Social Security Administration Alabama
Didn't answer they sent an email with a different number 800-254-9489, It was SSA.
 Oct 31st, 2017
Yesterday, I applied for Social Security on-line. This morning this person claimed to be with Social Security and wanted to ask for more details. I explained that I was not comfortable with the process considering how the NSA monitors our calls. He said that he wanted me to feel comfortable and would send an email to confirm that he was from Social Security. That way I could call or email back. I told him that NSA also has the ability to send fake emailed in order to gather and file all our information to use as needed.

His solution was to send my report to the local Social Security office in the area and I'll go there to complete the process. After hanging up, I plugged in this number only to realize that I've looked this number up before. How I know this is it was still in my web history. On my caller ID it said, "US Government".
 Jul 20th, 2013