this number called me today and left a message stating that my card was inactive and i need to call in 24 hrs to get it reactivated. called my bank, my card is ok.
 Jul 29th, 2013
she said because I had good credit, she wanted to lower my interest rate. Deleted the message right there and then
 May 16th, 2013
I received a call from this number and it said my debit card was inactivated and if I wanted it reactivated I had to enter my 16-digit account number. I hung up and called my bank and there was no problem with my card. SCAM!!!!!
 May 16th, 2013
Thanks for having this scammer listed. I know someone that believed these people,lost money to them. And I thought they were smart people!
 May 11th, 2013
Microsoft Windows Virus Scam.
Donald Murray
 May 01st, 2013
The guy said he was from microsoft. Said that my computer had viruses and he wanted to help clean them out wanted to know if i done online banking
 Mar 18th, 2013
Male, from India, in a loud call center.
Hello, May I speak to XXXXXX (they used my maiden name which is not listed). They said they needed to take control of my pc because it was infected with a virus and was going to crash at any minute. When I laughed he got a bit more aggressive and told me that this was serious.
I just told him what he was doing was against the law, he was lying and that I was not stupid. And laughed again. He got upset and told he that he was legit. I just hung up on him.
 Mar 18th, 2013
I just got a call from this number. Sounded like a scam right off the bat - Indian guy claiming to work for Dell calling about a problem on all Windows computers. First I told him I don't own a Dell and he said that does not matter (OBVIOUS scam!) because there was a problem involving what he called the "startup product key" for all new computers. Said there were people who called that said that their product keys were not working. Asked what he meant and he gave me a real kindergarten-level answer that did not tell me anything that I did not already know. Anyway, he went on to say that this problem causes things like pop-ups and viruses to infect a computer. Did not believe one word of it as to me, everything just screamed FAKE. Definitely tell all of your friends and relatives about this, so that none of them fall prey to this particular scam
Blue Rose Thorn
 Feb 21st, 2013
They called my cell phone, which I never give out the number, so who knows how they got it...steaming piles of dungheap!
 Jan 17th, 2013
caller wanted to "fix" my computer. I recognized a scam call and sounded a portable air horn at 141db into my phone's mouth piece. Caller hung up. Hopefully the blast damaged his ear.
big bubba
 Dec 20th, 2012
Woman calls @ 6 am waking me out of a sound sleep claiming her name is Jasmine snd she is from the computer department and she is calling about my computer...I respond;"Yeah Right!" and she hangs up. This is some scam to steal information. I wish there was a way I could fuck her with a meat cleaver!
 Dec 08th, 2012
Just took a call. Asian female advising everytime I go on the web and use my email it's sending her computer a virus. When I told her she would have to speak with my IT department, she hung up.
 Dec 04th, 2012
They called my elderly mom and started asking her questions that confused her. Thank goodness I'm staying with her and told her not to give them any personal info. She's on the "do not call list," but that doesn't do anything to stop the predators!
 Oct 19th, 2012
 Oct 10th, 2012
You and I lowly citizens can't sue these foreign criminals, Roy, which is part of what shields those phony operations. File complaints with the FTC and your attorney general. I think the FBI and Secret Service could use a few hundred more reports, too.

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):

Secret Service (mandated to investigate all sorts of financial and electronic fraud)

One other attack vector is suggested in that PacTel blog I've cited. Find who controls the phone carriers and the relevant state regulators and give them all a talking-to. This is very similar to a well established method of fighting email spam, the goal of which is to deny the spammer its upstream provider.
 Sep 27th, 2012
They have called me several times. I looked up the phone number on the internet 206-397-1127 and found out its a scam. Can something be done legally to stop these scammers? The whole thing caught me off guard. I almost did what he was asking. Thank God I did not.
 Sep 26th, 2012
Correct, Mo ... the South Asian scammers, and really any ''phony'' caller, can and do routinely spoof any number they please. Otherwise it's a ''spam harbor'' style arrangement with a US carrier like the infamous Pacific Telecomm.

Here's a whole blog devoted to the PacTel problem.
 Sep 25th, 2012
Guy with an accent saying he is from Windows ... Wanted me to turn on my computer after I told him it wasn't on. I told him NO, and he asked me why not. I said I don't talk to people when the call is unsolicited, GOODBYE! His parting words to me were that my computer was being destroyed by a virus as we speak. There was lots of noise in the background ... I would imagine it was a lot of people in a sweat shop trying to get this scam out to un-informed people. BEWARE!

Also the Seattle based phone number showed twice on my phone. I am thinking they somehow are able to call that number from another country, then use it to call locals. Just a thought ...
 Sep 25th, 2012
Man with Indian accent calls, says he is Kevin from Microsoft and that there is a problem with a virus on my computer. When I said I would have to call him back, he gave me the phone number 413-830-3699, which is a completely different number from the one he called from. SCAM!
 Aug 29th, 2012
This is the fake PC tech confidence game.

Essentially some fiend in a boiler room, usually in South Asia, wants to coax you into dropping your firewall and security measures and play havoc with your system, possibly with the goal of then selling you the ''solution'' to the problem they caused. Worse yet they might plunder your hard drives for whatever can be sold or used against you. If your credit account data are volunteered or captured, there is no end to the trouble which may follow from all their criminal friends.

The scammers count on most computer owners being ''appliance users'' who don't understand what's under the hood and being easily misled. They may claim to have a pile of complaints because your system is spewing spam, or else instruct the user to open a shell and look at perfectly innocuous system feedback and claim there is something dangerous happening. This is the PC equivalent of the crooked auto mechanic who squirts oil on your axle and wants $1600 to ''repair'' the non-damage.

The dumber ones claim to be from ''the Windows Corporation'' or the ''Microsoft legal department'' or something as implausible. Their actual knowledge of personal computers is always pitifully low, as reported many times when real PC techs are called. (Sometimes their command of English is little better.) Often the reps become hostile and curse you out if you indicate any sort of informed resistance.

While the NSA may be logging our every keystroke and mouse gesture from San Francisco, Microsoft is not running any constant emergency alert system and is surely not going to run a reverse tech support call center devoted to writing each of us a trouble ticket. DO NOT follow any instructions from these goons and don't give them any satisfaction of making you upset.

For further reading, 800Notes has a few threads on this scam.
 Aug 29th, 2012
This man calls over and over from many different numbers. When I get a call outside my state I always let it default to the answering machine and they never leave a message. This is the second time this "Indian sounding" man has called this evening. He wanted to fix my computer but that is the scam. I feel so sorry for all the people he is able to scare into letting him guide them to a bad site after turning off their security protection. Just hang up and don't answer again.
 Aug 29th, 2012
Call from an Indian-accented man claiming to be from microsoft. Knew my name and said he could fix my computer. Microsoft had detected a problem. Total scam.
 Aug 14th, 2012
The call came in on my home line at 4:30 a.m. and when I answered no one talked!!!
 Aug 06th, 2012