I just received a call from 202-621-7457 that I was picked to receive a grant for $7,000 and needed to call this number 206-866-5749 to get the information. So I did and the lady said that I could get it direct deposit or western union, I said ok sure ill do western union then she continued saying that I would have to pay a FEE really a fee for free money but the fee would be refunded. The fee was $330.00 she asked if I could come up with this fee today and go to a western union store and then call her back and she would give me the details for the wiring. At this point I'm just playing along, so I said ok and how long is it going to take to get my $330 and the grant for 7,000 back she said the next day. Really does she really think i'm stupid. And that I would need to call her from the parking lot of the store I was going to use. I'm thinking maybe I should just play along just not really send the stupid fee and see if she like being played and with. SCAM SCAM us grant money is free and there are no fees associated with grants these people really think we are that stupid.
 Aug 02nd, 2013
this phone number was given to me by a man calling from "washington, d.c., he said that i qualified for 7,000 dollar grant, and to call the number right away, i did and spoke with a woman who said her name was kelly jones, this call to her would release the funds into my bank account or they would send a western union check, of course i did not give either person any information about my bank account, our call was suddenly "dropped", i have been trying to call her back, the phone number rings once then goes to a busy signal every time. who are they and why would they tell me that?
 May 21st, 2013
I received a phone call from this number informing me that I have been selected to receive a Government grant of $ 7000. I was given choices of how I would like to receive my money, Master Card, Visa Card, Bank account or cash. I played along and opted for cash. I was given the instructions to go to Western Union where I should deposit $ 310.00 (refundible) for purpose of verification.

I was also told not to tell anyone about it till the transaction is done. Many desparate people have fallen into this trap. DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM. The government is not giving away any money as a reward for paying your taxes or not having any criminal records. IT IS TOTAL SCAM!
 Mar 13th, 2013