I have had two calls from this number and both times no one on the live line. I blocked this number.
 Oct 30th, 2011
I have been recieving calls from this number and looked it up on the internet. It is the Environmental Priorites Coalition, Nicole Fallat. They are campaining for the Safe Baby Bottle ACt. They have not left any messages. Not a very good way to communicate on such an important subject.
 Oct 29th, 2010
I have received two to three calls per day from this number in the past two weeks or so. Up until now, I was ignoring the call and letting it go to voicemail; all I hear in the background is what sounds like a telecenter, but they leave no message. This evening, I answered, and, as I suspected they would, they hung up. I called the number back and the recorded message said they were the Washington Environmental Council. I check The wa.gov business search and they are listed as a non-profit organization located at 1402 3RD AVE STE 1400 SEATTLE, WA, 98101. The governing officers are RODNEY BROWN,TONY PEACOCK and WILLIAM DONNELLY. Perhaps we should call them at their homes in the evening to see if *they'd* like to chat. hah.
 Oct 29th, 2010
They've called 5 times in the last 36 hours?!
 Oct 29th, 2010