A firm identified by Caller ID as "CL Cruises 1 602-396-4344" has been ringing us daily all week. In the middle of the night: we have a NY City number but are in Europe; the number remains listed in the NY directory at our former address, which we still own. But we're on the Do Not Call Registry and this is, simply put, harassment. And the caller ID number is a spoof, no answer. These people are disreputable, not to be trusted: reports elsewhere on the Web note that if in fact someone does speak when you pick up (not the case when we answered) you are offered a misleading and possibly fraudulent "contest award" in the form of a "cruise". Firms that do not honor the Do Not Call Registry (and which are frequently based abroad so there is nothing you can do about it) are often criminal enterprises. Dealing with them can lead to identity theft, credit card fraud and worse. There are many legitimate cruise brokers but CL Cruises is not one of them. Reputable firms do not cold-call from a secret location people on the Do Not Call Registry.
 Dec 08th, 2010
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mike wilmington
 Aug 31st, 2010
sales call...regarding a cruise thank u for calling back.....bla bla....
 Aug 07th, 2010