothing to do with my internet provider.

I said my name was Dial Tone...
Not Cool
 Oct 22nd, 2013
Called but left no message. I don't answer unidentified callers
 Oct 21st, 2013
Received two phone calls from this number today on my cell. I don't pick up for numbers I don't recognize. No message left.
 Oct 19th, 2013
I found the number linked to, with an email address
There's also a number for India listed.
"We are Provide Dialer on Rent"...
 Oct 19th, 2013
Stupidest scam ever. I also keep getting calls from 852-645-21026, usually around the time I get these asinine tech support calls.
 Oct 18th, 2013
I got a call on my cell phone stating that he was calling from Microsoft and stated that they are detecting my computer is sending out viruses. I insisted on knowing the ip address he referenced and if he can tell me from my IP what my computer name is (since I work in IT what an idiot). Anyway he stated which anyone in IT would know that is bogus. I called the creep a hacker and hung up. Please be aware..
 Oct 18th, 2013
The caller had a heavy accent, claimed he was from Windows IT and insisted my computer was in need for his assistance.
I told him I have 4 Windows pc's and asked which one needed his access. He stated,"all of them".
I hung up quickly after that. What a scammer
 Oct 08th, 2013
I rec'd a phone call from this number on my cell phone. He was Indian and stated I was not receiving my Microsoft Office updates for the past 2 weeks on my computer and he would walk me through how to get them.

I asked who he was at Microsoft and how do you know I didn't receive my updates. He said it's right here and I have your phone number. I further asked for identification from him. He then stated he was from Look it up and he'll call back and hung up.
 Oct 04th, 2013
I also just got a call from an Indian or Pakistani sounding man who said that he was from Microsoft and needed access to my computer to deal with the viruses in my computer which has made 40% of my applications stop working. He also said my IP address is to add credence to his authority, which would only be what s local router would serve up to a computer on a network, not what my IP address would be . Also, although I do own a PC laptop that is used intermittently for Rhino 3D design and some simple gaming for my son, it hasn't been used in a month or longer since our household is otherwise comprised of 3 Macs.
 Oct 02nd, 2013
worst telemarketer ever... I asked who I am and he said he can't reveal that due to privacy concerns... when I asked how he got my info, same as below about the PC gibberish... (I only have MAC products though)... and then when he told me to do the windows "r" thing, I told him i don't have admin rights as he called a federal employee in a federal building... he hung up with a quickness... maybe he heard about the shutdown... :8
 Oct 01st, 2013
Just got a call from an Indian sounding man claiming to be from MIcrosoft urging me to follow his step-by-step directions because my computer is registering a series of error messages. First thing he said was to turn on my computer. When I told him it was already on, he sounded confused. First thing I was told to do was press the windows icon and the "R" on my keyboard. When I refused he stressed how important it was that I comply. I asked how he had my phone # and he said MS had it when I registered after purchasing my computer. Hung up.
 Sep 26th, 2013
Same deal as the folks report below. Must be the latest version of the Nigerian prince angle. 12:41pm Sept 26 2013
Crompond NY
 Sep 26th, 2013
Male w/accent just phoned me, 2013-0925, at 5:39pm. Said he was from Microsoft, that my computer has a virus. He asked if I was in front of my computer. Told him "You're a jerk" and hung up. Caller ID showed 210-519-6126. This happened in Westchester County, NY
 Sep 25th, 2013
Claimed to be a certified computer technician calling about Microsoft on my computer not responding for three weeks. Not true. Scam!
 Sep 25th, 2013
Me too, he hung up a soon as I started asking more questions about who he was.
 Sep 24th, 2013
I happened to be on my prep period when I received this call, so I answered. The guy said that my computer was not accepting uploads from Microsoft. I asked him how he knew this, and he claimed to have server information. I had to ask him several times how he got my name/number, but he didn't really give me a clear answer. He told me that I needed to check something out on my computer to see when it last installed an update, and as soon as I told him that I was at work and not by my home computer, he hung up on me. (not that I would have done anything he asked anyway!!)
Sarah P
 Sep 24th, 2013
same scam here, but i had him running around for about 1/2 hour before i told him that i am a security officer for a major (unnamed) corporation and was reporting the number to authorities. I think that he had to change his undies by the time i was finished with him, but so did i from laughing so hard at the idiot.
ken k
 Sep 23rd, 2013
• Same deal, I received a phone call on my home phone from a guy who claimed he was from the Microsoft tech department, and that he was alerting me that Microsoft had received signals that my particular brand of PC was subject to viruses, and that he wanted to help me check to see about these viruses and perhaps eliminate them; I asked him how the hell he had gotten my number, and he claimed it was in a directory of computer users; I told him There was no way I would do anything with my computer until I had established that he was who he claimed to be, "Steve Smith" from Microsoft; I asked him what number he was calling from, and he said 210-519-6126 -- which, as it turned out, is not a number in Wilmington, Delaware, as "Steve" had claimed, but a number in SanAntonio Texas registered to a telemarketer NANPA: Assigned 2008-01-14 Sanantonio, Texas (Neutral Tandem-texas, LLC - TX) Reverse Lookup for 210-519-6126 ; ; I told him I was going to call the 210 number and check him out before I did anything else, and when I did so, it was of course not Microsoft, but his voicemail saying "your call is very important to us, and we will call you back." -- Which he did shortly, and resumed trying to convince me that he was a tech guy from Microsoft, who could help me with my virus problems If I would only do certain things to my computer Under his guidance, and the first move apparently was to press a certain button on my keyboard. I ended the conversation abruptly by warning him never to call me again, and telling him that I knew he was a con man and a tech fraud and I was reporting him to the FBI.
 Sep 20th, 2013
Caller claimed to be from Microsoft and that I had a virus on my computer. Phone# on my caller ID said it was comeing from 210-151-98125 though when I pressed him to tell me how to call me back he gave me a slightly different (one digit shorter) #, 210-519-8126 He knew at least my first name. When I asked for his name, he hesitated, then reluctantly said "Steve Smith". But he had a slight accent--I could not place it but not native Anglo (and not Mexican--more Pakistani-like), When I said I had virus protection on my computer, he said it was not protecting my whole computer (sounded somewhat knowledgeable). I said I would still have to check on his credibility and call him back. I checked with Microsoft; they said they do not make this type of call to users.
 Aug 20th, 2013
 Aug 08th, 2013
foreign gentleman on the phone claimed to be from "Microsoft Windows Servers" wanted me to d/load a 3rd party access software to give him control of my computer so he could so me where / what on my computer was generating error messages.
 Aug 06th, 2013
The barely understandable foreign, male voice said that I had "Windows Crash Reports" and that he needed to link to my server/computer to fix. I recognized a scam. He probably wanted to search for sensitive info. I asked him if he thought it would be easier if I just gave him my SS#, pin numbers, and blood type -- before telling him to **** himself. I hung up.
 Aug 06th, 2013